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The Plight of My Fanhood

Written by Andrew Appleton Aside from our looks and some mannerisms, most children inherit three main things from their parents: their religion, their politics, and their football team. This is especially true in the South where the distinction between the three is often times muddled at best and indistinguishable at worst. And although it is… Read more »

Gerald Ford and Bear Bryant Went Golfing

Written by: J.D. Frost What happens when Bear Bryant and former President Gerald Ford both play in the same charity golf tournament? In the late 1970s, I was a student at UAB, studying so much that entertainment was a premium.  Charles Boswell was a blind golfer, an Alabama native, and an extraordinary hero in many… Read more »

It’s Just One Big Game of Thrones Y’all

Written by: Brandon Priddy As the father of two small children, quiet time is rare. One of those nuggets of tranquility I enjoy is when I’m mowing the lawn. After the drone of the motor fades into the rear of my consciousness, there’s really nothing to distract me from some deep thinking. And while I should probably be taking the… Read more »

Seven Things To Know About Michael Phelps’s New Girlfriend

I know the world is currently being seduced by a man whose catchphrase is “jeah!” and who most likely has a pair of these in every color, but Lochte just doesn’t quite do it for me.  Nope, I’ve been lusting over Michael Phelps since 2004 when I first laid eyes on that abnormally long, bony… Read more »

Outkick the Coverage’s Bullpen Launches Next Week

A little over a year ago Outkick the Coverage launched. Since that launch date millions of you have stopped by, we’ve had a lot of fun, and hopefully y’all have as well. On the day we launched you may remember that I said we wanted to feature your writing as well. That’s why we’ve kept the Bullpen tab… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Bobby Petrino’s Tears Edition

By the time you read this I will be in Greenwood, Mississippi attending the wedding that followed our epic bachelor party in Las Vegas. Our beaver pelt trader of the week is Usain Bolt, who is the fastest human in the history of the world. And if that doesn’t get you the beaver pelt trader… Read more »

Tyler Bray: American Hero, Stephen Garcia Disciple

In the past month Tyler Bray has been accused of “jet ski hotdogging” and throwing beer bottles off his apartment balcony at cars below. This is important news because after Steve Spurrier finally kicked Stephen Garcia off the South Carolina team we thought we’d have to wait a long time until another Garcia would arrive… Read more »

We Must Fight Short Shorts, Now!

Satan must be pretty busy down there these days. Not only is he mass-producing Cowbells and Crocs, but now he’s working over-time making short shorts.   (Just to clarify, these are made for people who possess male genitalia. I own shorts with a longer inseam than that. Seriously. Let’s ge tahold of ourselves here, guys.) If you… Read more »

Sports Media Realignment Is Here: Who are the Winners and Losers?

For a long time ESPN ruled as a cable sports monopoly. Sure, there were challengers to the ESPN throne, but they did dumb things like hire Tom Arnold and try to mix sports and other programming — Turner Sports. For much of the last 15 years ESPN has been the unrivaled king of the cable sports marketplace.… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: The Repopulating the Earth Fantasy Draft

Okay, it’s mailbag time. Apologies for falling a day behind on part two of the bachelor party column, but now I’m caught up and it’s mailbag time. Meaning you get two long articles from me this Friday to help the weekend get here faster than you could have hoped. (I know you’re not working today).… Read more »

Our 2012 Bachelor Party Weekend in Las Vegas: Part Two

You can read part one of the bachelor party trip here.     18. At around 8:30 we wake up.   I ask Kai what happened and he tells me. Background on Kai, he’s one of the most ridiculous people in the world. One story that will sum him up. Last year we were set to… Read more »

Our 2012 Bachelor Party Weekend in Las Vegas: Part One

I went directly from SEC Media Days to Las Vegas for the bachelor party of my friend Tardio, a 33 year old lawyer in Nashville. There were eight of us in total, six lawyers, three SEC school graduates represented, Vanderbilt, Kentucky and Ole Miss.   Seven of us are 31 are older, one of us… Read more »

UT Fan Sets New Low in Vol-Bama Rivalry

Remember when YouTube was created and we all said, “This is awesome now anyone can make videos.” And remember when you were a kid and you thought, “Man, nothing could ever make the Tennessee-Alabama rivalry seem lame. Nothing!” Then YouTube existed and this video about Tennessee and Alabama, “Overcome the Tide,” was made. And you’ve basically… Read more »

Google: Women Want to Know if Kirk Herbstreit is Divorced, He’s Married

Google searches provide the ultimate window into the soul of America. Our search history reveals more about us than any other online activity. Back in the Civil War, Walt Whitman waxed eloquent about hearing America sing. Well, in the 21st century, we can all see what America’s searching for. And as a country, well, we’re a weird bunch of people.   Right at 13%… Read more »

The Dream Team vs. The Self Esteem Team

My Analysis of the Dream Team v. the Self-Esteem Team, by Kobe Bryant In 1992, the Dream Team, made up of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Scottie Pippen, Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone, Chris Mullin, John Stockton and Christian Laettner, took on the world at the Olympics in Barcelona. … Read more »

What the Olympics Teach Us About the Rise of Social Media

The 2012 Summer Olympics is the latest evidence that sports are immune to DVRs. Even when, interestingly, the network is effectively a DVR airing taped events. Since Friday’s tape-delayed debute of the opening ceremonies NBC has been catching social media heat for its decision not to carry those ceremonies and other events live on its family of networks. Yes,… Read more »

My Vegas Bet: South Carolina Will Win the 2012 BCS Title

This past weekend I was in Las Vegas for a bachelor party. It was an amazing weekend that featured one man’s heart stoppping, another man’s lighting himself on fire during a lap dance, and an underage prostitute stealing a license from a third man. Ah, Vegas. It was also the perfect time for me to lay my… Read more »

Meet the Old Man LSU Fan Who Wants To Fight Me

Every few years an old man wants to fight me. It’s kind of a hazard of writing on the Internet. Yes, young people do dumb things with technology, but they actually know how that technology works. Old people? Not so much. So, occasionally, they want to fight me. Which brings us to Billy Ayo, a… Read more »

Awkward Fan Photos: Beach Family Portrait Edition

If you are a Southern man, there is a billion percent chance that one of the women in your life has uttered this phrase: “I wish we had a beach portrait.” When we were down at Destin for SEC spring meetings my mom uttered this phrase no less than fifteen times. The beach family portrait is distinguished… Read more »