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Mizzou Gets On Awkward Fan Scoreboard With Music Video

So far Missouri fans have dodged most of the awkward fan photo collections. Sure, we had to use this awesome guy as the graphic for this video. But boy does Mizzou do videos. And badly. Although, to be fair, the idea of putting girls in a boat in a cornfield was kind of brilliant. And 1960’s… Read more »

Florida Gator Fans Enter Awkward Fan Tattoo Race

Florida Gator fans have been able to avoid our awkward fan photo series thus far. But that’s about to end. You know football season is getting close when I wake up, check my email, and there’s an absolute deluge of trash talk photos of rival fan bases submitted to OKTC. And this morning we got… Read more »

Texas Has SEC Envy

Two days before Texas A&M kicks off the 2012 campaign and officially becomes a football member of the SEC, it’s clear that the SEC is already having a substantial impact for Aggie athletics. Yes, tickets have sold better than ever before, A&M billboards have sprouted up across the state marking the area as SEC territory, donations have rolled in, and… Read more »

The Ten Commandments of College Football

It’s college football’s opening week, like Christmas morning for adults. I’m so excited I could barely sleep last night. The best and shortest season of the year is officially here. Over the next 13 weeks you will live or die based upon a fourth down decision, stand in your living room and pace, scream at… Read more »

The Secret Weapon: Pablo Sanchez

Written by Jackson Martin So The Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective is at it again, trying to destroy my entire childhood. You might remember them as the guys who did an incredible job of compiling the box score from Space Jam (my favorite movie of all time) or as the college blog that is way smarter than just about… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Vandy QB Cheerleader Edition

It’s hard not to like Vandy quarterback Jordan Rodgers. Last month I noticed his Twitter picture and had some fun with it as an awkward quarterback photo. In a first in the awkward photo oeuvre, Rodgers retweeted the article to his followers. That’s probably what I would do as well. And it’s what a lot of you with better senses of humor… Read more »

Da’Rick Is Da’Gone

This morning Tennessee announced that the top returning wide receiver in the SEC, Da’Rick Rogers, was suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules. Immediately the questions that mattered most to Tennessee fans were these, how long is indefinite and what’s the suspension for? Just moments ago Dooley said the team didn’t expect Da’Rick back… Read more »

Where would the players of Friday Night Lights go to college?

Written by Brandon Weiss There were a lot of unanswered questions at the end of Friday Night Lights, including where players could have/should have gone to college. Luckily, I’m here with a list of the best fits for all of the main players in the show. Matt Saracen: Ohio Bobcats, QB Why: Ohio has a… Read more »

What Happens if the 2012 SEC Season Is Played 50,000 Times?

College football is eight days away and you’ve probably noticed some changes to the site. First, we’ve set up online videos to play on the right side of the screen. This is an experiment that I think is going to get better and better. The idea is simple — OKTC needs video content as well as… Read more »

Mizzou and the SEC Will Love Each Other

Written by Michael Urban If Mizzou fans are honest, they will tell you that joining the SEC is a little like Andre Iguodala joining the Olympic basketball team. It’s not that Mizzou isn’t worthy of being in the nation’s most elite conference, but the Tigers’ pedigree isn’t exactly of the same lineage as the SEC’s… Read more »

Loving football doesn’t always begin with playing catch

Written by: Craig Hayes I grew up in a small town called Point Lookout on the south shore of Long Island that was just built for summer: the beach on one side of town, the bay on the other, with a beautiful playground and set of ballfields on the side. Days were filled with swimming, body… Read more »

5 reasons your fantasy football team could suck this season

Written by: Jack Robbins Football season is finally here. The NFL preseason is up and running and the smack talk emails from your fantasy football buddies are heating up. You’re tired of being the butt of every joke. You’ve done your research and this is the season you are taking home that ridiculously oversized trophy… Read more »

Jessica Dorrell and Her Fiance Are Headed to South Carolina

Yesterday I picked South Carolina to be the seventh straight BCS champ from the SEC. Late last night news broke that South Carolina has hired Josh Morgan, Jessica Dorrell’s fiance, as a new assistant coach for men and women’s swimming. But there was no sourcing on the online report. You’ll recall Dorrell as Bobby Petrino’s mistress, the woman who miraculously escaped… Read more »

10 Predictions for College Football 2012

Every year I break out the DeLorean, hop in with Doc and Marty McFly and we rush forward to the day after the BCS title game. From here my fictional character friends and I can survey the college football season that was. It’s a beautiful and breathtaking view of the season that was, a quick summation of the… Read more »

7 Dereks More Successful Than Derek Dooley

Many say the hottest seat in college football this year isin Neyland Stadium, but not in the stands – on the sidelines.  Insiders and pretty much anyone who watchesfootball agree that Derek Dooley’s job is in jeopardy if he doesn’t produce aseason worthy of an SEC Championship.  It has been 14 years since the Vols… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Two Alabama Fans Got Married Edition

Sometimes a video is so spectacular I’m too giddy to even make y’all wait for the entire mailbag. This is one of those times. I’ve told y’all for a long time that what makes Alabama and Kentucky fans the dumbest fan bases in America is because there’s a race to the bottom. You know how… Read more »

Alabama Fan Answers Arkansas Tattoo Challenge

Yesterday we brought you the Arkansas fan with the rabid Razorback covering his entire back. That was an uncomfortable mess of a tattoo. But at least it was fiery, wild, and soaked in masculinity — and meth, lots of meth. In that article we pointed out that Alabama and Kentucky fans were unlikely to take… Read more »

Awkward Fan Photos: Arkansas Razorback Fan’s Badass Tattoo

So far Arkansas fans have escaped OKTC’s collection of awkward fan photos. Really, that’s pretty amazing. Because Arkansas is a bit like Alabama and Kentucky, a provincial state with low numbers of new residents moving in to balance out rooting interests, lots of really dumb people, and no other team to follow in the state. In fact, you… Read more »

The 2012 SEC Dream Schedule

Six years ago I left on my Dixieland Delight tour. I started in Knxoville and finished in Atlanta with the Florida Gators winning the SEC championship over Arkansas. The SEC has won the national title every year since the 2006 season. So clearly I’m good luck. Five years ago the book was published and tens… Read more »