All That and a Bag of Mail: 2012 Election Edition

My political career ended in 2002 when I was fired from a congressional campaign for leaving without proper authorization and wrecking the candidate’s wife’s Volvo. I was working on the congressional campaign of Jim Cooper, now Nashville’s congressman, after my first year of law school and I went to visit my then-girlfriend, now wife, in… Read more »

Prognosticators vs Pollsters: Election 2012 by the Numbers

Every four years we all become “experts” in the oft forgotten political realm, bandwagoneers if you will. Party lines aren’t drawn by institutional ties or by your college football allegiance but rather by the compulsion to actually feel involved in our civic duty. Just like the popularity polls in college football, everyone has their own… Read more »

Chances of Four Undefeateds Rises to Seven Percent

Last week our buddy Paul Bessire stopped by OKTC to shed some statistical light on the odds that Alabama, Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame would all finish undefeated. The odds were very low. Then Notre Dame squeaked by Pitt in triple overtime, Alabama scored a touchdown with under a minute to play at LSU,… Read more »

You know you shouldn’t be gambling when…

We all go through patches as gamblers, it’s part of the inevitable evolution. No one wakes up one morning, makes the decision to become a professional bettor, and achieves instant success. Like any skilled vocation, picking winners often enough to call it a career takes time and comes with plenty of life lessons on the… Read more »

Starting 11: Notre Dame is a fraud

Notre Dame is a BCS title fraud. Anyone who watched the Irish win in three overtimes against a choking Pittsburgh team knows that the Irish would stand no shot against legitimate competition. In fact, anyone with half a brain who watched Texas A&M play this weekend, knows that the Aggies, who I presently have as the fifth… Read more »

Kentucky Fires Joker Phillips

Yesterday Joker Phillips’s Kentucky team lost 40-0 to Vanderbilt in front of a tiny crowd. Today athletic director Mitch Barnhart bowed to the inevitability of a 1-9 football season, firing head coach Joker Phillips in the third year of his UK tenure. There were just over 19,000 people actually in the stadium for the Vandy… Read more »

Alabama’s Dream Lives

Baton Rouge  In the wake of his team’s win over South Carolina, Les Miles called Tiger Stadium the place where opponent’s dreams go to die in a post-game interview. But on Saturday night in Death Valley, with the largest crowd in Tiger Stadium history roaring, and just over a minute left in a game that his team was… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: High School Speaker Edition

The mailbag’s going up early today because I’m speaking at my high school, Martin Luther King Magnet, at honors assembly day. I’m really excited about this because it’s the first time I’ll have ever been to a high school assembly and not been a virgin. I can’t tell you what a difference this will make. I… Read more »

Johnny Manziel’s Night Was Even Better Than We Thought

Yesterday OKTC brought you photos of Johnny “Scooby Doo” Manziel’s great Halloween night in College Station. You knew it was a good night, but now we know it was a great night.  How? Thanks to the fine guys at Hookah Station in the Northgate District who submit this photo from Halloween night. If I was Kevin Sumlin this… Read more »

10 reasons betting college football is better than sex

Football, betting, sex, and alcohol: the four passions shared by the American male. Trying to rank these 4 is a task rivaled in its complexity by only that of trying to comprehend the intricacies of the BCS. However, what fun is any kind of rankings if there’s no level of difficulty to stir debate. Without further… Read more »

Watch Me Sing Young MC’s Bust a Move

Saturday night I got went to a Halloween party and decided to karaoke to Young MC’s “Bust a Move.” Yes, I was wearing a Stay Puft Marshmallow man t-shirt and a white hat that makes gay sailors everywhere drool with envy. Proving that everyone on OKTC is equally opportunity — from stupid Bama fans to me —… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Does Work In Scooby Doo Costume

Yesterday we had the OKTC Halloween costume contest. Today, well, today Johnny Football would have been in the running for best costume. Certainly, that is, if my four and two year old Scooby Doo obsessed kids could vote. (This morning, and I’m not joking, my boys got into an argument over who gets to dress… Read more »

Alabama Sends Jon Gruden Endorsement to Recruits

On this week’s Monday Night Football ESPN’s Jon Gruden had this to say about the Alabama Crimson Tide, “This 49ers team is as physical on both sides as anyone. They remind me of how Alabama plays.” A few days later, Alabama is making sure that all of its recruits are aware of the comment as well, mailing… Read more »

Greed and the Football Reformation

By Dantzler Smith The NFL’s replacement referees taught NFL fans what the fans of college football already knew. While Steve Young and other NFL commentators, in exasperated tones, expanded their vocabulary to encompass economic principles like ‘inelastic demand’, college football fans should’ve shrugged in indifference to the near tantrums of the talking heads. Fans of… Read more »

Top 12 Halloween Costumes For 2012

Halloween is here. I know because my four year old woke me up this morning screaming, “I get candy today, candy!” Y’all have been inundating me with your Halloween costumes on Twitter. I’ve retweeted a bunch of them and tried to save the pictues to my phone as you send them to me. This means that… Read more »

Mizzou Sells T-Shirt After Beating Kentucky

Y’all know I loved everything about my trip to Mizzou. Loved the fans, the town, the stadium atmosphere, everything about the new addition to the SEC. But Mizzou’s football team has been bad this year. Not bad because they joined the SEC, just bad because the Tigers are a bad football team. I still believe that… Read more »

LSU-Alabama CBS Drinking Game: 2012 Edition

The CBS drinking game is back. I know, I know, I’ve been lax in setting up the games this season. There should have been a drinking game for the big game doubleheader, LSU at Florida and Georgia at South Carolina. And I should have had a drinking game last weekend for the Cocktail Party and…basically… Read more »

Chances Bama, Oregon, Kansas State, and Notre Dame Finish Undefeated: Tiny

I love the work that really talented probabilities guys do with football. (Honestly, I love the work that all probability guys do. That’s why I’m currently reading Nate Silver’s, The Signal and the Noise, which is fascinating. As a general rule we consistently underrate the likelihood of upsets in college football. Especially with our predictions.  That’s why a guy… Read more »

Black & Bronze: On the Gameday Podium Vanderbilt Students Come in Dead Last

By Thomas Sanders Cheering for Vanderbilt is a little like chasing the dragon, except painfully opposite. Instead of needing more and more success to flood the brain with dopamine, I’ve built up such a tolerance for disappointment that it requires an inordinate amount of failure for me to even feel pain anymore. You know, like… Read more »

The BCS MESS: Pointspread Projections for every national title game scenario

We’ve got controversy! Every installment of the BCS leaves us wanting answers as we try to make sense of the national championship picture. Kansas St looked impressive again Saturday using a dominating 3rd quarter to put away an underrated Texas Tech side. Oregon took out Colorado, showcashing their explosive offense with 8 consecutive TD drives… Read more »