OKTC Joining Fox Sports College Football Television Coverage

A couple of weeks ago we announced that Outkick the Coverage and FoxSports.com were entering into a partnership. At the time I said there would be more details forthcoming. Here are some of those details — I’ll be joining Fox Sports 1’s college football pregame show which will air from 10-12 eastern, 9-11 central, and… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Kicked Out of Manning Passing Academy

According to a website report, Johnny Football was kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy this weekend for being hungover and showing up late for events on Saturday.     Here’s the full story.   “Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous because of his connection to the camp, gave us the scoop after Manziel… Read more »

Outkick the Coverage: Year Two Stats

The official two-year anniversay of Outkick the Coverage is July 20, 2013.  But last year I broke out our one year data while on family vacation in Mackinac Island, Michgan and this year I’m going to do the same again.  I share this data with you guys because I want you to feel like you… Read more »

Football as A Movable Feast: spring season NFL

 By TJ Hatter Some month’s back Deadspin’s brilliant polemic Drew Magary pondered the idea of giving us all more football. His solution was to move college football to the spring (see here) in order to get us closer to the Nirvana that would be a British Premier League style expansion of the sport. I was impressed… Read more »

The Big12 Psychiatric Preview

By @TreyHimself This preview is not concerned with X’s & O’s or talent. It is going to predict the standings of the Big 12 based on the mental health of each Big 12 team with a focus on the head coach. DISCLAIMER: I am not a psychiatrist.   1. Iowa State Cyclones Many of you… Read more »

Where Did Outkick the Coverage Begin? With DeadlyHippos.com

Every online writer starts somewhere. For me, I started writing online in 2004 when I moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands and discovered that DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket was not available in my new home. I was upset. So I did what every reasonable person would do — I embarked upon a fifty day pudding… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Married Sexpectations

It’s the Friday after the 4th of July and I know lots of you still have to work.  That’s despite the fact that you are hungover, your ears are still ringing from firework blasts, and bunches of you are probably sunburned from a day spent outside.  But have no fear.  The mailbag doesn’t take days… Read more »

Aaron Hernandez’s Role in Gainesville Shooting Probed by Police

Ever since the Aaron Hernandez story broke, Outkick has been arguing that there’s no way Odin Lloyd was Hernandez’s first shooting victim. It just didn’t make sense.  No one goes from smoking pot to an execution style murder a half-mile from his home. No, our theory was that Hernandez was comfortable shooting people and that… Read more »

Texas A&M Wedding Wins Internet

Texas A&M has proven to be a good fit for the SEC already. But so far we hadn’t had any Aggie fans doing anything that might be described as crazy. Yeah, we had the student who got the A&M-Bama score tattooed on his butt, and we have Johnny Manziel’s continued shenanigans. But what about some… Read more »

Urban Meyer Turns in Florida Assistant Coach He Hired for NCAA Violation

Tonight Outkick the Coverage broke a story about Urban Meyer turning in a former Florida assistant coach he’d hired for an NCAA violation.  You might have noticed that the story is running on FoxSports.com.  That’s because Outkick the Coverage and FoxSports.com have entered into a partnership agreeement. OKTC won’t change at all, we’ll just have… Read more »

Texas A&M and the SEC: A Perfect Match for TexAgs.com

One year ago today Texas A&M joined the Southeastern Conference.  If I’d written here one year ago that A&M would have a quarterback win the Heisman trophy, would go 11-2 with a road win over national champion Alabama and a blow out victory over Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl, and would announce a $420 million… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Bridesmaid Hell Edition

Okay, slackers, it’s mailbag time. It’s become a routine for me to praise you, but you guys continue to inundate me with great mailbag questions on Twitter and via email. I read everything y’all send me, but if I replied to all of you I’d never do anything else. So, as always, thank you for… Read more »

Trying to Make Sense of Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez stands a very good chance of spending the rest of his life in prison. It’s a remarkable fall for a guy who signed a five year $37.5 million contract extension last year. Early this morning news also broke that police are investigating Hernandez in connection with a double murder in Boston last year.… Read more »

cycling’s challenges, rewards and tragedies

By Christopher Haddock In anticipation of the start of the 100th Tour de France this Saturday, I’d like to share a cycling experience from earlier this spring. The first week of May I rode in the 3 State 3 Mountain Century Challenge in Chattanooga TN, a rather epic 100 mile ride comprised of over 8,000… Read more »

Former Oregon Coach Chip Kelly Wins Again

The news is officially out concerning the 27 month, 27 month!, NCAA investigation into Oregon’s improper relationship with a recruiting service.  And, no surprise, the practical impact on the Oregon football team is negligible, no bowl ban, no significant scholarship reductions, just a slap on the wrist.  The biggest punishment is for Chip Kelly, who… Read more »

Aaron Hernandez Charged With First Degree Murder

Today Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with first degree murder. The judge denied his defense attorney’s request for bail.  Based on the evidence laid out by the prosecution — both video surveillance and text message — prosecutors can place Hernandez at the murder scene at the time of death.  Assuming this video and text… Read more »

To sell or not to sell

By Kevin M When is it acceptable, if ever, to sell your season tickets to a huge game for financial reasons only (i.e. – you’re in town, no family member is sick, you have no work obligations the next morning). For example, prices for Heat/Spurs Game 7 tickets were pretty ridiculous. If you owned a pair of… Read more »

The Real Star of Skywire: Nik Wallenda’s Jeans

Last night’s Skywire with Nik Wallenda garnered 40,000 tweets a minute. I feel like that’s a pretty amazing statistic, and I also feel pretty strongly that 60% of those 40,000 tweets were most likely about Nik’s amazing jeans. If you’re Nik Wallenda, you have one night of national television where all eyes will be literally… Read more »

Nik Wallenda, the Grand Canyon and TV’s Future

What would have happened if Nik Wallenda fell 1500 feet to his death in the Grand Canyon? Would the cameras cut away, would Wallenda’s mic stay live — you think he might curse instead of praising Jesus during the plummet? — would his father’s mic catch the reaction to his son’s death in real time,… Read more »