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Chances Bama, Oregon, Kansas State, and Notre Dame Finish Undefeated: Tiny

I love the work that really talented probabilities guys do with football. (Honestly, I love the work that all probability guys do. That’s why I’m currently reading Nate Silver’s, The Signal and the Noise, which is fascinating. As a general rule we consistently underrate the likelihood of upsets in college football. Especially with our predictions.  That’s why a guy… Read more »

Black & Bronze: On the Gameday Podium Vanderbilt Students Come in Dead Last

By Thomas Sanders Cheering for Vanderbilt is a little like chasing the dragon, except painfully opposite. Instead of needing more and more success to flood the brain with dopamine, I’ve built up such a tolerance for disappointment that it requires an inordinate amount of failure for me to even feel pain anymore. You know, like… Read more »

The BCS MESS: Pointspread Projections for every national title game scenario

We’ve got controversy! Every installment of the BCS leaves us wanting answers as we try to make sense of the national championship picture. Kansas St looked impressive again Saturday using a dominating 3rd quarter to put away an underrated Texas Tech side. Oregon took out Colorado, showcashing their explosive offense with 8 consecutive TD drives… Read more »


Greetings from Frankenstorm’s bullseye. Don’t you just love that it isn’t enough for weather forecasters to try and scare the crap out of everyone once a large storm develops, but now they have to give them ominous nicknames as well? “Snowicane!!” “Frankenstorm!” Weathermen, and women, like this make me pine for the days when all… Read more »

Starting 11: Toddler Derek Dooley Jumps to Gruden Ship

You know things are rough for Derek Dooley when even Toddler Derek Dooley, last year’s Volunteer state sensation, is dressing up as Jon Gruden this Halloween. Mom Cortney sends this email to OKTC: “People have been asking how we could possibly top my son’s Halloween costume from last year. Honestly, since Saturdays have become so increasingly heartbreaking… Read more »

Titan Cheerleaders Dressed Up For Halloween

Halloween weekend is the best NFL cheerleading week of the year. That’s because NFL cheerleaders get to dress up in even hotter costumes than their normal cheerleading outfits. Well, the head of Titans cheerleading, Stacie Kinder, was kind enough to send along some Titan cheerleader photos to Outkick the Coverage. She wants to make sure… Read more »

BCS Standings Week 3 2012: Alabama and Kansas State

Week three of the BCS standings arrives with budding controversy, what else is new? Alabama, Oregon, and Kansas State will all be favored to win every game remaining on their schedules and Notre Dame, fresh off an upset road win at Oklahoma, will be favored to win every remaining game with the exception of at… Read more »

Jon Gruden Fever Grows: Chucky Watched UT-Cocks On Flight

As the Vols lost their 12th SEC game in the past 13 contests, Tennessee fans struggled to look for any bright spots on Twitter. Then, out of nowhere, came a Gruden sighting. Jon Gruden, the man that every Vol fan hopes will be the next UT coach, was on a flight from Houston to Phoenix. At least… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Predicting SEC Coaching Hires

We’ll begin the mailbag with news of the LSU foursome’s arrest for having ten bags of marijuana in an off-campus apartment.  How did the cops bust this LSU brain trust? First, Jordan Jefferson wasn’t able to enter the apartment gate. (This suprises no one who watched Jefferson quarterback in the BCS title game). Next, Jefferson cursed at the apartment… Read more »

Stephen A. Smith, ESPN Walk Racial Fault Line

This morning Stephen A. Smith was in a “First Take” debate about whether or not Kobe Bryant would play in the season opener. That’s par for the first take course, a “debate” that no one really cares about and that has no lasting significance, delivered with stereo sound histrionics and Bay of Pigs level crisis threat. Ordinarily no one would… Read more »

Why I Left Politics For Football

In my final two years of high school, I was an avid devotee of the long campaign season of the Republican and Democratic primary elections. I did have a horse in the race—albeit a horse of jettest black hair—so while I wore shirts and buttons and held signs and donated money, I would have been… Read more »

Sneaking Into Stadiums – The Little Known Art

By Ryan Cranford In honor of Georgia-Florida week (it’s only fitting that I’m smoking a nice cigar in the fall air as I write this, probably left over from so many hopeful victories that didn’t occur), a certain aspect of college football student life can be brought to the forefront…. sneaking into stadiums. Let me… Read more »

Pick 6

6 things you need to know before this weekend’s games 1) Conference bragging rights… Every year we hear the debate: can the best college team in the country compete with the worst team in the NFL? The resounding answer is no and should always be no because 19 year old boys aren’t beating grown men… Read more »

Alabama Student Is Anti-Obama, Spelling

We try not to get too political around OKTC. So far I think I’m the only person on earth who has confessed that he actually likes Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. My political leanings are pretty well established, I’m a member of the anti-NCAA party. This means I’m pro-markets and anti-stupidity. Now that we’re twelve… Read more »

Tennessee Fan Poses in Gruden Mask at General Neyland’s Grave

Tennessee fans are slowly going insane as the Jon Gruden fever — Gruver — continues to build in the Volunteer state. Monday I wrote why Jon Gruden would be a great fit for the Vols, yesterday I wrote about my bet with Erin Andrews, if Gruden comes to the Vols she sings “Rocky Top,” if… Read more »

Dixieland Delight: Texas A&M (Part Two)

You can read part one of Dixieland Delight: Texas A&M here. Twenty minutes before kickoff of LSU-Texas A&M there are no tickets to be found in College Station. This is alarming. And incredibly rare. Given the size of the stadiums and the relative lack of enforcement against the practice, there are generally lots of tickets for sale on… Read more »

Gruden Watch: Will I Shave My Head Or Will Erin Andrews Sing Rocky Top?

Jon Gruden fever has swept across the Volunteer state. Right now when you go to — go ahead and click — it actually redirects you to the main University of Tennessee sports site. The Gruden Fever — Gruver?–  has replaced the perpetual malaise of the Derek Dooley era, when the question has been the same… Read more »

Dixieland Delight: Texas A&M (Part One)

It’s still pitch black at six on an October morning in Houston. The lobby of the Hotel ZaZa, near Rice University’s campus in Houston’s museum district, is completely empty except for one girl, a former sorority sister at Texas A&M named Natalie, who is wearing a maroon skirt and sitting alongside a cooler full of liquor. It’s… Read more »

Numbers Game: Odds of National Title Contenders Finishing Undefeated

Before we hit the panic button on a scenario where 3 power conference teams finish undefeated, take a deep breath to realize there’s still a ton of football left to be played.  To help restore the peace, here are the odds of each team finishing unbeaten given their remaining schedule. I’ve omitted Rutgers, Louisville, and… Read more »

Starting 11: Natalie Portman’s Cleavage Wins Weekend

The Derek Dooley era at Tennessee is officially over barring a win at South Carolina. If Dooley loses to South Carolina, I think Dave Hart will fire him on Sunday night or Monday morning. I’ll write on UT’s candidates in greater detail later this week — Jon Gruden is still target number one — but… Read more »