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Bama Fan Needs Your Help Designing His Wedding Cake

One of the great things about running Outkick the Coverage is that every time I check my Twitter feed or my email, it’s possible that something amazing is waiting there. Which brings us to an Alabama fan reader who is getting married and wants us to come up with the best possible image for his… Read more »

Prop Culture: Bowl Style

Bowl season hits full swing tomorrow with the always popular Poinsettia Bowl (insert jokes here). The reason for a 35 game slate with 34 meaning next to nothing is simple; money. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that ratings are driven by gamblers with a vested financial interest in every outcome. I’ll… Read more »

Conference Takeover: Big East Liquidation

By Mac McClure The unwanted stepchild of the BCS power conferences, the Big East has crumbled over the past decade to become what it is today: a BCS automatic-qualifying conference with only one ranked team in the BCS standings. To put this epic collapse into perspective, the conference is only ten years removed from a… Read more »

Who Wins a 16 team playoff featuring all 11 conference champs?

At some point the four team college football playoff will expand to feature eight teams. Will it ever feature 16 teams? Who knows. But our buddy Paul Bessire at Prediction Machine decided to stage his own 16 team playoff featuring all 11 conference champions and five at-large teams. I like Paul’s work because he applies… Read more »

Best of the Bull Pen

We’ve received hundreds of submissions from OKTC readers in the last 5 months, and I have read every single one of them. Sometimes reluctantly. But more often, I’ve been impressed by your knowledge, observations and humor. Each of you have contributed to the success of OKTC, and Clay and I cannot thank you enough. All I… Read more »

I JUST WANT CHRISTMAS: lessons from the Sandy Hook shooting

By Craig Hayes Like many of you I had been reading with horror and disgust about the awful events in Connecticut this past Friday when I came across a story in the local paper about the heroic teacher who saved her students by cramming them into a bathroom and telling them to stay silent because a bad man was… Read more »

Announcing Saturday Show on NBC Sports Radio Network

Starting Saturday January 5th, lots of y’all who live outside of Nashville will get the chance to hear me on your local radio stations. Run for the hills! That’s because I’m adding a nationwide show with NBC Sports radio network from 8-11 central time, 9-12 eastern.  I’ll still be doing 3HL from 3-6 every weekday here in Nashville, but this new show will… Read more »

To Block or Not to Twitter Block: That’s the Question

To block or not to block is the question that every sports media person on Twitter has to decide. I’ve been on Twitter for over three years now and in that time I’ve blocked about 150 people. Considering around 63,000 of you follow me, that’s a tiny block percentage. I’m sure quite a few people have… Read more »

Catholics vs. Cousins T-shirt Finally Reaches Media

For about two weeks people have been sending us the “Catholics vs. Cousins,” t-shirt on Twitter. Get it, it’s like Catholics vs. Convicts except with Cousins there instead. It’s funny because all Alabama people are related. Or because all Alabama people marry their cousins. Or because people in Alabama who already have children also have brothers and sisters who… Read more »

Open Letter: Why Nick Saban Will Never Leave Alabama

As rumors of Nick Saban to the Cleveland Browns continue to swirl, Alabama fans are starting to get a bit nervous. As cocky as the Crimson Tide fan base is, these were their four most recent head coaches before Nick Saban: Mike DuBose, Dennis Franchione, Mike Price, and Mike Shula.   So would the Tide really be able to hire… Read more »

AJ McCarron’s Chest Tattoo Is More Wonderful Than Ever

It’s 22 days until the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish unite in a tremendous and colossal battle pitting the two dumbest fan bases on earth to ever play for a title. I can’t wait. Once the game kicks off OKTC’s old friend AJ McCarron, who presently holds the distinction of being… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Am I White Enough?

It’s Friday, celebrate, the mailbag is here. Our beaver pelt trader of the week is Arian Foster, a guy I’ve loved since I got to know he and his family while writing “On Rocky Top.” This morning Foster tweeted, “I’m going to work on my blackness today.” Then he followed it up with, “My mom… Read more »

Kliff Kingsbury Leaves A&M For Texas Tech, Breaks SEC Hearts

Kliff Kingsbury is leaving Texas A&M and the SEC to become a head coach in the Big 12. All over the South women are weeping quietly into their pillows. (So are their boyfriends and husbands). The sunglass wearing, long sleeve rocking, boat-shoe wearing frat guy with the perpetual five o’clock shadow and the high-scoring offense, both on and off… Read more »

Predicting the future: odds to win the 2014 BCS

BCS bowls feel like they’re months away. Johnny Football has received his coronation into football royalty and we’re already talking about the chances of him winning a 2nd time. Names like Bielema, Stoops, Malzahn, and Jones now claim ownership for some of the SEC’s biggest reclamation projects.  Coach Petrino has found work as new head… Read more »

NCAA Exploits Black Male Athletes

I’m not a fan of the NCAA. I believe the organization is hypocritical, morally bankrupt, inconsistent, untrusthworthy, lacks true precedential value, and is the worst lawful organization in America today. Worst of all, it’s an organization whose entire purpose is predicated upon one mission — ensuring that those who have nothing complete their eligibility still having nothing. That… Read more »

OKTC’s Top Markets For the 2012 Football Season

I’m a huge fan of Google analytics because it’s incredibly addictive. I can sit here in real time and see exactly where our OKTC readers are coming from across the country. What’s more, I can see the rise of mobile and I can even see you, the person, who just typed “KLIFF KINGSBURY SHIRTLESS” all… Read more »

Meet Johnny Manziel: The New Tim Tebow

Midway through his eloquent Heisman trophy acceptance speech it hit me — Johnny Manziel is the new Tim Tebow. I don’t know why it took me so long to see it before, but my sudden realization was eye-opening. It was as if I could see into college football’s future. Just as Tebow stepped onto the… Read more »

Western Kentucky Hits Homerun, Hires Bobby Petrino

Bowling Green, Kentucky At 11:38 on Friday night Bobby Petrino’s phone buzzed. Western Kentucky athletic director Todd Stewart, on the job for just seven months, wanted to know if Petrino would be interested in talking about the Hilltopper job that Willie Taggart had just vacated. With that text WKU’s Stewart set in motion the best… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Ranking the 2012 SEC Coaching Hires

Okay, we have four new coaches hired in the SEC. Just in time for the Friday mailbag. It’s perfect timing! Y’all have deluged us with questions. So I’m not going to spend any time with an elaborate prelude, y’all know what this is, it’s the mailbag. Let’s roll live from Philadelphia for Army-Navy. A billion… Read more »