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Playing the Field- a Football Fan without a Team

By Mat Nickovich I am a college football vagabond. I drift from team to team, player to player, conference to conference because of a deep-seated unwillingness and inability to devote my fandom to a single team. Some say this failure to settle makes me a college football slut, but I disagree. One year it’s the… Read more »

Bobby Petrino Negotiating Contract Terms

Remember five months ago when a disgraced Bobby Petrino was fired from Arkansas for hiring his mistress and lying about a motorcycle accident? All is forgiven. Seriously, everything. Have you seen John L. Smith’s coaching decisions? Petrino tossed him the keys to a porsche and John L. turned the car into a walking lawnmower. Just… Read more »

Starting 11: Bobby Petrino’s Making Paper Edition

Last week Arkansas lost to Louisiana-Monroe and a crazy Razorback fan who goes by the YouTube name Liz Honey took the Internet by storm with her Arkansas athem. Now, she’s back. And not wearing a BBB shirt, “Bring Bobby Back,” like one enterprising Razorback fan did at this week’s Bama game. This week she’s singing, “Ain’t No… Read more »

Gators Dominate Shellshocked Vols

Knoxville, TN Knoxville was rocking, Neyland Stadium was shaking, and the Vols had just foiled a fake Gator punt and taken over at the UF 47. With a seven point lead and two wide receivers that the Gators had been unable to cover all night, things were finally looking up for Derek Dooley’s star crossed… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Vols Peeing on Gators Edition

Last night we had the tent set up in the backyard because my four-year old wanted to camp outside. So we went into the tent around eight at night. We had everything we’d need: Scooby Doo snacks, a pair of flashlights, and water bottles. Things went well for about an hour and then we were on… Read more »

Todd Fuhrman From Vegas: College Football Week 3

Handicapping college football isn’t easy. There’s no shortcut to picking winners consistently, let’s not delude ourselves here. Factoring in travel, rivalries, situations, and biases frequently can leave everyone scratching their head the exact same way you would after a blackout experience: Umm, how did I get here and when did things go so wrong?  For those betting… Read more »

Dixieland Delight: Missouri (Part Two)

When part one of Dixieland Delight: Missouri ended, we were standing on the sidewalk at one in the morning, no cabs in sight with the bars emptying hordes of Georgia and Mizzou fans into the street, and I’d taken to Twitter to send this message: “Okay, new strategy. 10th and Cherry. First Mizzou person in car,… Read more »

Vinnie Verno Week 3: Vols, Gators, Bama, Arkansas and Ole Miss, Texas

Last week Vinnie Verno went 2-1. Buoyed by massive success, he’s back talking trash this week diving into several big games — not least of which is Florida vs. Tennessee. But Vinnie Verno also dives in with Alabama at Arkansas and Texas at Ole Miss. Who wins and, more importantly, who makes the money? Dive in… Read more »

Let The Games Begin (Again)

By Vince Thompson, Pres/CEO, MELT (   The addition of Notre Dame today to the ACC, even on a limited football basis, is the latest salvo in the continuing chess match between the ACC’s John Swofford, the SEC’s Mike Slive, the Pac-12’s Larry Scott, the Big 10’s Jim Delaney and the Big 12’s Bob Bowlsby… Read more »

Notre Dame To ACC For Five Games: What Now?

This morning ESPN’s Brett McMurphy broke the news that Notre Dame would join the ACC for all major sports except football. The Irish would play five football games against the ACC, which isn’t that big of a stretch considering that Notre Dame has played four ACC schools — counting Pitt — this season and last.… Read more »

How The Big Ten Missed Out On Notre Dame

Written By: Steve Layman   Jim Delany made the move that started the college football realignment carousel. It was a move he didn’t make that will bring the carousel essentially to a stop with Notre Dame as a non-football playing member of the ACC and not a member of the Big Ten. In December of… Read more »

Louisiana Monroe Upsets Arkansas And Reminds Us Why We Watch Sports

By Craig Hayes Late Saturday night as I was alternating between Missouri’s debut in the SEC and the “no defense allowed” game that was going on between UCLA and Nebraska, I gradually started directing my attention to the Arkansas, Louisiana Monroe game as the War Hawks, a full 30 point underdogs, were hanging tough with the Razorbacks and… Read more »

Reality Catches Up with the Razorbacks: One Fan’s Perspective

By Jacob Cooper It sounds like a teaser for an episode of HBO’s True Blood, but Arkansas fans found out just how true it is on Saturday against the University of Louisiana at Monroe in Little Rock: You can’t outrun what you really are. In the Hogs’ case, there were a lot of things they—we,… Read more »

Dixieland Delight: Missouri (Part One)

Let’s get this out of the way early — Missouri is a damn good fit for the SEC and I’m excited that the Tigers are a new part of the conference. Lots of SEC fans have no idea what to expect from Columbia, Missouri — and some old school SEC fans resistant to change have argued against expansion… Read more »

Welcome to a Vegas Tailgate

Vegas Tailgate: Why football, drinking, and gambling go hand in hand 7:47 Staking out seats in the room is always a challenge. Everyone looks bleary eyed from the previous night’s bender and the amount of disheveled grown men is always entertaining. 8:52 Guys are scrambling to get their action in for the early games…hey clowns:… Read more »

Starting 11: SEC Blueboods Triumph Over Newbies

The third quarters of Florida–Texas A&M and Georgia — Mizzou were eerily familiar. The Aggies had a 17-7 lead and the Tigers led 17-9, both early in the third quarter. It would be the high point for both SEC newcomers, the Gators scored the final 13 in College Station and Georgia outscored Mizzou 32-3 in… Read more »

How Your Bullpen Editor Spent the Opening SEC Weekend

By Lori Kelly Clay asked me to take some video at the Vanderbilt/South Carolina game last Thursday. I’m more of a behind the scenes girl, but hey, I’ll give it a shot. What should I film? Anything. Anything? Anything. OK. Surely there will be something worth filming. This is the season opener on ESPN against… Read more »

Arkansas Fan Responds to Loss With Worst SEC Video Possible

Y’all make every day on Twitter fun. Because as soon as an Arkansas Razorback fan pins up her nose and sings about the Louisiana-Monroe loss, I see it instantly. You thought your team had a rough day? At least you didn’t lose to Louisiana-Monroe while wearing a hog hat. And at least if your team… Read more »

Georgia’s Old Man Football Knocks Out Mizzou’s Offensive Pyrotechnics

Columbia, Mo Old man football beat new kid football on Saturday night in Missouri’s SEC home opener against Georgia. The atmosphere was electric, the Zou was rocking, heading into halftime, the Tigers had the lead on the number 7 team in the country. The Missouri Tigers perpetual trivia answers for questions about miracle teams that went on… Read more »

Todd Fuhrman from Vegas: Week Two

Week 1 gave us some betting surprises (Houston losing outright as 36.5 pt chalk) and some games that opened our eyes with dominating performances (Oregon’s first team offense, Alabama). However unlike the mass media that loves to rehash and extrapolate from one week’s results, we put the previous games to bed after a quick post… Read more »