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Disturbing Sports Hypotheticals

One of the most annoying things some women subject their men to are constant hypothetical questions. Most of which start with “Would you still be with me if…” or “Would you still love me if…” The only option that doesn’t lead to a fight is to tell them what they want to hear. I got pretty lucky in… Read more »

The 25 Highest Rated Sports Talk Stations in the United States

I co-host a daily sports talk show in Nashville. I also do guest spots on 15 or more additional stations all over the country. This gives me a unique perspective to check out local sports talk radio shows and stations across the country. I get to consider things as both a guest and a host and… Read more »

The 13 Funniest Things About Les Miles To Arkansas

Last night news broke on Twitter that Les Miles had received a five year, $27.5 million dollar offer to become the head coach of Arkansas. This made Miles the latest coach, following Pete Carroll, Mike Gundy, Gary Patterson, Charlie Strong, and James Franklin to become the favorite to receive the Arkansas coaching job. Really, those are the names that Arkansas fans… Read more »

That time I saw Michael Jordan in Cabo

Sooner or later our heroes let us down. For me it happened in Cabo San Lucas in March of 2007. I was on senior Spring Break with 50 of my closest Vanderbilt friends.  Our first night there, we leave our protected resort to experience Cabo’s nightlife at a club whose name I forgot the instant… Read more »

View From A Stool

by Loren Sanders Nothing about me is complicated. Nine pieces of wood and a coat of white paint. For others like me, life is pretty simple. Some end up in grungy bars with a film of stale alcohol separating them from husky jorts hiding the lower half of a Tebow tramp stamp. Others in high… Read more »

Now Hiring: A Brief SEC Coaching Vacancy Questionnaire

First, it was Joker Phillips. Then Derek Dooley, John L. Smith, and Gene Chizik. It’s time to hire and fire coaches in our beloved SEC. I have recently obtained a copy of the official SEC Coaching Questionnaire that all potential SEC hires must fill out. Correct answers won’t necessarily guarantee coaching success, but they will let the university know quickly whether you… Read more »

Bucket Lists and Things You Never Want To Hear While Skydiving

By Nick Pritchard For my dad’s 60th birthday I decided to take him skydiving. A little recon (several not-so-subtle hints following his 59th) revealed that jumping from a plane at 14,500 feet was at the top of his Bucket List. I didn’t ever bother to ask what else was on the list. All I knew was… Read more »

SEC Holiday Wish List

By Jon Reed The holiday season is upon us. I hope you have behaved this season and not been poisoning trees, touching people with your genitals without implied consent, wearing jorts, drinking Dool-Aid, or making videos of you singing in a hog’s head with your nose taped up.  Shopping season has officially begun, so it… Read more »

Opening line report and the BCS Blind Resume

Everyone has their own idea of who should be favored when it comes to the BCS title; Irish fans obviously think their school as the only 12-0 team should have that role but the rest of the nation knows better.  We do know one thing for sure and that is Notre Dame has punched a… Read more »

Starting 11: Who Will Crush Notre Dame in the BCS Edition?

Fresh off the goal line stand of the century, Notre Dame advances to the BCS title game where it will await a crushing from Bama. I turned up the volume on the final goal line series because I wanted to hear someone try and explain Lane Kiffin’s playcalling. Instead I heard Brent Musberger calling a… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Ole Miss Tattoo Edition

Greetings from Mexico, where I’m on a family vacation over Thanksgiving weekend and into next week. But have no fear, I’ll continue to update the site throughout the vacation — with the able assistance of Bullpen editor Lori — such that I don’t think it will make much of a difference to you guys. Our… Read more »

Jesse Palmer Apologizes for Downwards Hook’em Sign

During last night’s TCU at Texas broadcast Jesse Palmer had the temerity to point his hook ’em horns sign facing down. You knew that wasn’t going to fly with ESPN, so the cameras returned to the booth for Palmer’s very awkward apology. Oh, man. It. Isn’t. Offensive. It’s a cheer, upside down. It has absolutely zero… Read more »

Jon Gruden Owns Land In East Tennessee

As the Jon Gruden mania continues to grow in the Volunteer state, OKTC has managed to lock down and confirm at least one rumor that has long circulated on message boards and in conversations among Vol fans. Does Gruden, whose wife Cindy attended Tennessee while cheerleading at the school, own land in East Tennessee? The answer, at… Read more »

Hotty Toddy: the Ole Miss experience

Some friends and I went to the Vandy/Ole Miss game in Oxford a few weekends ago. The premise was to celebrate our friend April’s birthday, but I was excited to finally experience the Grove. Clay was just excited for me to take pictures of hot Ole Miss girls.  At least he’s consistent.  We get into Oxford… Read more »

16 Awkward Thanksgiving Family Guests

Okay, it’s the day before Thanksgiving. This means that you aren’t really working. Southern family Thanksgivings are great festivities, when all the eccentric and wild people we are somehow related to gather for a yearly meal. In keeping with that tradition, I thought we’d go ahead and take a break from the Jon Gruden fever and… Read more »

Alabama White Rapper Brings Us Crimson Tide Tailgate Anthem

The great thing about Alabama fandom is how everyone it touches turns crazy. White, black, asian, it doesn’t matter who you are as soon as you find yourself screaming, “Roll Tide Roll,” you’re pretty much certifiably insane. Which brings us to “Knucklez” and his Bama tailgate anthem. This might have become the most-tipped OKTC video… Read more »

The SEC and Big Ten Will Have 16 Members

The Big Ten ended its realignment hibernation over the weekend and plucked Maryland from the ACC and Rutgers from the Big East. The impetus for the move, Notre Dame’s decision to strategically align with the ACC. There will be a ton written about the Big Ten’s move to 14, but what I want y’all to focus on is two succinct… Read more »

Massive Mismatch: Alabama vs Notre Dame no contest for oddsmakers

Title games are reserved for tight point spreads and competitive football games. The best teams in the sport should rarely be separated by more than a field goal if the system is designed to pit the best teams against one another. However, the BCS isn’t built to create the most compelling match-up in the eyes… Read more »

Starting 11: SEC Set to Defend Title

Last week I told you there were still six teams alive for the BCS title, three of whom were SEC teams. Then chaos reigned on Saturday night. Now there are just five teams alive for the title: Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, or Oregon will win the BCS title. We’ll break down exactly what needs to happen… Read more »