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Jim Delany’s Playoff Plan Makes No Sense

The four best teams should play in college football’s playoff.  Period. End of story. Anything else is needlessly complicated and likely to end in stupidity. Which brings me to Jim Delany’s new “hybrid” playoff plan. You take the three highest ranked conference champs in the top six and then if there isn’t another conference champ… Read more »

Sarah Phillips and the Big Con of Internet Sportswriting

In case you missed it, Deadspin published an amazing story yesterday — an writer named Sarah Phillips wasn’t who she claimed to be. Go read the article right now if you haven’t already and then bounce back here for some analysis. I think what’s eventually going to come out is that a guy realized that if… Read more »

What Would Four-Team Playoff Have Looked Like in BCS Era?

Now that a four team playoff is here, we can officially rejoice. While we don’t know which system will be used to select these final four playoff teams, it seems likely that the BCS standings, perhaps modified in some form of fashion, will be used to some degree. Which got me wondering, how would the… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Ryan Tannehill Outkicks His Coverage

Congrats to OKTC’s first hall of fame member, Ryan Tannehill, on his selection as the number eight overall pick. Soon Tannehill will become the 17th different quarterback to start a game for the Miami Dolphins since Dan Marino retired.  Tannehill’s wife Lauren, who we “discovered” back during the Texas game, set the Twitter world abuzz.… Read more »

College Football Playoff Arrives

A college football playoff officially arrived Thursday afternoon when the eleven conference commissioners and Notre Dame sent out a press release announcing a coming four team playoff. Quoth the release: “We will continue to meet and review the exact structure for what a new post-season could look like.  We are making substantial progress.  We will… Read more »

How Much Is A Four-Team Playoff Worth?

Television bidding on the right to air college football’s playoff is going to hit the stratosphere this year. Expect for ESPN, Fox, Comcast/NBC and potentially a Turner/CBS pairing — the same pairing that hosts the NCAA Tournament — to all place competitive bids.  How high could yearly rights fees go for a four team playoff?… Read more »

John L. Smith’s New Arkansas Contract Has Interesting Stipulations

This is one of those moments that would make Woodward and Bernstein proud. Through some fine investigative journalism, we* have managed, exclusively, to attain a copy of the contract between John L. Smith and the University of Arkansas. Given some of the unorthodox provisions in the agreement, it’s clear that the Razorbacks don’t intend to endure another HarleyGate… Read more »

An Open Letter from Derek Dooley’s Orange Pants

Yes, I’m Derek Dooley’s orange pants, perfectly starched, perfectly colored, big orange pants. I’m the only thing that Derek Dooley has done well in over two years at Tennessee and since Derek doesn’t do media, I decided to write this open letter to y’all to let you know that better things are in store for… Read more »

Why Not Houston and Nashville For Semifinal Games?

 It appears that there are two primary options for the new plus-one format to crown a college football champion.  Those options are: a. semi-final games hosted at on-campus venues b. a neutral site plus one format hosted by traditional BCS bowls Much of the wrangling over the new format has focused on the particular benefits… Read more »

ESPN Discovers Oregon Football Players Smoke Pot

 In a groundbreaking sports investigative piece, ESPN the Magazine uncovered that approximately half of the Oregon football team smokes pot.  What’s more ESPN also uncovered that pot smoking is common among athletes and college students.  I can’t wait for the ESPN expose that discovers beer, video games, and sex are also popular college pursuits.  … Read more »

Alabama Fan Contemplates Whether He Would Sleep With Nick Saban

 This is why checking the OKTC tips folder is so entertaining — because occasionally you get unexpected emails like this: “At the Florabama in Orange Beach, AL this weekend, a bama fan told me unprovoked that he would have sex with Nick Saban. I asked him to say it on camera. He does. Below is… Read more »

Awkward Fan Photos: Tennessee Fan Edition

It’s time for another edition of awkward fan photos. This time a Tennessee fan takes his turn on the fandom stage. You might notice that this fan isn’t wearing any actual UT gear. So how do we know that he’s a UT fan? He Twitter attacked me for being gay with Vandy’s James Franklin and… Read more »

Tony Kornheiser: Sports Media’s MVP

Tony Kornheiser is the most talented member of the sports media working today.  You can argue otherwise, but you’ll be wrong. That’s because when you combine writing, television, radio, wit and intelligence, Kornheiser has no peers in the world of sports media.  He’s a five tool media playmaker. Hell, if he had hair, he’d probably… Read more »

21 Lessons Learned from Bobby Petrino

 Coaches are teachers.  The men we trust to instill valuable life lessons, the non-biological father figures who take us from boy to man. Forthright, honest figures whose word is their bond. Men like Bobby Petrino.   In 1988 a preacher named Robert Fulgham made tens of millions of dollars by writing a book called, “All… Read more »

Top 10 Arkansas Coaching Candidates

 Arkansas has a great athletic director in Jeff Long. But it isn’t a top tier job in the SEC. When I ranked the top 25 college football jobs, I had Arkansas at 9th in the SEC. Right now I’d rank the SEC jobs 1-14 thusly: Florida, Bama, LSU, Georgia, Texas A&M (now that it’s in the… Read more »

Arkansas Police Report Is Ridiculous

Last night I read the Arkansas state police report which trumpets as fact that Captain Lance King did nothing improper in his treatment of Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino. How do we know this is the case? Because, evidently, everything that Captain King says is taken as the whole truth. You can read the entire “report”… Read more »

Petrino Out At Arkansas: Jeff Long Takes a Stand

 Tonight the Bobby Petrino motorcycle ride from hell came to a close.  Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long wiped out Petrino in an emotional press conference that just ended. Before we analzye anything else, let me just say this, Jeff Long hit an absolute home run tonight. I’ve thought he was oneof the top athletic directors… Read more »