Tips for Dating an SEC Chick

By Tara Carney   (Originally published 12/28/2012) It’s not gay if it’s Kliff Kingsbury. For my purposes, let me amend this: It’s not a mythical mystery if it’s not Shirtless Kliff Kingsbury.  SEC chicks have a hard time. In 2012, men still don’t take female fandom seriously. In our nation, where over 50% of college… Read more »

Nick Saban Favors 9 Conference Games, Odds Are So Does Mike Slive

Nick Saban and SEC commissioner Mike Slive have a close relationship. In fact, Slive trusts Saban unlike he trusts any other SEC coach. Slive and Saban have a mutual admiration society. Last year Slive used Saban to advocate aggressively for the best four teams to advance to the playoff. At the time it was a… Read more »

Snoop Dogg’s Son Is a Four Star Football Recruit

Ever see Snoop Dogg strutting across the stage and think, “Snoop’s got some decent height and if he wasn’t so high all the time, he might have pretty good motor skills.” Well, you were right.  Meet Cordell Broadus, Snoop’s son, who is a four-star, ranked #88 overall, in the class of 2015 by 24/7 Sports.… Read more »

Paul Finebaum To SEC Network Sends Strong Content Message

Yesterday afternoon news officially broke that ESPN had signed Paul Finebaum to a five year contract. The deal calls for 100 TV appearances a year and a simulcast of Finebaum’s radio show on the upcoming SEC Network, set to debut in August of 2014. It’s a smart decision that fills up several hours of programming… Read more »

Vandy Coach Invites UT Fan To Visit For Ass-Kicking

Vandy offensive line coach Herb Hand is a great guy and a fun Twitter follow. You can follow him on Twitter here. But yesterday Hand came face to face with the newest Twitter foil, someone who chose to Tweet obscene insults about his family. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the continued devolution of Twitter… Read more »

Mike Gundy is 45, but he’s not a man

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has become the latest petty dictator coach to excercise complete and total power and restrict where a player can transfer. This time it’s quarterback Wes Lunt, a former four star recruit who started several games as a freshman at Oklahoma State, before deciding he wanted to transfer this spring. So… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Manziel’s Epic First Pitch

It’s no secret that Johnny Manziel is Outkick the Coverage’s favorite SEC football player of all time.  But even we continue to be amazed by his feats of athletic excellence. Last night he homered during San Diego Padres batting practice while wearing jeans and boat shoes. Then he executed one of the most amazing first… Read more »

The Four Star, the Porn Star and Me

Yesterday Outkick the Coverage brought you the touching story of Elisha Shaw, the four star defensive tackle recruit who Tweeted out that he wanted a fifth star.  The only catch? His screen grab revealed that he was watching porn star Isis Taylor in another screen.  Last night Isis Taylor, a big USC Trojan fan as… Read more »

Pink Dress and White Dress Tell Their Side of the Catfight Story

Yesterday as part of the most visited day in Outkick the Coverage history, we brought you the story of the Steeplechase catfight.  Then we followed up with a director’s cut piece, which provided the definitive view of the entire melee. Shortly after we posted the definitive version of the catfight, who reached out and contacted… Read more »

Player Requests Fifth Star, Loves Porn

Getting a fifth star is incredibly competitive. You have to put up big stats, have all the measurables, flaunt your offers, do whatever it takes to get that fifth star.  Including, sometimes, emailing or Tweeting the rating services themselves and personally making your case for that fifth star.  Which brings us to 6’5″ 295 pound… Read more »

Steeplechase CatFight: Director’s Cut

 Earlier today Outkick the Coverage brought you the Steeplechase catfight.  Almost immediately, our servers buckled as you all rushed to view the video. Since then y’all have inundated my Twitter feed with commentary. I don’t remember the last time I laughed this much at your Tweets. Slowly, like a modern day version of the Hardy… Read more »

Vols Fire Head of Student Judicial Services Amid Sex Probe

Ah, the University of Tennessee, where ridiculous happens. The latest absurdity? University officials are conducting an investigation to determine whether a former head of student judicial services, Jenny Wright, a graduate of both the undergrad and the law school at Tennessee, had multiple inappropriate relationships with some of the student-athletes she was charged with judging. According to the… Read more »

Nashville’s Iroquois Steeplechase: CatFight!

Nashville’s Iroquois Steeplechase is typically a pretty high-end affair. Women wear sundresses, men wear pastels, all of the proceeds from the city’s largest horse race of the year benefit the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, and everyone drinks heavily and has a great time.  Honestly, it’s a lot like an SEC football spring game, with every fan… Read more »

First major Nevada sportsbook releases NFL win totals

Football is only a few months away and Cantor Gaming has released their NFL regular season win totals; your complete list. 49ers 11 Broncos 11 Patriots 11 Packers 10.5 Texans  10.5 Falcons 10 Seahawks 10 Steelers 9.5 Giants 9 Ravens 9 Saints 9 Bears 8.5 Bengals  8.5 Colts 8.5 Cowboys 8.5 Redskins 8 Buccaneers 7.5… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Saban Plots To Eliminate Manziel Edition

It’s Friday, you’re not working and eagerly awaiting the mailbag. So let’s get rolling. Yet again, y’all have killed it. This week there’s no suspense, the beaver pelt trader of the week is Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey. It’s a dead giveaway. Now let’s dive into the mailbag. Graham A. writes: “This year’s Kentucky Derby got… Read more »

The best football road trips of 2013

By Craig Hayes The first time I heard of Clay Travis was when I picked up a copy of Dixieland Delight at a local bookstore a few years ago. At the risk of being accused of shamelessly kissing up to the editor of this site, I loved the book and truly envied the fact that… Read more »

Charles Ramsey: American Hero

 Charles Ramsey is an American hero.  In a time when most of y’all are focusing on eating ribs and salsa dancing with your neighbors, Ramsey rescued three women who had been kidnapped for a decade.  I tweeted this out last night, but today I decided that merely Tweeting this out wasn’t enough.  Nope, we had… Read more »

Kevin Sumlin Loves Mad Men, Declines To Reveal Favorite Character

 At the SEC Network announcement on Thursday, I had the chance to interview Kevin Sumlin.  You can listen to that entire interview here. I think y’all will enjoy it. Sumlin has rapidly become one of my favorite SEC coaches and we talk about a variety of subjects during the interview. Including Johnny Manziel, the new stadium… Read more »

Breaking: Mario Williams is least funny man in america

I once dated a guy named Ted*. [Names changed to protect the innocent. For some reason, the only fake male names I could think of were Marshall and Ted. I really need to broaden my fake male name repertoire for the next column I write that may air any past dating grievances. My reputation is… Read more »