All That and a Bag of Mail: Best Thursday in College History Edition

Okay, it’s an early mailbag this week because I’m traveling out to LA on Thursday instead of Friday.  Tonight’s the best Thursday night slate in the history of college football, so you’ll have to make do with #cbsdrink tomorrow for LSU at Alabama instead of the mailbag.  I know, I know, try and find the… Read more »

A year ago last week, I almost saved Derek Dooley’s job

By Owen Driskill    Tennessee’s game against Missouri Saturday reminded me of the day I almost saved Derek Dooley’s job with a phone call, an act that, according to the many-worlds theory, means a universe exists where Dooley is wearing orange pants this season.   That unsettling possibility exists because of the one time every 20 years… Read more »

My Week 11 2013 Picks and TV Viewer Guide

If you stick with me, eventually you’ll be rewarded.  Such was the case last week when the picks went 5-0.  That runs our record back into positive territory, the Outkick picks are now 31-29 on the season.  And I’m on a roll, baby, I can feel it.  So much of a roll that I’m giving… Read more »

Nashville DA says He wouldn’t Protect Vandy QB Because he’s a Vol Fan

The Vanderbilt rape case continues to be ugly.  We told you months ago that Vanderbilt quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels didn’t move the victim. Video shows that he never left his room that night. So when Nashville investigators compared multiple dorm room videos with a text message from Vanderbilt receiver Chris Boyd to determine what happened that… Read more »

SEC Recruiting Classes For 2014 Will Be Best Ever

The SEC’s dominance on the football field begins with recruiting.  Each year since 2006, the first year of the national title run, the SEC has continued to climb the recruiting rankings. Whereas other conferences have two or, at most, three schools that recruit at an elite level, the SEC has ten or more teams consistently… Read more »

Vegas Poll 4.0: BCS Line Projections

Another week of college football in the books meaning we’re one step closer to crowning a national champion, at least in theory.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Miami was the most likely contender to go down like a pile of bricks last weekend as 21 point underdogs to Florida State.  This… Read more »

Bama Fan Asks TV Lawyer, Can State Sue Clay Travis?

Proving that they are in fact the dumbest fan base in the country, a Bama fan called into Mobile’s News Channel 15 last night during their Law Call segment. James had an important legal question that didn’t deal with his foreclosure of backlog on child support. Could the state of Alabama sue Clay Travis for… Read more »

Starting 11: Start the Playoff Now Edition

I’ve been on this kick for a year now, but why can’t we start the playoff this year? It never made sense to me that college football finally did the right thing — created a playoff — but held back from starting it for a year.  Why do this? Because it left open the possibility… Read more »

Nebraska Beats Northwestern On Amazing Hail Mary

It’s been a rough week for the Pelini family.  Bo Pelini’s brother was fired by FAU for allegedly smoking pot and using cocaine. Nebraska lost a road game at Minnesota. And on the final play of the game Bo’s fate as Nebraska’s head coach was about to be settled. His team was trailing Northwestern 24-21. … Read more »

Outkick’s Top Ten For Week 10 and SEC Power Rankings

Week ten has come and gone and we’ve still got a major BCS bess brewing. Sure, Florida State waxed Miami, but who didn’t see that coming? Thursday night four of the BCS top ten will be playing — Oklahoma at Baylor and Oregon at Stanford — but I think we’re going to see Baylor and… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Bama Fans React to Latest Title Edition

Yes, that tattoo is skeleton Bear Bryant rising from the grave. Thanks to Jill Cummings for passing it along.  Bama fans continue to amaze.  Because who even thinks to get a skeleton Bear Bryant rising from the grave? I’ll tell you, a Bama fan. Just like the Manhattan Project worked because we gathered the smartest… Read more »

My Week 10 Picks and Viewer Guide

Happy Halloween.   An update on Johnny Manziel’s Halloween costume, today he should receive the the top three vote tallies in Outkick’s costume contest — Johnny Hancock, the sharpie pen, and a $100 bill with to Darren Rovell written on it.  Props to the fine folks at for making it happen. (Don’t worry, ESPN,… Read more »

The Missouri Letdown

By @ScoopJardyn   I tried explaining the “Missouri Letdown” to my father two weeks ago, after the Tigers beat the Florida Gators handily and gained long-awaited recognition with a #5 spot in the BCS polls.   Look, it just always happens. We look good, and I’m fully invested and optimistic – then something awful happens and… Read more »

The Path to the 2013 BCS Title, Part Two

Every Wednesday we dive into the BCS rankings and examine how many teams are still alive for the title and what they would need to do to make that title happen.   Here are the present BCS standings. So how many teams still have BCS title dreams? Nine.  Which nine? Let’s dive in below. 1.… Read more »

The Legend of Connor Shaw

By Adam O’Daniel The little old church lady walks up the brick steps on a cold and sunny late October Sunday morning in South Carolina. She’s dressed in dark slacks, checked coat and scarf. She clutches her pocketbook and Holy Bible. She smiles at the deacon holding the door and takes his hand. “That Connor Shaw,” she… Read more »

South Carolina Sorority Girl Makes Video For Homecoming Queen

South Carolina’s homecoming competition is off and running. What’s the best way to win the competition? Well if you’re South Carolina Kappa Delta sorority girl Kate Bickley, you make your own (intentionally gloriously) awful music video set to Miiey Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.” You will be entertained, I promise. Do the right thing, Carolina, vote for… Read more »

Vegas Poll 3.0 : Miami is Overrated

Another week has come and gone with 2 more national title contenders (err pretenders) falling by the wayside.  Unlike the BCS, AP, or Coaches variety, our Vegas Poll prides itself on maintaining status week over week and there was no major reshuffling required when Missouri and Texas Tech both went down Saturday.  Cue the dirges… Read more »

The Ten Dumbest Fan Bases in America: #1 The Alabama Crimson Tide

The Alabama Crimson Tide fan base is the dumbest in the country and there isn’t a close second.  Alabama’s fan base stupidity is not a function of a small minority of bad apples ruining it for the rest of the fans, nope, it’s the majority of the fan base that gives Alabama fans a bad name.… Read more »

Starting 11: Kid Kliff Kingsbury, Guns Up

This kid, dressed as toddler Kliff Kingsbury, just stole your wife or girlfriend. So far this kid is the unquestioned winner of the Outkick the Coverage Halloween costume contest of 2013.  Here were our top 12 submitted costumes from 2012. If you really liked your own costume or you saw one that you particularly loved… Read more »

What Are the Chances We End Up With Five Undefeated BCS Teams?

I really enjoy the work of Paul Bessire over at Paul runs a computer simulation 50,000 times to see what’s most likely to happen over the course of a season.  Last year he analyzed the chances that undefeated teams would finish undefeated for us. This year I asked him to do the same thing… Read more »