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Can Chip Kelly succeed in the NFL?

After four incredibly successful years at Oregon, Chip Kelly has bolted to become the Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Everyone wants to know if the Oregon offense he created, shaped and molded into a machine can be successful in the NFL.     My senior season, 2007, was Kelly’s first year as the Oregon Offensive… Read more »

Ladies’ Mailbag: Bob Saget as Clay edition

Well, if anyone out there actually has any room left in their brains to process anything else after this whole Manti Te’o fiasco, then I have a mailbag just for you. Take a quick break from reading Te’o stories and screaming “But, but, HOW? But, WHYYYY?” while pulling out fistfuls of your own hair, and… Read more »

Te’o’s Uncle, Alema Te’o, Accuses Ronaiah Tuiasosopo of Masterminding Hoax

For the past thirty-six hours, the Te’o family has remained relatively quiet as the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend scandal has grown. That changed this afternoon when Manti’s uncle, Alema Te’o, appeared on Salt Lake City’s 1280/97.5 the Zone on the Scotty G. and Riley Jensen show. According to the station Alema Te’o is Manti Te’o’s uncle and… Read more »

Taiwanese Animators Dive In on Manti Te’o Story

OKTC’s Manti Te’o story has now passed the buttchugger story as the most read story in OKTC history. Here’s our top ten.  Te’o passing the butt chugger makes perfect sense. Both stories were ridiculous beyond belief. Last night I was asked on Twitter whether I’d rather be the buttchugger or Te’o. I’m honestly not sure. Minus the press… Read more »

17 Things Grown men Should never do on twitter

We’ve all done it before: embarrassed ourselves in social media. It’s not hard to do, we’re all human and rarely analyze what we’re saying before tweeting. However, this isn’t an article about self help and cleaning up your twitter profile…it’s about 17 twitter man laws that should never be broken.  Twitter is a double edged… Read more »

Is Chip Kelly The Next Steve Spurrier?

Eleven years ago college football’s reigning offensive genius, Steve Spurrier, left the Florida Gators for the NFL. Spurrier signed a five year, twenty-five million dollar contract, the most lucrative deal in the history of football coaching at the time, and left Gainesville for the Washington Redskins. Spurrier’s offensive ingenuity forever changed the SEC, and by extension, college football as well.… Read more »

Mant’i Te’o’s Fake, Dead Girlfriend Breaks the Internet

Manti Te’o is either the dumbest, most gullible man alive or he’s a liar whose lies got too big. Or maybe he’s both. That’s the only conclusion you can draw from Deadspin’s blockbuster story proving that Te’o’s girlfriend, the one who died of leukemia at the same time as his grandmother, didn’t actually exist. I… Read more »

Brent Musburger Responds to Firestorm, Compliments Holly Rowe

This won’t surprise anyone who regularly reads this site, but I love when individuals are willing to stand up to the stupidity of large organizations. Last week Brent Musburger called a beauty queen beautiful and unleashed a torrential storm of criticism. That criticism eventually led to the New York Times trotting out a feminist Big… Read more »

KU Boobs Takes Internet By Storm

There are all sorts of genius uses of social media. Kony, Jonna Chizik rallying Auburn fans, now meet the latest iteration, #kuboobs. The idea is simple enough to be espoused on the Twitter feed: “We support our #kubball team by tweeting ourselves in our favorite KU shirts and apparel. We do not promote nudity. #kuboobs… Read more »

Wedding vs. playoffs: a packers fan’s dilemma

By Ryan Glasspiegel January 12th, 6pm CST. When I got the invitation in the mail, I immediately knew that the wedding would be during a Packers playoff game. That Green Bay would have to qualify for the second round and that they might play Sunday the 13th were irrelevant. Sometimes, you just know things. And I just… Read more »

Houston Chronicle’s John McClain Falls Asleep During Midday 180 Interview

The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain is an NFL expert for the midday show on Nashville’s 104.5 the Zone. Today he was scheduled for his regular Tuesday guest appearance on the Midday 180 when things went hysterically awry. Namely, McClain fell asleep. The resulting seven minutes is completely and totally priceless radio. I mean, for three guys… Read more »

Life after the NFL: an interview with Justin Smiley

 With the untimely death of future Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau, and the recently released reports of his suffering from CTE, the sports world is abuzz with topics of player safety and concussions. The evolution of football has made it bigger, stronger, and faster. Players today grew up idolizing icons like Lawrence Taylor, Deion… Read more »

12 Disney World Parenting Lessons

After the BCS title game I took my family up to Disney World for a few days at the Magic Kingdom. We have two boys, ages four and two, and we didn’t tell them we were going to Disney World until we actually arrived at Disney. There are few things better than a kid’s reaction when he or… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Which Disney Princess Is The Hottest Edition?

I’m writing this from Disney World. More specifically I’m writing this from Disney’s Animation Village, sitting on a Mater-inspired leather couch with a Lightning McQueen table. So, basically, this room is heaven for both my boys.  Our beaver pelt trader of the week is Katherine Webb, who will be posing in Sports Illustrated, presumably the swimsuit… Read more »

This one time at Starbucks, I got Musburger’d.

One time, while sitting at a Starbucks working and minding my own business, an elderly man with leathery skin and salt-n-pepper hair sat down next to me. He hadn’t taken two bites of his muffin before he leaned over towards me, took a couple quick sniffs followed by one long inhale, then half-yelled, “Mmmmm, you… Read more »

All that and a bag of mail: Ladies Edition

Every Friday, Clay answers your questions about sports and hot women. (You can read his latest mailbag here.) But Clay’s knowledge about hot women is limited because he’s not one. That’s why OKTC is bringing you a weekly female voice. Hayley Frank and I will be taking turns answering your most important questions. We specialize in… Read more »

Enough is Enough: Ending the Notre Dame Rules

Enough is enough. Monday night’s 42-14 humiliation of Notre Dame should be enough for an indictment, conviction and execution of the Notre Dame Rules. Specifically, the special treatment for “Non-Southern White America’s Team” should, and must, come to an abrupt end. Football fans have wondered for years what would happen if an undefeated, independent Notre… Read more »

Big Ten Feminist In Bill Cosby Sweater Offended By Brent Musburger

One of the stupid things about made-up “controversies” is that there are inevitably stupid people offended by these made-up controversies. Yesterday afternoon ESPN apologized to the .0001% of Americans who were dumb enough to be offended by Musburger’s commentary: “We always try to capture interesting story lines and the relationship between an Auburn grad who… Read more »

Meet AJ McCarron:Your Newest Celebrity College Football Quarterback

If you want to be a rockstar celebrity quarterback before you’re old enough to drink a beer, you need to come play football in the SEC. Move over Johnny Football and Tim Tebow, you’ve got company in the SEC’s celebrity quarterback club. On a night when he led his team to a second straight national title, the… Read more »