Rick Pitino: From Taboo to Tattoos

By Brett Ungashick In the last week we have seen quite different approaches to connecting with collegiate athletes. On one end of the spectrum was Mike Rice who attempted to inspire players by throwing basketballs at their heads and calling them “f***ing f***ots.” There’s not a whole lot to add to the Rutgers situation that… Read more »

What Kind of Porn Is Most Popular in the Big Ten?

A couple of weeks ago we dove into the porn habits of each SEC state. The results were wildly popular. You were dirty, dirty birds Kentucky. Thanks to massive data analysis, the top ten most searched porn terms by state have been compiled here. Of course we immediately thought about every state in football terms… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: My Dream Foursome

It’s mailbag time and by the time you read this I’ll be teeing off in a charity golf tournament at Legends Golf Course here in Nashville. But I suspect there will also be some good SEC news that is bouncing around all over the Internets. OKTC will be there to cover it live next week. Check Twitter if… Read more »

Texas A&M’s SEC Monopoly in Longhorn State

As the official announcement of the billion dollar SEC Network in partnership with ESPN inches closer and closer, one aspect of the SEC’s expansion to add Texas A&M and Missouri — a decision that was worth over $100 million a year — has gone unexplored. That’s this, does Texas A&M have SEC exclusivity in the state of Texas? This… Read more »

Kentucky Is Alabama In a Winter Jacket

Kentucky is Alabama with a winter coat. This has been my hypothesis for several years, but Louisville’s title last night confirmed that I’d been correct all along. Louisville is Kentucky’s Auburn, the school with a minority share of a state that’s crazy about a single sport. Basketball is to Kentucky as football is to Alabama.  … Read more »

Fanarchy Day: A plan to end the college pay-for-play debate

By Mike McCall Perhaps the saddest part of college sports — beyond the athletes being trapped in serfdom, the cheapening of higher education and the hypocrisy of the NCAA — is that the people most upset by the system, the players and fans, have the power to change it and won’t. By this point, most… Read more »

Sports What ifs: “Where ridiculous happens”

By Nick Pritchard The following is an all too real conversation between my group of friends: Scenarios 1 and 2:  BC: Suppose one of us could play running back on Dan’s middle school football team. Would we score every time we touched the ball? BG: Yes. Are you really asking if a decently in shape… Read more »

Nebraska Wins Week With Kid Touchdown

It has been a rough week for college athletics. What with the Rutgers scandal and the continuing unveiling of the mess that was Auburn athletics, there wasn’t much uplifting news. Until, that is, Nebraska called in seven year old cancer patient Jack Hoffman. And ran a play for him in the Cornhusker spring game. Good… Read more »

Final 4 Odds and Ends

Sixty four games are already complete and we’ve officially closed the book on March college hoops. Only 3 games remain before we can go back to preoccupying ourselves exclusively with football chatter and trying to figure out how many sanctions the NCAA throws Auburn’s way if this week’s allegations are substantiated. In the meantime, kick… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Why Are Auburn’s Players Squealing?

It’s Friday and Auburn fans are under siege in the mailbag. It’s like Groundhog Day at Outkick the Coverage.  I forgot what it was like to have Auburn fans ripping me on Twitter. And to have Alabama fans loving me. It’s amazing how brilliant I am in Tuscaloosa when I’m making fun of Auburn and it’s amazing how… Read more »

Mike McNeil Witness List Heavy on Auburn Football Players

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding former Auburn football player Mike McNeil has been this, why did he wait until one week before his scheduled trial date to suddenly tell his side of the story to Selena Roberts? It doesn’t make much sense, particularly because many of the jurors in his criminal trial are likely to… Read more »

NHL, are you smarter than a 5th grader?

by Christian Wick The NHLPA and the Board of Governors have approved NHL Realignment for the 2013-14 season. Below is the map of what it looks like according to NHL.com    The wisdom of the NHL strikes again. I’m willing to bet most elementary kids who have no knowledge or interest in the NHL would look… Read more »

Let’s Give 2010 Auburn Full Immunity

Can we just give every player and coach on the 2010 Auburn title team complete and total immunity in exchange for the whole truth about that season? At this point anyone with a working brain knows that 2010 Auburn was one of the biggest cheating teams in NCAA history. I mean, just look at the… Read more »

Look Out for the Coaches Gone Wild Mixtape

I’m not going to defend Rutgers coach Mike Rice — who was justifiably fired this morning — but I am going to ask this question — how many coaches would lose their jobs if someone compiled a few minutes of the worst things they’d said or done in a practice over multiple years into one video… Read more »

Bret Bielema: Lane Kiffin Part Two

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before, a new coach from outside the South comes to the SEC with a hot blonde wife, a great deal of swagger even if he has no real clue of the region he now inhabits, immediately snags a five star running back in his first month on the job… Read more »

Kevin Ware’s Broken Leg Unleashes Twitter Morality Play

Today Kevin Ware broke his leg and Twitter lost its mind. In a post-game interview Rick Pitino said that Ware broke his leg in two places, it would take him a year to recover and that even while Ware’s bone was sticking out of his leg he was yelling, “Win the game!” Ware’s injury was… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Kim Jong Un Hates Austin Edition

Happy Easter, sinners. It’s Good Friday which means lots of you slackers are off today and already planning how you’re going to spend the evening. Hell, lots of you aren’t even awake yet which means you’re going to find out from the mailbag that North Korea is going to attack us. Given that we might… Read more »

James Franklin: Death Threats and Racial Slurs After Ranking Notre Dame 4th in Country

Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin, who just won the most football games at Vanderbilt since 1915, voted Notre Dame the fourth best team in the country in his final coaches ballot before the bowl games. In doing so Franklin voted the Fighting Irish lower than any other coach in the country. That decision did not leave Fighting Irish fans very… Read more »

Are you a degenerate? The quiz to end all quizzes

Twitter provides perspective that snowballs into inspiration. The other day I posed a question to the community; “What’s the greatest form of degenerate sports gambling you’ve ever been involved in yourself or seen exhibited by friends?”  Answers that came flooding in were as hysterical as they were appalling. There’s a good chance a few of… Read more »