NBA Takes Fake Stand: Idiots Online Cheer

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Today the NBA announced it would not be playing its all star game in Charlotte because of a North Carolina state bill that says you have to go to the bathroom that corresponds to the sex on your birth certificate. The North Carolina bill is a response to a Charlotte ordinance that would have ensured that transgender people can use the bathroom of their choice. Once that city ordinance passed, the state of North Carolina felt compelled to pass this bill to counteract the city ordinance. 

So the NBA, remarkably, is now penalizing the city of Charlotte for attempting to ensure that people can use whichever bathroom they so choose. Charlotte is losing the all star game because the people of the city tried too hard to be inclusive. 

Oh, the irony is intense here. 

But what I want to focus on here is this — how the great majority of people in the substantial middle of the country, what I call the radical moderates of America, have been taken for a ride by a political process that favors polarizing antagonism over common sense. 

So let’s discuss.

For decades and decades, at least since the Civil Rights movement in this country, citizens across the country have managed to figure out which bathroom to use without controversy. We made it through the 1970’s, the 1980’s, the 1990’s, the 2000’s, and the first years of the 2010’s without penis or vagina checkers outside public bathrooms. Our rule was pretty simple: If you look like a girl you use the girl’s bathroom, if you look like a boy, you use the boy’s bathroom. And if you happen to find yourself as a parent with kids who are the opposite sex of you, but are too young to go to the bathroom on their own? Well, you take them into the bathroom with you even if you’re a dad and your kid is a girl or if you’re a mom and your kid is a boy.

Somehow, someway we managed to function for nearly fifty years as a country without laws governing which bathroom we could use.

But then Bruce Jenner decided to become Caitlyn and all of a sudden transgender rights became a major societal flashpoint. That’s despite the fact that 99.7% of Americans are either male or female from birth to death and that the other .3% of the population had managed to use the bathroom in public without provoking civil war for half a century.

So then what happened?

The left winger PC bros in the city of Charlotte decided they needed to protect transgender people so they could score political points with their constituents and demonstrate how inclusive they were. That’s despite the fact that, you guessed it, no one was monitoring bathrooms and conducting genital checks anywhere in North Carolina’s public bathrooms. So they passed a bill to ensure that people who were already using the bathrooms of their choice could continue to use the bathrooms of their choice. 

And then the right wingers got upset that the left wingers were trying to be so publicly inclusive and so the right wingers decided they needed to score political points of their own by keeping transgender people from using the bathrooms that they had been using for decades without any issue at all. How did they do it? They decided that this whole transgender bathroom issue was really about people going into a different bathroom than their actual sex and sexually assaulting people. Leaving aside the obvious question — if you wanted to sexually assault someone in the bathroom couldn’t you go inside regardless of which sex you were? — North Carolina passed a law requiring you to use the bathroom on your birth certificate. And now the two sides, city and state, are locked in a bitter cultural war over an issue that wasn’t ever an issue at all. 

Welcome to America in 2016. It seriously makes me want to pull my hair out. 

So the NBA, patron saint of PC bromani virtues, looked at this dispute between the city of Charlotte and the state of North Carolina and decided that they needed to score bogus political points with left wingers on social media, idiot media, and dumb fans — many people hit for the cycle here — so they decided to move the all star game in response to this state law. 

ESPN, a network now so liberal that MSNBC calls them communists, immediately praised the decision with their typical recitation of corporate outreach inclusiveness bullshit. 

Most spent no time considering the inherent hypocrisy of the NBA, a league happy to make as much money as possible from countries that violate human rights, employ child and slave labor, and generally behave in the worst manners possible when it comes individual equality.

Just for fun go look at where your jerseys were made and then look up the list of human rights abuses there. 

Yep, that’s real.  

Indeed the NBA, erstwhile politically correct bastion of all that is great in the world according to idiot sports fans on social media, is playing two games in China this year, a country with virtually no human rights, limitations on how many children you can have, frequent arrest and imprisonment of dissidents for unpopular opinions, no freedom of speech, freedom of the press or religious freedom, a national internet censor to forbid the discussion of democratic ideals online, and more people put to death for “crimes” each year than the rest of the world combined. Now, say what you will about North Carolina, but I think most people of all races, sexes, religions, and genitals, either consistent since birth or varied by choice, if forced to choose, would prefer to live in North Carolina over China. In basketball terms, North Carolina is Michael Jordan when it comes to human rights, and China is a six month old male baby. (The female baby, of course, would have been aborted because families in China are so desperate to have male babies that they regularly abort female fetuses.) 

But the NBA is playing games in China and not playing the all star game in Charlotte.


Because the NBA is a hypocritical organization that only cares about taking political positions when those political positions don’t cost it money. China is a huge market. It would take actual guts to stand up to China’s human rights abuses and use the game of basketball to bring about immense societal change. So the NBA did what cowardly organizations do, they took a stand on a non-issue that won’t cost them a dime and bathed in social media adulation rather than taking a hard stand and attempting to change the world.

In the process they actually made it less likely that North Carolina ever changes this law, since the only thing worse than being a politician who voted for a bad law is being a politician who changes a law because a pro sports league doesn’t like it.  

As if that weren’t enough, the NBA is also playing two regular season games in Mexico, a country with infinitely less human rights than exist in the state of North Carolina too. But, thanks to the fact that most of the sports media is made up of politically correct losers with limited abilities to reason, the public pronouncements of commendation for the NBA have rained down like Steph Curry jumpers in regular season games. 

I halfway expect for Adam Silver, Nosferatu without the musculature, to win the Nobel Peace Prize this year. 

Even if, as anyone with a functional brain can see, the NBA is 100% hypocritical with this all star game stance. Welcome to 21st century American hypocrisy, where the left and right wings of our country conspire to create political controversies out of thin air, and then those of us with IQs over 100 have to sit and watch stupidity reign. 

But, hey, at least the NBA is fantastic when it comes to human rights!*

*So long, that is, as it doesn’t cost them any money in lucrative foreign markets. 


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