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Baylor’s Last Refuge: Don’t Mess With Texas Football

Pity poor Baylor. Notch your school’s biggest win in decades and your head is still on the conference realignment chopping block. So the Baylor Bears have struck back with a weak, misguided, and entirely self-serving plea: “Don’t Mess With Texas Football.” What Baylor’s slogan really should be is, ‘Don’t Mess With Baylor Football.” How well… Read more »

Missouri In Play as SEC’s 14th

With approval of Texas A&M’s addition to the SEC now official and the continuing drama unfolding in the Big 12, the SEC has cast its gaze in the direction of Missouri. As OKTC was the first to report, Texas A&M initially approached the SEC to inquire about membership in the conference. The SEC, worried about a potential lawsuit for tortious… Read more »

I’ll Admit It, I Was Wrong. LSU Outclassed Oregon

Alright well I’m here to own my LSU-Oregon prediction. All of what I said was incorrect. Lee way outplaying Thomas, LSU wore down Oregon and LSU played smarter and more composed then Oregon. I didn’t see this smackdown coming, especially after Oregon lost to Auburn. I thought the Ducks would be fired up and make some… Read more »

LSU Dominates Oregon, Should Be Number One Team in the Country

ARLINGTON, TEXAS LSU came to Texas and did what LSU does — the fans drank heavily and the team won a big football game. Saturday morning at a downtown Dallas hotel, a bellhop threw up his arms in dismay. His luggage cart had been commandeered by LSU fans — instead of luggage the cart was loaded… Read more »

Western Kentucky and Kentucky Play Worst Football Game of All-Time

Western Kentucky vs. Kentucky is the worst game featuring an SEC team in the modern era. It’s also the worst game I’ve ever seen in person. And I watched it all. Worst of all, I got to Nashville’s LP Field at 11:45 AM. That’s eight hours and thirty minutes before kickoff. Or roughly as long… Read more »

Ranking the Hotness of Pac 12 Punters

A few weeks back our own Meredith Hornsby wrote a thought provoking piece on the hotness of the SEC quarterbacks.  It’s a very funny column that’s worth another read, but it also made me a little sad on the inside.  Why do QB’s get all of the attention ALL of the time?  Why doesn’t anyone… Read more »

Oregon Will Outlast LSU

Finally football is back. It’s been a long offseason, lockout in the NFL and scandals in college but now all that is in the rear view mirror. The NFL is back next Thursday and college football kicked off last night. Tomorrow comes the big time matchup in the Cowboy Classic between Oregon and LSU. Oregon is… Read more »

What Happens if the 2011 SEC Season Is Played 50,000 Times?

OKTC is thrilled to have the best game pickers in the nation, Prediction Machine, as our partner for the 2011 season. Last season the Prediction Machine went 11-0 against the spread in the NFL playoffs and put up a nearly 70% winning percentage in college football lock games. How do the guys do this? With a computer… Read more »

Vinnie Verno Week One Picks

The man, the myth, the legend Vinnie Verno will be giving y’all five locks of the week every week during college football season. Already Danny Sheridan is jealous as hell. In fact, let’s not kid ourselves, there’s an 80% chance that Vinnie Verno is Sheridan’s source when it comes to Cam’s bag man. College football… Read more »

Mountain Boys: Week One, at Arab

I am in Marshall County, about 15 miles east of the Brewer campus.  I am walking across the stadium parking lot of the Arab High School Knights, and a buzz is rippling through the Indian summer air.  The high rise lights are already turned on.  Off to the side, sandy-haired teens recline in a pickup… Read more »

The Five Secrets of Southern Football Womanhood

In the south, college football is a way of life. Children are raised to say “Go Dawgs!”, “Roll Tide!”, “War Eagle!” and “Go ‘Dores!” (okay, maybe not) before they can walk, and although it usually sounds like baby jibberish, parents shriek with joy when their little one utters those battle cries. Saturdays are Football Days,… Read more »

Pointing to Sky To Honor Dead Classmate Costs High School Game

This year thanks to a new rule in college football touchdowns can be called back for celebrations that occur on the field. In a Louisville,Ohio high school game this past weekend wide receiver Alex Schooley caught a touchdown pass with 1:15 left to give his team a 26-24 lead. Overcome with emotion, Schooley and a… Read more »

Black Thursday Arrives: Ladies, Dates Are Over For Fall

Well ladies, kiss your boyfriends and husbands goodbye.   Or, for those of us with no actual men but several faithful cats, brace yourselves for a drastic decline in activity on your profile.   (I’ll let you all decide which category I fall into.)   (WHY ARE YOU ALL JUST AUTOMATICALLY ASSUMING I FALL… Read more »

New Jordan Jefferson Video Emerges: Was He Really Kicker?

SEC message boards are zany, wild, and crazy places. No message board is crazier than, the LSU destination of choice for conspiracy theories, ridicule, and often great humor. OKTC gets email tips from TigerDroppings posters about ten times a week. Most of the time I read the threads, laugh a few times, and then… Read more »

Mission Impossible: Texas A&M’s 2012 SEC Schedule

Now that we know Texas A&M is officially divorced from the Big 12, the complications for the SEC actually become more substantial. The next step is fairly simple: The SEC presidents will vote to extend an offer to Texas A&M once the Aggies officially submit an application. (The application is really fun to think about. In particular,… Read more »

Big 12 Bylaws on Leaving Are Complicated, Weak

As Texas A&M’s official notice of departure from the Big 12 grows closer talk has shifted to what exactly the exit fees may be for the Aggies. And the answer to that question is a Facebook-centric — it’s complicated. That’s because the lawyers who drafted the exit provisions of the Big 12 bylaws should be… Read more »

Man Days: Madden Release Is Here

It’s August 30th.  A great day to be an American, a great day to be a man.  It’s Madden release day.  We live in a different world these days, my friends.  A world where a man can no longer go catch some food, bring it home to his family, and be pleasured by his woman. … Read more »

Barbara Dooley Is a National Treasure

In case y’all wondered, I love Barbara Dooley. Absolutely. Love. Her. That’s why her banning from the radio was tough for me to take. As a way of saying goodbye we had her on 3HL this afternoon and, as always, Momma Dooley was must listen radio. I’d encourage y’all to click the link here and listen to the entire interview.… Read more »

Arkansas Ignites Big 12, SEC Civil War?

As we wait for the final details of Texas A&M’s move to the SEC to be complete — a move that will cement Mike Slive’s legacy as one of the greatest conference commissioners of all time — Dan Beebe and the Big 12 are floating big time names as A&M’s replacement. Give the conference credit,… Read more »