Protecting Texas Game Screws A&M, LSU Fans On 11 AM Kickoff

When the SEC schedule came out, I immediately scanned Texas A&M’s home schedule to decide which game I should attend for my first ever trip to College Station. My criteria was simple, I wanted to go for the biggest SEC game possible.  Why? Because the biggest SEC game possible never, ever starts before 2:30 central. By looking at… Read more »

First BCS Standings of 2012 Released: Bama and Florida Are 1 and 2

The first BCS standings of 2012 look awfully familiar to the last BCS standings of 2012. The SEC has the first two spots, Alabama is number one and Florida is number two. Four of the top seven are SEC teams and LSU, significantly, is the highest rated one-loss team. Meaning that the Bayou Bengals, even… Read more »

The Top 16 Coaching Candidates in College Football

Yesterday the state of Mississippi put on an early Halloween costume — the coaching grim reaper. Gene Chizik’s Auburn team rolled into Oxford and lost by 21, then later that same evening Derek Dooley’s Vols hit Starkville and lost by ten. Both losses solidified the fates of Gene Chizik and Derek Dooley, barring an unexpected and… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Titan Cheerleaders Honor Boobs

I hate the Steelers with the all-encompassing and penetrating fury of a thousand suns shining at once. So, yeah,  last night’s Rob Bironas kick on the final play of the game was extremely gratifying. 26-23 Titans, bang. The win was almost as gratifying as our beaver pelt traders of the week, the Tennessee Titan cheerleaders… Read more »

Ask the Experts: Lookahead Lines, SEC Projections, and a Best Bet

The season is nearly half over but the best is still to come during the final 2 months. In order to make sense of the college football landscape, I called in the help of an oddsmaker colleague to share his lookahead lines for the remainder of the season and asked a professional bettor to offer… Read more »

Is 2012 Alabama the 1988 Mike Tyson?

By Eric Taylor If you’re old enough, you remember a time just before pay-per-view television. For the most part of boxing’s heyday  — late 1970s through the late 1980s – there was a thing called closed circuit television. Although Vince McMahon and what was then known as the WWF were introducing the world to pay-per-view events… Read more »

Pretend You’re Auburn: You Have $1 Million To Spend on a Team

Okay, this is pretty cool. The guys over at Daily Joust have set up an Outkick the Coverage tournament featuring this week’s top ten college football games. I picked the ten games, it’s all the SEC games plus the biggest national games of the weekend — Notre Dame at Stanford, West Virginia at Texas Tech, and Texas… Read more »

Linemaker Poll: Pre BCS Edition

Separation Saturday gave us plenty of surprises. Deciding which team was least impressive between Georgia’s pathetic effort at South Carolina, LSU’s anemic offensive display at the Swamp, or Florida St’s meltdown in Raleigh proved to be challenging.  With the debut BCS standings only one week away, we leaned on our friends at Don Best for… Read more »

Auburn Scrambles to Fund Gene Chizik’s $7.5 Million Buyout

In the immediate aftermath of Auburn’s 2010 BCS title, excitement ran high on the Plains. Gene Chizik had just won the school’s first title since 1957. An undefeated 14-0 season. Stellar recruiting classes as far as the eye could see. The future was bright, so bright that Auburn needed to lock in Chizik to keep… Read more »

Are you a sports addict?

Written by Aaron B.  In May, my little brother graduated from Mizzou. He majored in finance and was somehow able to immediately find a job in his field at an investment firm, albeit part time. He was so excited and 100% determined to prove himself in order to get a full time position. But then his determination dropped when… Read more »

Sarah Jones and The Bengals

By Zach Knott Sarah Jones pleaded guilty yesterday to having inappropriate relations with a (at the time) 17 year old student. Her punishment? Five years of probation. “I began a romantic relationship while he was a student and I was in a position of authority,” Jones said. “Our romantic relationship included voluminous phone calls and text… Read more »

Awkward Fan Photos: Bama Family Uses Baby As Football

Why are Alabama fans so crazy and dumb? Because there are so many crazy and dumb fans in Alabama. In order to stand out, you have to step well across the line. How so? By posing with your family in Bama gear and using your youngest child as a football. That’s how. Props to @evansapp… Read more »

Ode to the Option and Other Relics of the Old South

By Dantzler Smith Heading to a Wofford football game on Fall Saturdays, you drive from the leafy neighborhoods towards downtown on Main Street. At the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce, with its flag poles hoisting the standards of countries the small city boasts as business partners, you turn down Pine Street. Following those Norman Rockwell directions,… Read more »

Starting 11: South Carolina Is a National Title Contender

We’re at the halfway point of the college football season and, like just about every year, we’ve got a hot mess of a season unspooling all around us. Florida State, Georgia, and LSU all took big losses this past weekend. Of the three losing teams, only LSU has a chance to still contend in the national… Read more »

South Carolina Dominates Georgia: Makes Married Man Get Cock Tattoo

Columbia, South Carolina For generations Williams-Brice Stadium was a football graveyard, the place promising coaching careers came to give up the ghost, one plodding loss after another. No matter who South Carolina brought to take over the football program the Gamecocks were a perpetual Charlie Brown, running pell mell towards a football that was so tantalizingly close… Read more »

Yeah . . . That’s My Son’s Football in Your Cheese Dip

By Stevie Cocksman Despite my passionate love of college football, I’ve always had a strong aversion to boys throwing a football in the tailgate parking lot. First, those that primarily engage in it – eight to eighteen year old boys – are not by nature a considerate group. Seldom does a 12-year old boy stop… Read more »

The Linemaker Poll

Popularity polls are the most hotly contested useless debate college football fans engage in every year.  Alumni and students work themselves into a frenzy all fall because “the media doesn’t respect them.” In reality, the only group of individuals with a vested interest in ranking teams accurately each week are the members of the linesmaking… Read more »

Bleacher Report vs. Grantland: The Spectrum of Online Sports Media

With one foot firmly in the business side of online sports media and the other foot firmly in the content creation business, sometimes I feel like a house divided against itself.  On the one hand, every morning I check all our site metrics — ad impressions, Google analytics for where our readers came from, Twitter shares, Facebook likes, desktop… Read more »