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The Linemaker Poll

Popularity polls are the most hotly contested useless debate college football fans engage in every year.  Alumni and students work themselves into a frenzy all fall because “the media doesn’t respect them.” In reality, the only group of individuals with a vested interest in ranking teams accurately each week are the members of the linesmaking… Read more »

Bleacher Report vs. Grantland: The Spectrum of Online Sports Media

With one foot firmly in the business side of online sports media and the other foot firmly in the content creation business, sometimes I feel like a house divided against itself.  On the one hand, every morning I check all our site metrics — ad impressions, Google analytics for where our readers came from, Twitter shares, Facebook likes, desktop… Read more »

Yeah . . . That’s My Son’s Football in Your Cheese Dip

By Stevie Cocksman Despite my passionate love of college football, I’ve always had a strong aversion to boys throwing a football in the tailgate parking lot. First, those that primarily engage in it – eight to eighteen year old boys – are not by nature a considerate group. Seldom does a 12-year old boy stop… Read more »

Presidential Debate Drinking Game: Jim Lehrer Edition

I love politics. There, I said it. This is despite the fact that my own political career ended after my first year of law school when I wrecked Nashville congressman Jim Cooper’s wife’s Volvo. Then when Jim Cooper unexpectedly had colon cancer surgery, I, who was then working as his body man accompanying him to all events, took… Read more »

The Ten Commandments of the Gym

It’s been a while since I’ve publicly berated groups of individuals for making poor choices in social settings. I think the last time I climbed atop my soapbox was for an article I wrote about men’s footwear and how their shoe decisions drastically impact my everyday life. (In case you missed that one, here’s the… Read more »

In defense of Vandy

Vanderbilt’s position as the top academic institution in the SEC means that our reputation revolves more around libraries than parties. Yes, Vanderbilt students work hard. We had to. The school is packed with type A overachievers so things get competitive. But all of that stress has to have an outlet or students would be throwing… Read more »

Starting 11: Alabama’s Magic First Downs Edition

As we enter October there are now six undefeated SEC teams remaining, five of them in the top ten. It’s a sign of how dominant the SEC is that having half of the top ten teams in the country, and four of the top six, is just expected at this point. No one in the rest of the nation even… Read more »

College Cliff Notes Week 5

Long winded break downs about tactical advantages are boring.  If I don’t want to read them myself, you don’t either.  Gambling info distilled to its essence with eveything you need to know before you walk to the window for Week 5. Market Movers Clemson -10 to -7 Can the Tigers scrape themselves up off the… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: West Virginia Couch Burning Edition

It’s Friday which means it’s mailbag time. Our beaver pelt trader of the week is the LSU fan who did this paint job. In particular, look at the way that ball cap perches right on the edge of Les Miles’ head. This is some Michelangelo quality work by a corndog artist.  Where was this picture… Read more »

The Long Con: Petrino’s Plan to be Fired

By Jacob Cooper The prevailing sentiment around the country is that Razorback fans are willing to do anything to get Bobby Petrino back. With each game that interim head coach John L. Smith lets slip away, the chorus grows louder. Although numerous sports writers and columnists have outlined why it’s impossible for Hogs’ Athletic Director… Read more »

An Alabama fan remembers Coach Bill Curry, a great man

By: Jeff “SQUIRREL” Tew   On October 30, 1977 I was born in Dothan, Alabama to a family who had bled Alabama Crimson since the football teams’ inception in 1892. Growing up, all I knew was Alabama football. Wanting to further engrain my DNA in Alabama fandom, my Dad took the liberty of having Alabama coaches… Read more »

SEC Report Cards

It’s time for Vegas to issue September report cards. Alabama’s rise to prominence shouldn’t surprise any of us nor should Arkansas’ fall from grace (although anyone who saw outright losses to ULM and Rutgers before the year is lying). There are plenty of questions that need answering but there’s no better way to gauge early… Read more »

Vinnie Verno Is Back: And He’s Rolling With Arkansas

Occasionally Vinnie Verno makes a prediction that’s so laughably off that I have to call him out here. Such is the case this week. Picking Arkansas +13.5 over Texas A&M is the dumbest prediction in Vinnie’s illustrious gambling history. I mean, has he actually watched Arkansas this year? And has he seen the amount of… Read more »

What Has Cumulus Promised Jim Rome and CBS Sports Radio?

Today word officially came down that Jim Rome’s new CBS Sports Radio show will air from 12-3 eastern on the new CBS Sports Radio Network. Prior to this announcement word had also been released that Doug Gottlieb’s show will air from 3-6 eastern. Cumulus, the nation’s second largest radio company, has also signed on to provide… Read more »

Moms, Hug ’em if you Got ‘Em.

By Chris Haddock Thirty-nine years ago a woman went into labor on her 25th Birthday. Eighteen hours later on the following morning she delivered her first child. She spent the next two and a half decades raising this son. She was a Bama fan.  Her own father had abandoned her family when she was in… Read more »

Musings from a Packer fan at Monday Night’s Debacle

By Shyam Sundararaman I was at CenturyLink Field for the most memorable Monday night football finish of all time. Years from now I will be able to tell my grandkids that I was in the stadium the day that Cedric Benson scored a Packer touchdown, Golden Tate made a play, the NFL’s credibility sank to… Read more »

NFL’s Fail Safe Fails On Monday Night Football

Officiating errors happen. Especially when you take high school refs and put them under the NFL microscope. Then you magnify that focus even more by putting replacement refs in the biggest game of the week, the one watched by everyone at the same time. Even with the real refs the worst time for a bad… Read more »