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Tennessee’s Program Is Cursed: It’s Time For a Sports Exorcism

  Tennessee’s athletics program is cursed. That’s the only conclusion you can draw from what’s happened over the past four seasons. I can even pinpoint the exact moment when the wheels came off the program — leading eventual national champion LSU 14-13 in the SEC title game, Vol senior quarterback Erik Ainge throws an interception midway through the… Read more »

Which Is Worse: Iowa-Iowa State’s Trophy or Georgia’s New Uniforms?

Tradition is the lifeblood of college football. Some traditions are stupid — grown Georgia fans barking like dogs, for instance — but we honor them anyway. Because if people do stupid things long enough, they become inviolate “traditions” that can’t be messed with. There’s only thing worse than stupid traditions, and that’s when traditions that actually make… Read more »

The Mountain Boys: Meet the Patriots Night

A wave of thunderstorms is pushing across the Tennessee Valley.  The August heat flees like a coward, routed farther and farther with each blast of thunder rolling out of the belly of the storm.    Tonight is a special night, one that even the rain cannot spoil.  There are three events scheduled at Brewer this… Read more »

The Best SEC Football Player Tweets

Lately, I’ve been following the Twitter accounts of several SEC college football players. My thoughts after completing this endeavor: 1. My head hurts. 2. There should be a rigorous screening process for obtaining a Twitter account. 3. Actually, wait, no there shouldn’t—because then we wouldn’t have the goldmine below. Perhaps this is why Da’Rick Rogers… Read more »

Pat Summitt Confronts Her Greatest Foe Yet

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like University of Tennessee women’s coach Pat Summitt. Media, athletes, coaches — okay, Geno Auriemma might not like her — every single person outside of Storrs, Connecticut likes Pat Summitt. Many love her. You can make the argument, and I will right now, that she is the greatest living coach American sports… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Thanks to the 600k of you who came to visit

First, thanks. Y’all have already made OKTC a tremendous success. How successful? In the first month of the site’s existence we racked up 600,000 unique visitors. That’s an astounding number for an independent site that has no Google cache to rely upon, no major fire hose driving traffic, no hot chick slideshows — or slideshows… Read more »

Are Auburn Fans Intentionally Running Into Alabama Players’ Cars?

Alabama and Auburn hate each other. Their hate festers, congeals into unexpected forms of hate. From killing trees to, well, killing trees. Through a long hot summer Alabama has found its program under seige due to the relationship between players and T-Town Menswear owner and disassociated booster Tom Albetar. That incredibly suspicious relationship has been well-chronicled on… Read more »

Reports: LSU’s Jordan Jefferson Kicked a Marine in the Head

Whenever a crime is allegedly committed there are often bad subject-verb combinations when the charges are filed. Possessed and child porn would probably be the worst possible combination of verbs and subjects for a crime that doesn’t end with life imprisonment. But “kicked a marine in the head,” is a pretty bad runner up, a crime… Read more »

The ACC and Big East Battle for Conference Survival

Prepare yourself for the four-conference 16 team super era of major college athletics. It’s coming, probably sooner than you think. This fact is the actual long-range motivation for the SEC’s raid upon Texas. The SEC doesn’t want to be left gobbling up lesser-tier teams, to the first mover goes the spoils. It’s also why the Pac… Read more »

2 Live Crew’s Luther Campbell On Nevin Shapiro: “He’s on the Bin Laden list around here.”

Appearing on today’s 3 Hour Lunch radio show, former 2 Live Crew rapper Luther “Luke” Campbell discussed inequities in NCAA treatment of players, his opinions of Nevin Shapiro, and the past and future of Miami Hurricane athletics. As always I’d encourage you to listen to the entire interview here. It was wide-ranging and fascinating. But… Read more »

The Mountain Boys: Crowe

This fall OKTC is proud to bring you the story of the Brewer Patriots, a high school team from rural North Alabama. OKTC will chronicle the Patriots as they struggle to break free from a reputation as a perennial losing team.  We will introduce you to the players, the coaches, and the sights and smells… Read more »

Roger Goodell Bungles Terrelle Pryor Ruling

The most troubling aspect of Roger Goodell’s NFL tenure is his desire to make up the rules as he goes along. First Emperor Goodell instituted the league’s personal conduct policy which made him de facto judge, jury, and executioner of perceived NFL wrongs. What was most troubling about Goodell’s power grab in the NFL personal… Read more »

I’m Weirder Than Most Guys About Football

Over the years, I have learned certain things about myself. For example, I suffer from a pretty extreme obsessive compulsive disorder. The dinner plates in my cabinet are arranged according to color. The shoes in my closet are in their original boxes, labeled with the brand, style, color, and heel height.  My shirts are hung… Read more »

Danny Sheridan Doesn’t Really Believe His Cam Newton/Cecil Newton Source

  Today USA Today odds expert Danny Sheridan appeared on Paul Finebaum’s radio show to talk in greater detail about the Tweet he sent out this weekend. Sheridan tweeted: “I’ve been told the name of the person the NCAA feels allegedly paid Cecil Newton & where witness is. more when on Finebaum this week.” From here speculation… Read more »

The Mountain Boys

This fall OKTC is proud to bring you the story of the Brewer Patriots, a high school team from rural North Alabama. OKTC will chronicle the Patriots as they struggle to break free from a reputation as a perennial losing team.  We will introduce you to the players, the coaches, and the sights and smells… Read more »

Why Texas A&M Should Never Be Allowed Into the SEC

You knew this was coming.             Saying I don’t know much about sports is like saying Clay doesn’t know much about how to dress himself: understatement of the century. (Clay wore Adidas flip-flops until 2004. So him being in favor of A&M to the SEC is the fashion equivalent of Adidas flip-flops in 2004).             So when a… Read more »

Did Alshon Jeffery Eat the Other Four SI Regional Covers?

Alshon Jeffery is one of the five best players in the SEC. He’s a bona fide top ten pick, and despite what Lane Kiffin said, it doesn’t seem likely that Jeffery will be pumping gas for the rest of his life. But it does look like Jeffery hasn’t missed many trip inside the gas station… Read more »

Teach Me How to Dooley

Yesterday we brought you Alabama sorority girls rapping — and we also threw in some Party in the UGa for good measure — today we bring you Tennessee’s newest YouTube sensation — Teach Me How to Dooley. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I can’t decide whether UT basketball player Renaldo Woolridge, aka… Read more »

The NCAA’s Original Amateurism Sin Dwarfs Miami’s Violations

The scariest thing about Yahoo’s evisceration of the University of Miami football program? It could happen to any major program in America if the wrong person talked. If disassociated Alabama booster Tom Albetar ever spoke the truth, poof, there goes Alabama’s 2009 BCS title. (That’s why Alabama fans suggesting that Albetar file a lawsuit is so laughable). If Cam… Read more »