Michael Jordan’s Entourage Said More About Him Than Any Last Dance Interviews Revealed

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On Outkick the Show on Monday morning Clay discussed the finale of The Last Dance and Michael Jordan’s entourage, which was very different from the types of guys you see in most entourages in today’s world.

Jordan surrounded himself with older “father figures” where most entourages are made up of young good looking “Yes men.”

“He’s comfortable in his own skin. Because, most of the time when you psychoanalyze an entourage, an entourage is about lifting up and making the person who has the entourage look bigger and more powerful and cooler than they already are. Jordan was so comfortable in his own skin, that he wanted to spend time with that group of security guards, and that moment where the security guard Gus’s wife said he got the call in the middle of the night Jordan would call him crying about his dad. And, that was to me just such an unbelievably compelling moment of this documentary. And, I just I couldn’t stop thinking as I was watching and as I was taking notes about some of those shots of Jordan choosing to spend time with the security guards. And, we had some fun talking about the guy with the perm who recently died in January, but those guys, the guy who he played quarters with, those guys, to me, said as much about Michael Jordan and his persona as so many of these other interviews with more famous people did. And, I just I couldn’t stop thinking about that as a way to define Michael Jordan.”


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