Outkick’s 2017 NCAA Tournament Picks

For the fourth straight year I’m going to bet every first and second round NCAA tournament game in Las Vegas. So far we have not met with total disaster on all these picks. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever finished beneath 50%.  

By the time you read this I’ll be headed to the airport to fly to Vegas. Which will continue a wild Wednesday. Wake up at 4 am central to do my Outkick show for three hours, write and then fly to Vegas, where I’m speaking at two different corporate events on Wednesday night from 5:30 pt to 8:30 pt — if you want to book me to speak, I’m expensive, but pretty fucking outstanding at entertaining an audience — and then I’ll head to my hotel for a couple of hours before going back out to do the Outkick morning show live from Vegas from 3-6 am pt.

Days like this are why I’m going to die at 42.

But in the meantime I’m going to make you a ton of money.  

So 32-0 here we go:

Villanova vs. Mt. Saint Mary’s +26.5

Virginia Tech vs. Wisconsin, the under 137

Princeton +6.5 vs. Notre Dame

Bucknell vs. West Virginia, the over 148

NC Wilmington vs. UVa, the under 135

East Tennessee State +10.5 vs. Florida

Florida Gulf Coast vs. FSU, the over 146

Xavier +2 vs. Maryland

Nevada vs. Iowa State -6

Vermont +9.5 vs. Purdue

MTSU pick’em vs. Minnesota

Winthrop +11 vs. Butler

South Dakota State +22 vs. Gonzaga

Vandy -1 vs. Northwestern

Arizona -16.5 vs. North Dakota

VCU vs. St. Marys, the over 129.5

Duke -19 vs. Troy

South Carolina -1 vs. Marquette

UNC vs. Texas-Southern +26.5

Arkansas -1 vs. Seton Hall

Louisville -20 vs. Jacksonville State

Michigan vs. Oklahoma State, the over 153

Kentucky vs. Northern Kentucky, the under 152.5

Wichita State -6 vs. Dayton

Baylor -12.5 vs. New Mexico State

SMU -7 vs. team playin

Kansas -22.5 vs. playin

Michigan State +2.5 vs. Miami

Iona vs. Oregon, the over 152

Rhode Island pick’em vs. Creighton

Kent State vs. UCLA, the over 161

Cincinnati -3.5 vs. Kansas State