How Tiger Got His Groove Back

The Masters looms and suddenly Tiger Woods is back. Again. I know, I know, Tiger Woods has been back for three straight years. And for three straight years he’s rolled into the Masters looking like the old Tiger and lost. But this time’s different. Why? Tiger’s got his groove back. Thank Lindsey Vonn, Tiger’s new blonde girlfriend.… Read more »

Fatal Flaws: NCAA Tournament Edition

By Brett Ungashick  Every fan base is using this four day dead zone before the Sweet 16 to convince themselves that their team has what it takes to win the title. Let’s put a damper on those hopes before your team chokes away a game they shouldn’t have lost to an inferior opponent, and you… Read more »

Why We Love/Hate Clay for the Exact Opposite Reasons

By Will Barry As a loyal follower of OKTC, at times I admire Clay Travis and at others abhor him. So when a bull penner posted reasons to both love and hate him, I completely agreed. Except I realized that I loved him and hated him for the exact opposite reasons…and I think at least… Read more »

FGCU is the NCAA – For Better or Worse

By Brett Ungashick In the lead up to the tournament, I kept hearing about Tom Izzo’s teams. Pundits described how they always “play the right way” and “win their one-on-one match-ups” and lavished a hundred other hard-nosed, BIG 10 superlatives on them. I picked Michigan State to lose in the second round (I own an… Read more »

Florida Gator Truck Features Worst Tailgate Art Ever

The Florida Gators are in the Sweet 16. As the last member of the SEC to still be playing basketball — Alabama’s quarterfinal NIT run will eventually be reclassified as a 98th football national title — I thought it was only fair that we pay the Gators their just respects. After all, the Gators embrace… Read more »

The Top 25 Most Passionate College Sports Cities

Every city’s sports culture is a little bit different. Some like football more than basketball, some like hockey more than both, even in an increasingly homogenized country, sports still makes us unique. We may all watch the same television shows and eat in the same fast food restaurants, but we sure as hell don’t root for the same teams.  Sports is a… Read more »

Florida Gulf Coast Destroys Your Bracket With This Dunk

White men can jump. Earlier this week we found out that Florida Gulf Coast University’s Andy Enfield was married to a supermodel and inducted him into the OKTC hall of fame. Tonight we found out that Andy Enfield has sold his soul to the devil, how else to explain a double digit win for a… Read more »

One Shining Moment: An OVC Championship Experience

By Scott Harris Plenty has been written and discussed about the extraordinary events within the mediocre confines of Municipal Auditorium on March 9th. Belmont’s win over Murray State in the OVC Championship was an extraordinarily epic game. A near-perfect night … one shining moment … and not just because of who won the game. I… Read more »

Inside the Mind of the Lady Who Will Win Your Bracket Challenge

March Madness is upon us once again. You’ve printed out your bracket. You’ve been watching all season long. You’re researching all of the unknown teams, and calculating those upset picks so carefully. You know Indiana’s line-up by heart and will spend several days over-analyzing VCU’s games against RPI Top 50 teams. When you finally turn… Read more »

Las Vegas Survival Guide for March Madness

It’s finally here: the unofficial four day holiday beckoning college hoops fans to Las Vegas for betting, boozing, babes, and generally poor decision making.  Whether you’re 21 or 61, the experience of being here in Vegas for March Madness is unlike any other (cue the Masters theme). To better assist those making the trek west, here’s… Read more »

Katherine Webb Survives Splash Debut, Becomes Twitter’s First Star

Seventy-one days ago the only people who knew who Katherine Webb was were Outkick the Coverage readers. That’s because we introduced Webb to the college football masses on December 27th of 2012. Webb had around 150 followers on Twitter then and after I posted this article she Tweeted me to update her employment history. I’d written that she was every… Read more »

Tournament Odds and Ends

If you’re not betting the NCAA tournament in some capacity, you’re in the American minority. Between props, futures, straight bets, and single game betting, getting an action fix during the madness is easier than ever. The king of Superbowl prop betting, LVH, has once again come up with a bevy of wagering options this March… Read more »

10 reasons to love Lebron’s dunk

By Josh Lampley  I’ve decided to do my best Clay Travis impersonation and count down the top ten reasons why this is one of the greatest dunks seen in a while. 10. It was against the Celtics Other than dunking against the Lakers, Thunder, or Cavaliers, this is the best team for this to happen… Read more »

Jim Delany, Grumpy Old Man, Threatens to Make Big Ten D3

 Every few months Jim Delany, in his role as collegiate athletics most grumpy old man, picks up the baseball that the little kids have knocked over his fence, brings it next door, and lectures the kids on the need for them to play more carefully. This is that month.’s Andy Staples included Jim Delany’s declaration… Read more »

Time for Outkick’s 2013 Tourney Challenge, Best Team Name Wins Prize

For the past five years or so, I’ve set up an online bracket challenge that’s designed to bring out your greatest naming ingenuity. That is, can you make everyone laugh when they scroll through the names and see what bracket challenge name you’ve designed? The hope is yes. We’ve had some spectacular names in past… Read more »

Clay Travis Show: NBC Sports Radio Interview with SEC Commish Mike Slive

Saturday morning SEC commissioner Mike Slive came on my NBC Sports Radio show for a half hour in studio visit amidst the SEC Basketball Tournament. Slive is a great radio guest because he answers questions without using soundbites, which means he isn’t always well-suited to quick television interviews. He likes to work his way around issues and… Read more »