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Man Fights to keep his Tiger at Baton Rouge Truck Stop

By Christian Wick If you’ve ever glanced at this website or just used the internet in general, you know Alabama fans have set the bar high on absurdity, but allow me to throw LSU’s hat into the ring. Michael Sandlin, owner of Tiger Truck Stop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is currently fighting to keep his… Read more »

What’s a Five Star Worth On the Open Market?

Yesterday the NCAA acknowledged that it had a lack of institutional control when it fired its vice president of enforcement for violating NCAA rules. Combine this failing with Miami releasing a statement that chastised the NCAA for its unfairness and incompetence in the investigation surrounding inappropriate acts by a booster and the continuing fallout that… Read more »

Vegas’ Bracketology

Everyone in sports has an agenda. Fans see their teams and programs the way they want to see them. Reporters do whatever it takes to get the story. Major networks showcase franchises they know will get ratings. Seeding the NCAA tournament is no different; it’s an exercise with inherent bias using an imprecise “science” rewarding… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Meteors Hitting Sharks

A meteor hit Russia today and it was terrifying to see. Which got me thinking, can you imagine what it was like when the giant meteor hit and killed all the dinosaurs? (For the incredibly religious among you, I mean when God killed the dinosaurs in the second or third day after he created the Earth). In theory… Read more »

Confession: I Like Darren Rovell

Confession: I like Darren Rovell. And I also write online for a living. According to Will Leitch this makes me an incredible rarity. That’s because Leitch wrote a column that began this way: “In an interview with The Big Lead’s Jason McIntyre earlier this year, ESPN sports business analyst Darren Rovell was described as ‘polarizing.’… Read more »

Texas’s Deloss Dodds Grapples With Losing Legacy

Poor DeLoss Dodds, he’s starting to realize what Outkick the Coverage has been telling y’all for a couple of years now — that his most lasting legacy is going to be as the athletic director who lifted Texas A&M athletics past the University of Texas. Dodds reached for the nation with the Longhorn Network and in the… Read more »

5 Tips to Help You Survive Valentine’s Day

Not unlike Clay’s sexuality, Valentine’s Day is extremely polarizing, meaning all of y’all have differing opinions on it. Some of you love it, some of you hate it, some of you think Clay is a gay Muslim. (Will there ever be a time when that line isn’t absolutely perfect to weave into any story? God,… Read more »

Four Alabama Players Arrested, Charged With Felonies

Four Alabama football players have been arrested and chared with a variety of felonies. Per the Tuscaloosa News: running back Brent Calloway, 20, was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card. Tyler Hayes, 18, was charged with two counts of third-degree robbery. D.J. Pettway, 20, was charged with second-degree robbery, while Eddie Williams, 20,… Read more »

Why is Public Intoxication such a big deal in Knoxville?

By Matt G After a trip to see the Missouri Tigers play the Tennessee Volunteers this past season, we were left wondering, “Why is public intoxication such a big deal in Knoxville, Tennessee? As soon as Missouri’s inaugural SEC schedule was released, November 10th was circled on our calendars.  We were finally in a conference… Read more »

Life on the Fifth Grade Oregon Trail

The decline of modern society began circa 1992 when kids stopped playing the computer game Oregon Trail. Some people may quibble with this fact, but they can quibble all they want because they are wrong. Kids today are wusses. Remember way back in the 1980’s when going to elementary school meant getting picked on, laughed… Read more »

Katherine Webb Continues to Suffer From Brent Musburger’s Comments

Katherine Webb may never recover from Brent Musburger’s completely unnecessary compliments. She’s so distraught over his compliments that she poses in seven different bikinis for the most recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Will ESPN have to issue a new apology? You’ll recall that the day after the game ESPN apologized for Musburger having the audacity… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Vince Young Coed Flag Football Edition

It’s come to this for Vince Young, he can’t find an NFL job so he’s now playing coed flag football at the University of Texas. Think about this career trajectory for a moment. From posting the best performance in the history of college football in the BCS title game — his final play in a… Read more »

My 11 Favorite Moments from Signing Day 2013

Signing day should be a regional holiday in the South. No one is working. Everyone is frantically checking Twitter. That’s because signing day is uniquely made for the Internet and social media. There’s so much information rolling through so rapidly that signing day is a bit like sitting down in front of a slot machine and pulling… Read more »

Catching up on college hoops

With national letter of intent day behind us (outside of handing out grades), it’s officially become college hoops season on college campuses. Yes, Clay might not agree nor will the throngs of you who see college football as a 365 day a year focus but those of us in the desert realize people now have… Read more »

Ladies Mailbag: gift giving edition

John M asks, What’s the cutoff for grown men and body paint at sporting events? Shouldn’t that be over 20?  The cutoff is 22. So no post college-aged guys. That includes you, 7th-year senior. 25 and still in college? Good for you! You’re special. But you can no longer wear body paint.   This is a… Read more »

SEC Wins Another Title, Dominates National Signing Day

It’s not quite noon and according to Rivals the SEC has the 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 12th best recruiting classes in the nation. That’s seven of the top 12 classes in the nation. Not to be outdone, 247 Sports has the SEC with the 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9 and 11 classes… Read more »

Could United States Dispute Lead to Online Sports Gambling?

It hasn’t gotten much attention, but the tiny island nation of Antigua and Barbuda scored a major victory over the United States last week. Over a decade ago Antigua and Barbuda emerged as an offshore gambling haven for American sports gamblers who wanted to bet on games but who didn’t live in Nevada. The island nation leapt at the… Read more »

Super Bowl 47 Drinking Game

Okay, y’all are demanding #cbsdrink for today’s Super Bowl. And who am I turn to you guys down. For those who haven’t played before, the rules are simple, you play along at #cbsdrink on Twitter. Whether you’re at a big Super Bowl party or watching alone, all can play. So without further ado, here’s Outkick… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Charlie Strong at Lil’ Wayne Edition

At 1:30 in the morning last night just as Lil’ Wayne finished his set at the Bud Light Hotel — he followed up Outkast’s Big Boi and put on an absolutely unbelievable show — a short, stout black man with a massive chest nearly overran me as everyone headed for the exits. It took me a moment to… Read more »

Sportsbook Superlatives

Every hotel in Las Vegas is not created equally. Sportsbooks are built to reflect the personality of the hotel and each one caters to a very distinct type of sports bettor.  Whether you’re seeking a tailgate atmosphere, technological bonanza, or betting buffet there are options here in town providing that uniquely Vegas experience. In an… Read more »