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NCAA Hammers Penn State

Back in November, just a couple of weeks after the Penn State story broke, I wrote that the NCAA had the authority to hammer Penn State. Once that was clear the question was simple: not could the NCAA sanction Penn State, but should it? For the past several months this has been the only real question,… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: SEC Bachelor Party Edition

SEC Media Days has officially just closed out here in Hoover and I’m now writing this as I fly from Birmingham to Las Vegas for one of my good friend’s bachelor parties. Already, it’s a great trip. Southwest now has WIFI, which is akin to your grandfather’s rustic mountain cabin having a 70 inch HD… Read more »

Awkward Quarterback Photos: Meet Vandy’s Jordan Rodgers

Vanderbilt quarterback Jordan Rodgers, younger brother of Green Bay Packer Aaron, led the Commodores to a bowl berth last season and attended SEC Media Days yesterday. This year he is hoping to become the first ever Vanderbilt quarterback to start in two bowl games. He’s confident, smart, fearless, and … hairless. Yes, hairless. Also, very patriotic. These… Read more »

Kristen Saban Answers Complaint, Asserts Self Defense, Even Fight

Last week Sarah Grimes filed a lawsuit seeking civil damages for an alleged assault by Kristen Saban, daughter of Alabama head coach Nick Saban. OKTC brought you Saban’s initial response, now OKTC has Kristen Saban’s answer to the complaint, which was just filed ten minutes ago in the circuit court of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Kristen’s… Read more »

SEC’s Slive Addresses Joe Paterno and Penn State

Hoover, Alabama SEC commissioner Mike Slive works for weeks on his annual message to the media. He writes draft after draft, revises then revises some more. Which is why it’s significant that Slive became the first conference commissioner to address the situation at Penn State, albeit indirectly. Midway through his morning address Slive pivoted from… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: SEC Media Days 2012 Arrives

I spent Friday playing golf, drinking, and boating. So the Friday mailbag is now the Monday mailbag. This means you get two mailbags this week. I know, I know, try to contain your excitement. We’ve had a lot of awkward fan photos, but so far Georgia fans have escaped ridicule. That changed this week when… Read more »

Kristen Saban Files Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit

This morning Kristen Saban’s attorney filed a response to the lawsuit that OKTC brought you last night.  You can read that initial complaint here. This motion to dismiss was just filed by Kristen Saban’s lawyers minutes ago and we are featuring it in full below.   IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, ALABAMA   SARAH… Read more »

Freeh Report: Joe Paterno and Top Administrators Knew Everything

Today Joe Paterno’s legacy came crumbling down.  His statue may follow. if he was still alive he’d likely die in prison. That’s because Paterno lied to the grand jury and obstructed justice in a massive cover-up that went to the height of college athletics hypocrisy.  In a scathing report released just minutes ago — the… Read more »

Nick Saban’s Daughter, Kristen, Accused of Sorority Catfight Beatdown

 First came Harvey Updyke killing the trees, then came the Alabama teabagging, and now comes the Triple Crown of Crimson Tide fandom, Nick Saban’s only daughter, a former Phi Mu at Alabama is being sued for delivering a beat down of epic proportions. A concusssion, lacerations, and difficulty studying. That’s a process of beatings. Think… Read more »

Outkick the Coverage’s 25 Most Popular Cities for 2012

As we continue to roll out the data from Outkick the Coverage’s first year in business, here’s a roster of our 25 largest cities for both desktop and mobile. I haven’t broken these cities down on a per capita basis so these are just raw visit numbers that all come from Google Analytics. The Google… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Pancakes and Jacuzzis Edition

I’m writing this mailbag from Mackinac Island, where the lower peninsula meets the upper peninsula in Michigan. This may be the only place in the continental United States that isn’t 80 degrees today. Basically, it’s heaven. But I’ve been up here for a couple of days now and I’ll begin the mailbag with a question that… Read more »

Jerry Sandusky Is the Key Witness to Penn State Cover-Up

Most people thought that the last time we’d ever see Jerry Sandusky outside of a jail cell was in the immediate moments after his conviction. As a handcuffed Sandusky walked to a police car, ducked down, and slipped inside the back of the cruiser, he vanished from fresh air, forever banished to a jail cell. But… Read more »

Penn State’s Conspiracy of Sandusky Silence and Cover-Up Proven Via Emails

Joe Paterno and Penn State officials conspired to protect Jerry Sandusky from prosecution in 2001 after Mike McQueary reported seeing Sandusky raping a young boy in the football locker room. That’s the only conclusion that any reasonable person can draw from CNN”s blockbuster Friday night report uncovering multiple emails discussing the Sandusky incident between Penn State president Graham Spanier,… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Sun Wages War on South

It’s scorching. It’s always hot in the South but an awful lot of y’all reading this mailbag today will be doing so in cities that have never been hotter in recorded history. Think about how crazy this is for a minute. Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Louisville — which are all top… Read more »

ESPN, FOX Advising Big 12 on Expansion, Adding Notre Dame

You know how the television networks always claim they aren’t involved in conference expansion? Yeah, they’re lying. How do we know? Because yesterday we finally got our conference expansion smoking gun. The Oklahoman uncovered memos from Chuck Neinas that specifically name networks, executives, and assess their opinions on Big 12 expansion. The network TV consensus from ESPN and Fox? Only… Read more »

The Boob Draft

Kate Upton has no discernible talent. She can’t act, she’s not a very good dancer, and she doesn’t have the traditional body of a supermodel. But what she does have is a very specific set of assets. Namely, two of them. Her boobs. And her boobs are enough to probably make her fifty million dollars… Read more »

Old Alabama Fan Does “Call Me Maybe”

Damn you Alabama, just when I think your fans can’t get any crazier, this video arrives. Yes, it’s really an Alabama fan in a number 14 jersey singing along to “Call Me Maybe.” I mean, there are no words. The level of diabolical genuis that even leads to this idea percolating inside any mind is just…well… it’s downright extraordinary. … Read more »

Why Not Start the Playoff in 2013, a year early?

The BCS is dead. Long live the BCS. Yesterday college football’s slow revolution came to a predictable close. Back in January SEC commissioner Mike Slive said that he saw a playoff coming. Nearly six months later, it’s a reality. We know most of the details — there will be a selection committee, the semi-finals will be… Read more »

2006 Classic: Eulogy to Jefferson Pilot Sports

This column initially ran on August 7, 2006     Shut the door to your office, you can’t let your coworkers see you cry. Get the box of tissues and place it alongside your keyboard. If you’re at home, make sure your wife is watching DVR’ed episodes of Grey’s Anatomy before you read any further.… Read more »