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Oklahoma Coach Continues to Snipe at Nick Saban

Oklahoma assistant coach Cale Gundy continues to fire away at Nick Saban.

John David Mercer/Tim Heitman / USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma's coaches are obsessed with Nick Saban and the SEC.

Cale Gundy's job is to coach the running backs for the Oklahoma Sooners' football team, but by the look of it, he's spent more time this off-season taking cheap shots at Alabama's football team than anything else.

After the NCAA Rules Committee tabled the proposal for the 10-second rule in March, Gundy swirled up a controversy when he tweeted: "Looks like someone came up short again. You better take that SEC country somewhere else. Let's Play Faster. #Boomer"

He deleted that tweet and quickly apologized, saying "I apologize for my last tweet. My passion for OU football is crazy. I respect the great college football teams. #Boomer Sooner"

Well, that didn't last long.

Gundy was at it again this week, tweeting out a screengrab from ESPN of the highest paid coaches in college football along with their career winning percentages:

Oh...what's that, coach? YOU WANT TO POKE THE BEAR?!

Here is a list of reasons why Bob Stoops should not be the highest paid coach in college football:

-          He's won one national championship. Nick Saban has won four. (Urban Meyer has also won two.)

-          He's lost five of his last seven BCS Bowl games.

-          In 2013, Oklahoma football generated $59.6 million in revenue for the university; that ranked seventh in the country – and $22 million less than Alabama (According to Forbes)

-          The Sooners have won just one outright conference title in the past five years. In the Big 12.

No one would argue that Stoops has done a fabulous job during his 14 years at the helm in Norman. To be completely honest, he probably takes more heat than he should at times, most of which he does not deserve.

Speaking of things he doesn't deserve, being the highest paid coach in college football falls under that category.

The good news is at least there might be a rivalry budding between the Crimson Tide and the Sooners. According to Bovada, Alabama is a +110 favorite to make the four-team playoff this season, while Oklahoma sits at +170. There's a decent chance we see these teams face off again this season. You think Saban wants a little revenge right about now? 

There is a zero percent chance Saban will offer up any sort of response to this publicly, but you can bet he'll store it in the back of his mind just in case the Sooners pop up on the schedule in the near future.

We'll see just how loose Gundy's lips are the next time around.