Vegas Poll 5.0: Sports are Fixed

When you rely on computers and statistical analysis to help guide sports related decisions, debate is inevitable. Auburn and Missouri fans have found our Vegas poll infuriating all season long and there’s now another fan base that may take umbrage with their team falling out of the top spot for the first time all year… Read more »

Nick Saban Reacts to Auburn’s Miracle Win

I know the changing Hitler’s subtitles Internet meme has existed for a long time.  But this is officially the best one I have ever seen.  How does Nick Saban — picture above via Druid City Brewing artist Rich Marcks — react when he finds out that Auburn won the game at Georgia? Well, you’re going… Read more »

Starting 11: Florida State Playing Hangman Edition

This is what happens when you’re a good team in the ACC, you get so bored with the conference competition that two members of your starting secondary, P.J. Williams and Terrence Brooks, are playing hangman on the sideline during the 4th quarter.  This week against Idaho they might be able to play hangman between plays… Read more »

Outkick’s Top Ten For Week 12 And SEC Power Rankings

For those of you who didn’t believe it before, are you starting to recognize that we’re going to finish with a legitimate BCS mess this year? With three weeks left in the college football season, we’ve got four undefeated teams — Alabama, Florida State, Baylor, and Ohio State. Only Baylor will be challenged this coming… Read more »

Alabama Fan Reacts To Auburn Win

The reason why Auburn-Alabama is the greatest rivalry in the country is because of videos like this.  There really is nothing like it in all of sports.  The state of Alabama loves college football more than any other part of the country loves any sport.  And much of it is founded in good old fashioned… Read more »

Georgia’s Radio Broadcast of Auburn Game Ending

Yesterday I asked for y’all to find the Georgia radio broadcast of the Auburn game’s final play. Today, y’all found it.   And while it’s painful, it’s not as paintful as I would have expected.  Who knows, maybe Bulldog fans have just become inured to the pain of close losses this year.  Here goes.   

Auburn Breaks Georgia’s Heart With Play For the Ages

I don’t know if it’s possible for a team to lose in a more painful fashion.  Up by 1 point after storming back from a twenty point deficit, Auburn faced a 4th and 18 with a little over a half a minute remaining.  Quarterback Nick Marshall dropped back to pass, threw into triple coverage and… Read more »

All That and Bag of Mail: Your Wife Loves Justin Timberlake Too

It’s Friday, you’re not working, and if you’re a girl in Nashville reading this right now you’re either planning your night out at the Justin Timberlake concert or you are pissed because you don’t have tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert.  Our beaver pelt trader of the week is Justin Timberlake, because he’s going to… Read more »

My Week 12 2013 Picks and TV Viewer Guide

The picks have come surging back. Hopefully you took Vanderbilt on the moneyline last week. If you did, and judging by Twitter lots of you did, you got a nice payday on that one. The Outkick picks went 4-3 after both Arkansas and Mississippi State scored fourth quarter touchdowns to kill what would have otherwise… Read more »

BCS Title Breakdown For Week 12

So now it’s Alabama and Florida State for the BCS title.  That means undefeated Baylor and Ohio State could be left out in the cold to join 2004 Auburn as the only undefeated FBS teams to not play for the title.  Unless something wacky happens. And wacky always seems to happen in the BCS.  … Read more »

The Jameis Winston Mess

An easy lesson — every time you think you’ve seen everything in college football you’re wrong. Tonight TMZ reported that Florida State redshirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston is being investigated for sexual assault. 1. What do we know?  Let’s start with what we know because there are still many unknowns about this case. On December… Read more »

The NCAA and the Church League Advantage

By Loren Sanders Prior to the 2013 football season, the NCAA ruled that a former Marine, Sergeant Steven Rhodes, was ineligible to play for MTSU because he had played backyard football while enlisted. They decided that he would have an advantage over other college freshman because he had played in games where the teams wore… Read more »

Breaking: Aaron Murray’s Girlfriend Is Really Hot

On Saturday Aaron Murray Tweeted out an Instagram pic of his new girlfriend.  She was visiting him for last weekend’s game. All you hornballs blew up my Twitter feed — God bless you — during the LSU-Alabama game when Aaron Murray Tweeted out his girlfriend’s picture. “So excited this girl got to make her first… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Should Win a Second Straight Heisman

Johnny Manziel’s a better quarterback this year than he was last year when he won the Heisman trophy. And the stats prove it. The only reason Manziel isn’t a prohibitive favorite right now is because Texas A&M’s defense sucks. But why is that Manziel’s fault? The Aggies have lost two games this year against Alabama… Read more »

Vegas Poll 5.0: Then and Now

For the first time this season we have a bit more clarity in the chase for the BCS, unless you root for Ohio St. Alabama and Florida St appear poised to make it to college football’s biggest stage if they remain perfect.  A quick glance at both team’s schedules indicate they’ll be at least 14… Read more »

Verne Lundquist Off the Top Rope On ESPN

Late in Alabama’s win over LSU, CBS cameras found AJ McCarron’s mom and Katherine Webb standing on the sideline.  Our guy, Uncle Verne Lundquist, identified them from the television audience and then several seconds passed. Gary Danielson needled him, “That’s it, that’s all you’re going to say?” And then Verne Lundquist jumped off the top… Read more »

Starting 11: It’s Bama and Florida State For the BCS Title

The two most impressive performances of the college football season are Florida State’s first half at Clemson and Stanford’s first half against Oregon. Stanford’s domination of Oregon killed Marcus Mariota’s Heisman chances and essentially ended the Pac 12’s hopes of playing for a national title in Pasadena this fall. Go ahead and pencil in Ohio… Read more »


By Craig Hayes Once the media attaches the suffix “gate” to a scandal, it is a sign that rationality is going out of the window, replaced instead by judgmental columnists and talking heads on CNN, or in this case, ESPN desperately trying to coin the next catchy soundbite. Dolphingate has arrived. What started with a… Read more »

LSU at Alabama: 2013 CBS Drink

Okay, it’s back.  Yes, LSU at Alabama doesn’t have the sizzle that it’s had for past years, but it’s still a primetime game on CBS.  Every week you guys blow me up on Twitter for not making an Outkick drinking game for the top CBS game this week.  Plus, be honest, you’re all looking for… Read more »

Les Miles Discusses His Philosophy on Running Red Lights

The great thing about Les Miles is that he answer questions in such an unexpected fashion.  As the big game between LSU and Alabama moves closer, ESPN embedded reporters to cover each side of the big game.  ESPN reporter Kaylee Hartung rode to work with Miles yesterday and it appeared that Miles slowed down at… Read more »