Clay’s Jon Gruden Diary: Day One


Dear Diary,

My name is Clay Travis and this is my Jon Gruden to Tennessee diary.

I will update this diary daily with my thoughts about Jon Gruden, the next football coach of the University of Tennessee.*

*(Unless he is not and we hire Dan Mullen…or, more likely, Derek Dooley again).

I have engaged in six different conversations with a variety of college football sources today. The latest Grumors are as follows: Jon Gruden has access to the Pilot Oil plane and has been using it to fly around for free. I am also told that Gruden has been calling potential staff members and asking them if they would work for him if he takes the Tennessee job.

Also, five of you dropped into my DMs today and said Jon Gruden was house hunting in Blount County over the weekend.

Also, two of you said Jon Gruden will be announced as Tennessee coach today.

Confession: Today, in my house with no one else home, I have been walking around shouting, with no prior warning, “The Grudenator!”

I have done this eight times.

Five of these times I was not wearing pants.

Not surprisingly, Jon Gruden was the lead story on today’s Outkick the Show.

I would encourage you to watch my video.

This has been my Jon Gruden diary, day one.


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