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Derek Dooley’s $2.9 Million Knoxville Mansion For Sale

Derek Dooley did not win very many football games in Knoxville. But he did have one hell of a nice house that can you be yours for just $2.9 million. The 8,818 square foot house on 17 acres features five bedrooms and eight bathrooms — meaning Dooley’s mansion had four more bathrooms than he did SEC wins in… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Goes to Cabo, Has (Fake) Longhorn Tattoo

Johnny Manziel continues to prove that his life is better than yours and mine. Right now he’s on spring break in Cabo. Which is probably a lot better than what you’re doing right now, pretending to work while reading Outkick the Coverage on a random Tuesday in March. Yeah, Johnny wins. So Johnny Manziel is in… Read more »

Write for Outkick the Coverage

Since launching the Bull Pen in August 2012, we’ve received hundreds of your submissions on topics as diverse as skydiving, the English Premier League, Game of Thrones and of course, the SEC football experience from every angle. (View the original announcement here.) OKTC receives 600,000 unique visitors a month, so writing for us is an… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Lasik vs. Boobs Edition

It’s mailbag time. And y’all continue to deluge me with spectacular questions. So much so that it’s actually getting hard to pick the best ones. As you can see, Katherine Webb is now posing for Vanity Fair in her underwear. When will people stop punishing her for being beautiful? My gosh, the world is such… Read more »

What’s the Future of Sports Illustrated?

Yesterday news broke that Time Warner was spinning off all of its magazines into an independent company. That includes the four most valuable brands in the Time Warner magazine empire, Time, Fortune, Money and Sports Illustrated. Why did Time Warner executives suddenly reverse course and jettison all the magazines instead of keeping the four biggest as they… Read more »

Homage to the High School Football Coach

By Loren Sanders Just because a statistic doesn’t come from the Elias Sports Bureau doesn’t mean it’s not a statistic. That said, three out of every five American high schools have a Coach Mac. My Coach Mac is the head football coach. I have no idea if he has any Scottish blood in him, but… Read more »

Awkward Fan Photos: Bama Fan Is Son of Saban

Bama fans are dumb. This is an irrefutable fact of life. Like saying gravity exists or Dana from “Homeland” should be written off the show via terrorist attack. But even I’m sometimes shocked by how dumb they can be when it comes to tattoo decisions. Enter the latest full back tattoo which was sent to… Read more »

Vegas Bracketology 3.0

We’re 12 days from the biggest cluser of the entire college basketball season, officially referred to as selection Sunday.  Like physics, each action in college basketball is part of a causal relationship that comes with an equal and opposite reaction. Our field of 68 doesn’t rank teams based solely on their wins but rather by… Read more »

2013 SEC Basketball Is a Mess

It’s officially March and madness has arrived in the SEC. That’s what happens when you have one good team and a whole heap of mediocrity. In Friday’s mailbag I attempted to forecast who would receive the top four seeds in next week’s SEC basketball tournament here in Nashville. Then chaos happened on Saturday. The SEC… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: The Most Hated Sports City in America

Ah, Friday, when all you slackers pretend to work while reading the mailbag. Today’s a big day in the Travis household because we get acceptance letters from all of Nashville’s private schools on the same day. Yes, they sync it. We live in downtown Nashville and were recently shifted into one of the worst public school… Read more »

Vegas Bracketology 2.0

Perception and reality rarely come to a confluence in sports gambling.  The media hypes teams just as gamblers are ready to bet against them while the schools with their back’s against the wall (like Minnesota) Tuesday, end up offering the outstanding betting value. Despite the hate mail, “your a moron” tweets, and expletive laced tirades… Read more »

Sport Never Dies

By Loren Sanders Today I bowled. I traveled to the beach for work this week. Flight options kind of sucked for Friday, so the coworkers and I decided to have a fun afternoon at the beach. Today, it’s 67 degrees and storming. Flash-flood-warning-storming. So we bowled.   While the “Cha Cha Slide” and that catchy… Read more »

Alabama and LSU Have Offered 8th Grader Dylan Moses

Nick Saban and Les Miles compete every day, all day to sign the best football players in the country. And now Alabama and LSU are extending the competition to kids younger than high school. This weekend Alabama offered 8th grader Dylan Moses. That sounds crazy. But it turns out that Moses, who projects as a… Read more »

Brent Musburger Signs Katherine Webb Bikini Poster: “She’s a 10!”

I already liked Brent Musburger before the Katherine Webb “controversy” exploded, led by our old friend the Big Ten feminist professor in the Bill Cosby sweater, but after last night’s Kansas at Iowa State game, I’m officially in love with him.  That’s because Musburger signed a student’s bikini poster of Webb and added this commentary above his… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Opens Massive Loophole in Paying Players Rule

Johnny Manziel can do everything. Including, it would seem, find a way to legally get paid under NCAA rules while he’s still playing college football. Last week Manziel’s corporation, JMan2 Enterprises — can you imagine the Christmas parties? — filed a lawsuit against a man who was selling “Johnny Football” t-shirts. While Manziel can’t profit off the direct sale of t-shirts featuring… Read more »

Starting 11: My Favorite Things From The Oscars

Last night I watched the Oscars with my wife. But first we watched the Oscars red carpet. Watching the Oscars red carpet with my wife is like watching the NCAA Tournament on opening weekend with me. My wife was watching CNN, ABC, and E all simultaneously, flipping from one interview to another like there were three… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Sarah Savage vs. Katherine Webb

A few months backed I joked that AJ McCarron and Johnny Manziel’s girlfriends were going to compete all off season to see which one of them was hotter. Two weeks ago Katherine Webb’s Sports Illustrated bikini shots debuted. Now Manziel’s girlfriend Sarah Savage is returning hotness fire with this picture that she posted last night on… Read more »

Meet Ocean Ramsey: Great White Swimming Badass, Hottie

I don’t trust animals, I can’t hold my breath very long, and I am not a hot blonde. This makes me the exact opposite of Ocean Ramsey, a hot blonde who can hold her breath for five minutes, forty-five seconds and recently decided to prove her trust for animals by swimming alongside a great white shark while… Read more »

See that shoe? It says Adidas

By Robert Dinwiddie Eff you, Doughboy! I can read. See that shoe? It says Adidas. A free market approach to college sports, most notably, Football and Men’s Basketball would be a complete failure. Clay Travis raised some interesting points in his article, What’s a 5 Star Worth. I can’t disagree with him that the NCAA… Read more »