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Vegas Odds on NCAA Title as March Begins

We’re entering March this week which means it’s close to March Madness time. As the bubble talk heats up and you start to think about your bracket picks — save at least one spot for OKTC’s challenge — what has Las Vegas thought of the 2012 action. Who has risen and who has fallen and who are the… Read more »

How an SEC recruiting junkie won an Oscar

Last night an SEC recruiting junkie a lot like you and me won an Oscar. Rich Middlemas, a University of Tennessee grad who moved to Hollywood soon after graduation, is a huge Volunteer fan who follows recruiting. Back in 2009 he came across a Memphis Commercial-Appeal story about O.C. Brown, a large lineman from a poor Memphis city school,… Read more »

Mississippi State Student Body President Has Finest Bama Bangs On Planet

A Southern politician is only as good as his hair. And if you’re a male SEC student between the ages of 18-24 who wants to guarantee votes what hairstyle do you rock? Bama Bangs of course. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when a tipster pointed OKTC in the direction of Mississippi State student body president Rhett… Read more »

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the Forty

I spent three months training for the NFL Combine alongside future NFL draft picks like Peyton Hillis of the Cleveland Browns, Jason Jones of the Tennessee Titans, and Brad Cottam of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2008 and I learned everything a non-athlete could possibly know about the forty.  Here’s my tutorial for y’all.  …  The forty is the single most… Read more »

College Athletes Have Won the Right to Transfer Schools

Let this be a lesson to college coaches: you have the lost the battle to unfairly restrict student transfers. Period. Today Maryland coach Randy Edsall became the latest coach to be put through the transfer ringer. After insisting that he would not grant three players a full release from Maryland — specifically he included restrictions on… Read more »

Vandy All-Access Signing Day: Upside Down T’s on the schedule

Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin hasn’t made any secret of his disdain for the way Tennessee celebrated its overtime victory over the Commodores. That video, which OKTC published for the first time, went viral and spawned something unique in the state — an actual football rivalry. Franklin referred to the loss and video celebration as an open… Read more »

Happy Mardi Gras: Float Mocks LSU’s Title Game Effort

Just when LSU fans thought they could start to forget the disaster of January 9, 2012 along comes Mardi Gras. Yes, that really is Nick Saban holding up a crystal football in a Superman outfit on the back of the float. And, yes, that really is a large effigy of New Orleans radio ranter Bobby… Read more »

A College Football Fan’s Guide to the Oscars

By Karen Howell — the most consistently funny commenter in OKTC history It’s that time of year again. You’re coming off of your post-holiday high. Winter grinds on with no end in sight and the football season begins to wind down with nothing but NBA highlights to entertain you until March Madness kicks in. It’s… Read more »

Chink In Our Armor: Why Do We Assume Racism?

This weekend ran the headline, “Chink in the Armor,” after a Friday night New York Knicks loss to the New Orleans Hornets. The headline only ran from 2:30 to 3:05 on mobile devices. By Saturday morning a firestorm had emerged. That day ESPN issued a profound apology and then the next day it fired… Read more »

The SEC Coaches 2012 Class Photo Is Here!

It’s Christmas in February, the SEC coaches elementary school photo was just tweeted out by @sec_chuck I always love this photo because it brings the most powerful men in Southern sports into one awkward 4th grade class photo. How do they decide on a seating arrangement? Who stands next to who? Recall last year’s photo when Gene Chizik… Read more »

Welcome to the Big 12 TCU: Four Players, 17 Students Arrested in Massive Campus Drug Bust

TCU is a small, private school that has only had a handful of students arrested for drug related offenses. That all changed this morning. Seventeen current TCU students were arrested along with four football players on coach Gary Patterson’s squad. Meaning, there are some angry parents out there. Especially the parents who were already paying… Read more »

One day of SI Swimsuit Issue Traffic Outdraws Almost Every Sportswriter in America For a Year

Yesterday Darren Rovell tweeted some eye-popping numbers about the traffic generated by Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit magazine and gallery. In particular, Rovell tweeted that would receive 45 million page views and an additional 7 million video views. After seeing Natalie Gulbis and Alex Morgan in bodypaint, that could be a low estimate. Combined that figure… Read more »

The Texas Longhorns Really Are Scared of the SEC

Remember when the SEC offered the Texas Longhorns the chance to join the conference, the Longhorns said no, and then Texas fans trotted out all sorts of reasons why it made no sense for the Longhorns to join the SEC?  All of those reasons have slowly withered over the past year and change. The real… Read more »

Is there momentum for an 8 team college football playoff?

Last week the college football universe was abuzz with news that Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany floated the idea for a four-team playoff with two semifinal games on campus. With those public comments — in conjunction with past SEC and ACC support for a four team playoff and recent Big 12 endorsement of the idea — we’re… Read more »

Four Team Playoff Is Coming: What would it have looked like in BCS era?

At long last a college football playoff is here. Earlier this week in the Chicago Tribune Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany floated the idea of a college football final four with the two semifinal games on campus. Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips said: “The Big Ten is open and curious.” Which, as quotes go, sounds like what you… Read more »

The Top Rated Sports Talk Stations In the Country

Our radio show here in Nashville, 3HL, went to the Super Bowl last week and broadcast live from radio row. A big part of the job on radio row is booking guests. But given the vast number of stations this occcurs in a mostly haphazard fashion. Public relations staff attempt to get their clients on as many… Read more »