Happy Black Friday: Watch People Fighting at Wal Mart

I can’t think of anything more miserable than trying to get into a Wal Mart on the Thursday or Friday of Thanksgiving.  But hundreds of thousands of people do this.  Last night Wal Mart’s were so crowded they started letting one person in as one person left.  Yes, Club Wal Mart.  If you’ve ever found… Read more »

Auburn’s still Alive For BCS Title

The last four winners of the Iron Bowl, the best rivalry in college sports, have won the national title.  This year Alabama’s guaranteed to play for the BCS title if it finishes 13-0 and will try to make it five straight for the Yellowhammer State.  But what about 2013 Auburn? Could a 12-1 Tigers team… Read more »

Atlanta Braves move in spite of fans

By Roger Wells For a section named ‘The Bull Pen,’ it seems appropriate for an occasional baseball post. In particular, a baseball team in the heart of SEC country – the Atlanta Braves. A lot has been said since November 11th, when the Braves announced the team is abandoning the City of Atlanta and Turner Field for a… Read more »

Office Wagers – Translating 2:1 into 9-5

By Loren Sanders Maybe you’re not a degenerate gambler. But are you really going to let that prevent you from forcing a coworker to call everyone “Hoss” based on the outcome of a sporting event?  I’ve worked in a cube for a few years now, and that feels weird to admit. Regardless, it has given… Read more »

Outkick the Coverage Draft Day Challenge College Football Edition

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.    About a month ago, the Alabama Crimson Tide claimed the dumbest fan base in America crown on Outkick the Coverage.   While many of you acknowledged the entire top ten dumbest fan bases, others fumed and called me gay. So now I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.… Read more »

Alabama Fan Offers Unique Defense to Sex Crime Charges

Happy Thanksgiving.  On this day of thanks, I’m happy for many things — my family, my job, the fact that I can live freely as a gay Muslim in America — but mostly I’m thankful for Alabama fans.  Because they are truly the gift that keeps on giving.  Freeman Jockisch — which sounds like the… Read more »

My Week 14 Picks and TV Viewer Guide

It was a rough weekend for the picks, we went 4-6, falling beneath .500 on the year. The Outkick picks are now 41-43 on the season.  If it’s any consolation at all, we are not alone. So far this year Las Vegas sportsbooks have made $18 million. But we still have two weeks of the… Read more »

Vegas Poll 6.0: Iron Bowl Edition

Another week in the books and another undefeated team goes by the wayside, this time the Baylor Bears.  The top of the Vegas poll remains largely unchanged albeit with some controversy from the casual fans confused by Oregon’s top 3 rank off a lethargic effort against Arizona.  Each week a team’s overall rating can only… Read more »

Would Urban Meyer Be Able to Play Jameis Winston?

As we continue to await word on the result of the Jameis Winston sexual assault investigation, it’s clear that every team and every coach doesn’t play by the same set of rules.  Namely, Jimbo Fisher and Florida State are getting a free pass from most fans and media over an issue that would have tripped… Read more »

Starting 11: Florida Is Very Bad Edition

A Florida prosecutor holds the college football season in the palm of his hand.  If he charges Jameis Winston with sexual assault, there goes the Heisman trophy and the Seminoles place in the BCS title game.  If he doesn’t charge Winston then Florida State will play in the BCS title game and Winston may well… Read more »

Vandy QB enters hottest girlfriend competition

Vanderbilt football has arrived. How do I know?  Perhaps it’s the Dores’ ambitious and gregarious head coach whose name I will bestow upon my firstborn. Maybe it’s becoming eligible for a 3rd straight bowl game (that will hopefully be played outside the state of Tennessee). Or beating Georgia and Florida in the same season for… Read more »

Tennessee Fan Calls In Crying Over Vanderbilt Loss

Tennessee fan Kathleen called into 104.5 the Zone to lament Tennessee’s loss to Vanderbilt. Your day is made. Listen to it here. This call is a complete and total comedy pyramid. James Franklin has officially driven Vol fans insane. Kathleeen is a 100% real Vol fan who occasionally calls into 3HL as well. Her call… Read more »

Outkick’s Top Ten for Week 13 and SEC Power Rankings

One of the amazing things about college football is how conservative and similar most opinions are.  Especially when it comes to polls.  The vast majority of poll voters somehow end up believing the exact same thing.  Why? Because it’s better to be wrong when everyone else is also wrong than be wrong standing alone.  Not… Read more »

Things guys are actually saying to girls

By Claire Cunningham I have lived in several different cities, but one thing always stays the same: guys everywhere are absolutely terrible at picking up girls. I could literally write for hours on it, which I probably will at some point, but here are just a few lines that girls hate to hear. 1. Maybe… Read more »

Latest on the Jameis Winston Case: The Mess Grows

Late last night ESPN reported that Jameis Winston’s DNA matched the samples taken from the woman who has alleged he raped her. In conjunction with a detailed statement from the woman’s attorney — which I’d encourage you to read here — we can now feel relatively confident that we know her side of the story.… Read more »

My Week 13 2013 Picks and TV Viewer Guide

Last week was brutal.  There’s no other way to say it.  The picks went 2-5 — including the worst beat of the season on Auburn’s Hail Mary touchdown against Georgia.  This means that we now have a remarkable 37-37 record with this year’s Outkick picks.  Completely even! That only means one thing to me, we’re… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Auburn Tattoo Edition

The mailbag’s here so all you slackers can stop pretending to work.  I also apologize that it’s late today — you guys are blowing me up on Twitter and email for being late today — because I’m on the west coast and went out last night where, and this is completely true, I recognized Jack,… Read more »

The Road to the BCS Still Exists For Seven Teams

There are only three weeks left in the college football season. And there are still seven teams alive for a shot at the BCS title.  Which seven teams and what do they need to do to advance to the BCS title? Let’s dive in and see.  Here we go.   1. Alabama Games remaining: Chattanooga at… Read more »

The Tennessee-Vandy Rivalry: Where it Started and Where it’s Headed

By: Aaron Tallent   Derek Dooley said a lot of dumb things during his three years in Knoxville. In between comparing his players to Nazi soldiers defending Normandy Beach and telling athletic director Dave Hart to find someone else to coach the 2012 Kentucky game, Dooley famously stated after beating Vanderbilt in 2011, “The one… Read more »

Manziel’s stats vs Winston’s, adjusted for playing time

By Matt Knipe Most of my family grew up in Florida and are huge Florida State fans (despite only my dad attending the university). I grew up loving Florida State before becoming an Aggie. I’ve been rooting for the Noles this year, but I believe that hands down Johnny deserves the Heisman again. Any time… Read more »