Superbowl facts and figures

It gets more hype than any event in North American sports. No, I’m not talking about the annual clash of the titans between Alabama and LSU for SEC West bragging rights. Come Sunday, February 3rd all the build-up, media hype, and anticipation reaches a crescendo when Baltimore and San Francisco compete for the Lombardi trophy.… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Naming a Baby Athlete Edition

So it turns out that Manti Te’o was actually talking to a female cousin of Tuiasosopo’s named Tina. Her picture is at the top of the mailbag today Here’s a prediction for you guys that I made on Twitter last weekend — Te’o and his fake dead girlfriend, Tina, will end up dating in real life.… Read more »

SEC to EPL Translation Guide

By Dantzler Smith College football is over and the NFL is nearing the end. As a football fan, this can result in depression or being forced to spend time with your loved ones. Fortunately, there is an alternative to those unappealing outcomes: start following English Premier League (EPL) soccer. It’s an obvious transition when you… Read more »

Manti Te’o’s Fake Dead Girlfriend Was a Man

It’s doubtful I will ever be able to write a better Outkick the Coverage headline than: Manti Te’o’s Fake Dead Girlfriend Was a Man. With the New York Post’s revelations today that Ronaiah Tuiasosopo pretended to be a girl for hundreds of hours of phone conversations with Manti Te’o, the weirdest story in college football history has taken another ridiculous… Read more »

Defending Notre Dame

By John Mundy Step one: put them in the national title game against the SEC champ. Step two: Rinse. Step three: Repeat. Notre Dame defended.  Okay, that’s a terrible joke. Especially since this isn’t about football. Not on the field, at least. What I’m referring to is the inundation of media coverage surrounding Manti Te’o… Read more »

Top 25 Highest Rated Sports Talk Stations For December 2012

Last year Outkick the Coverage started publishing a seasonal guide to the top-rated sports talk radio stations in the country. That’s because amazingly this information wasn’t available anywhere. If you wanted to know which station dominated its market more than any other, you couldn’t find that information anywhere. I thought that was illogical. Our top 25… Read more »

JaMarcus Russell’s Comeback Has Obstacles, Boobs

Last night came news that JaMarcus Russell is planning a comeback. Today comes evidence that Jamarcus Russell’s comeback needs a lot of work. Local Baton Rouge station 104.5 provided these photos to Outkick the Coverage. This is JaMarcus Russell, looking like an oversized yeti in a basketball jersey, at a popular Baton Rouge restaurant. Yes, this is… Read more »

Bumping Dentures: Kiss Cam Scenarios

By Loren Sanders As bowl season has come to a close, it brings about a few sad realizations… First, there have been a lot of meaningless football games played as the memories of competitive games gone by linger on in the hearts of those who care.  Second, Notre Dame… well… Nevermind. The third is perhaps most depressing. The end… Read more »

Paul Finebaum Leaves Birmingham’s WJOX

Paul Finebaum, the afternoon host of Birmingham, Alabama’s popular WJOX sports talk radio station, is leaving one of Cumulus radio’s Southern sports powerhouses for a big payday from a competing station, 97.3 the Zone owned by Cox Communications. It’s a big move in sports talk radio because Finebaum brings in several million dollars a year in ad revenue on one of the highest rated sports… Read more »

SEC Recruiting Classes Poised To Be Most Dominant Ever

Just when you thought SEC football couldn’t get any better, 2013 signing day is just over two weeks away and the SEC schools are poised to post their best recruiting classes in the history of the conference. According to both 247 Sports and Rivals, the SEC has six of the top ten recruiting classes in… Read more »

the bachelor and the sec: your pre-show analysis

By Matt Brown Two weeks ago while the debacle of the National Championship Game was being played another competition had just begun, The Bachelor. Even though most of the contestants are living in a fairy tale one thing is for certain, unlike Manti Te’o’s girlfriend, they’re real.  So why should any man, or woman for… Read more »

Conference Championship Previews

When Atlanta meets San Francisco Sunday afternoon for the NFC championship we’ll see something that hasn’t happened in the NFL for 30+ years. Atlanta has caught the “ire” of the betting public and will be the first #1 seed listed as a home underdog of 3.5 or more in a conference championship since 1979. Long… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Te’o’s Fake Girlfriend Edition

What an absolutely wild week. I was truly thinking to myself on Wednesday morning, “There can’t be a story as crazy as Bobby Petrino again in the 2013 offseason can there?” What will I write about all offseason? And then, bang, Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend story pops up on Deadspin Wednesday afternoon just as we… Read more »

Ladies’ Mailbag: Bob Saget as Clay edition

Well, if anyone out there actually has any room left in their brains to process anything else after this whole Manti Te’o fiasco, then I have a mailbag just for you. Take a quick break from reading Te’o stories and screaming “But, but, HOW? But, WHYYYY?” while pulling out fistfuls of your own hair, and… Read more »

Te’o’s Uncle, Alema Te’o, Accuses Ronaiah Tuiasosopo of Masterminding Hoax

For the past thirty-six hours, the Te’o family has remained relatively quiet as the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend scandal has grown. That changed this afternoon when Manti’s uncle, Alema Te’o, appeared on Salt Lake City’s 1280/97.5 the Zone on the Scotty G. and Riley Jensen show. According to the station Alema Te’o is Manti Te’o’s uncle and… Read more »

Taiwanese Animators Dive In on Manti Te’o Story

OKTC’s Manti Te’o story has now passed the buttchugger story as the most read story in OKTC history. Here’s our top ten.  Te’o passing the butt chugger makes perfect sense. Both stories were ridiculous beyond belief. Last night I was asked on Twitter whether I’d rather be the buttchugger or Te’o. I’m honestly not sure. Minus the press… Read more »

Can Chip Kelly succeed in the NFL?

After four incredibly successful years at Oregon, Chip Kelly has bolted to become the Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Everyone wants to know if the Oregon offense he created, shaped and molded into a machine can be successful in the NFL.     My senior season, 2007, was Kelly’s first year as the Oregon Offensive… Read more »

17 Things Grown men Should never do on twitter

We’ve all done it before: embarrassed ourselves in social media. It’s not hard to do, we’re all human and rarely analyze what we’re saying before tweeting. However, this isn’t an article about self help and cleaning up your twitter profile…it’s about 17 twitter man laws that should never be broken.  Twitter is a double edged… Read more »

Is Chip Kelly The Next Steve Spurrier?

Eleven years ago college football’s reigning offensive genius, Steve Spurrier, left the Florida Gators for the NFL. Spurrier signed a five year, twenty-five million dollar contract, the most lucrative deal in the history of football coaching at the time, and left Gainesville for the Washington Redskins. Spurrier’s offensive ingenuity forever changed the SEC, and by extension, college football as well.… Read more »