All That and a Bag of Mail: How Much for Tickets?

Okay, we’re off and running with the mailbag this week.  But before we get going any further along I want to encourage y’all to head over and cast a vote for Johnny Manziel’s 2013 Halloween costume.  It should come as no surprise to you that Johnny Manziel is our beaver pelt trader of the week. … Read more »

It’s Just One Big Game Of Thrones Y’all: Season Two

By Brandon Priddy Last fall I submitted It’s Just One Big Game Of Throne Y’all to Outkick and was shocked at the positive response. I had mostly written it to amuse myself and a couple buddies and sent it in on a whim. Figuring the Venn Diagram of SEC football fans and Thrones fans didn’t have… Read more »

Johnny Halloween

Yesterday we solicited nominations for Johnny Manziel’s Halloween costume this year.   The number of responses blew me away. Twitter, Facebook, and my email were inundated with suggestions. You can go check out our #johnnyhalloween hashtag on Twitter to see the variety and quality of suggestions. The number of costume ideas was well over ten… Read more »

Outkick the Coverage Draft Day Challenge Week 7

Let’s face it, Halloween isn’t here and the vast majority of you are fed up with how much your fantasy football team sucks. So why not play weekly fantasy football alongside me and tons of other readers? Seven weeks into the NFL season and Outkick readers have won over $10,000 by playing the fantasy football… Read more »

My Week Eight 2013 Picks and Viewer Guide

Last week I went 2-4, dropping us below the betting Mendoza line for the year so far. Our record at the halfway point of the year? A disappointing 20-21. There’s been a lot of betting sound and fury, signifying just about nothing. Worse than that, I’m 4-9 in my last two weeks. Some would take… Read more »

Outkick Readers Get to Pick Johnny Manziel’s Halloween Costume

Rough day at the office or at school? Well, Outkick is about to make your day much better.  So yesterday I got an email from reader Scott S.: “I’m begging you to give your readers what we crave and what the Internet deserves. Is there a bigger national story on Halloween than JFF’s costume choice?  Can… Read more »

The Top QBs in College Football: a non-statistical analysis

Highest entertainment value: Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M How do you start any list of the top college football QBs without Johnny Football? He is the never-ending, twitter-spawned, hype machine that is enveloping the country. The craziest thing about him is he’s not even playing the same sport as everyone else! Seriously, what percentage of pass plays… Read more »

Ole Miss Coed Wins At Life…Again

Every now and then interviews happen, go up on the Internet, and are completely and totally perfect.  This is one of those interviews.  My buddies at traveled to Ole Miss for the second straight year.  And for the second straight year Johnny Manziel tantalized Ole Miss fans with the possibility that they might pull… Read more »

Starting 11: The Upsets Finally Arrive in 2013

Coming into this weekend the college football upsets this year had been few and far between.  Then, as generally happens, everything fell apart in a single weekend.  Georgia, Stanford, Oklahoma, and Michigan all lost.  A week before the release of the first BCS standings, no less.  Given that Florida State and Clemson play this weekend,… Read more »

Vegas Poll

There comes a time in every college football season when we’re forced to endure the unveiling of the BCS rankings, at least for one more year.  I’m taking this opportunity to get any lingering frustrations off my chest a week before the first BCS numbers are actually released.  In the betting community there is an… Read more »

Mack Brown Says He Would Not Accept the Texas AD Job

On today’s Fox College Saturday show Texas coach Mack Brown sat down for an interview with FoxSportsLive’s Andy Roddick.  Brown was outspoken on his interest in the Texas AD’s job, his future as the Longhorn head coach, and the pressure that he’s under as today’s game against Oklahoma kick off.  Mack Brown on being Texas’s… Read more »

Les Miles and LSU Are Neither the Hammer Nor the Nail

Les Miles’s post-game press conferences are always glorious affairs.  Whatever you do don’t compare LSU and Florida to hammers and nails. This video becomes fabulous with 8:30 left in the press conference.  You must watch the final three minutes of this post-game press conference.  God, I love Les Miles.  “In fact, you respect the opponent… Read more »

Outkick the Coverage Draft Day Challenge Week Six

We’re mixing things up this week at DraftDay for Outkick’s readers — giving you a chance to win money both in College Football and NFL games.   By now, let’s be honest, lots of your fantasy football teams really suck.   Why not pick a brand new fantasy football team with a chance to win… Read more »

My Week Seven 2013 Picks and Viewer Guide

There’s no way to sugarcoat it, last week I got run by Vegas.  The picks went 2-5.  Our record is now just 18-17 on the year.  These are the times that try a gambling man’s soul.  But we shall overcome.  We. Shall. Overcome.  And it starts this week.  So here we go with the picks:… Read more »

Outkick the Podcast: Phil Fulmer and Ricky Williams

Outkick the Podcast is off and running and if you haven’t checked it out, I really do think you’re missing out. Check it out here. So far we’ve had five guests: Erin Andrews, Cooper Manning, Joe Namath, Phil Fulmer, and Ricky Williams. All of them have been pretty fascinating. Plus, what else are you going… Read more »

5 ways to survive Junior’s birthday party on football Saturday

A day is coming when college football will be threatened — by your kid’s birthday party. Don’t get me wrong. I love my 3-year-old son. He’s more than I will ever deserve. But his birthday is in October. And when you’re a college football-addicted Southerner, that causes problems.  Get over it, you say. It’s one… Read more »

The NCAA Playoff Committee Job Isn’t That Tough

If we trust 12 completely random people on a jury to decide whether or not to put someone to death for a crime they may or may not have committed, shouldn’t we trust 12 to 18 of the smartest people in the college sports universe to pick the four best teams in college football?  As… Read more »

Tennessee’s Most Painful Losses Since Fulmer

Since Phillip Fulmer was forced out of Knoxville, the University of Tennessee’s fanbase has swallowed some of the most painful defeats in the program’s history. How is that such a proud program with such rich football tradition gets to the point Volunteer football has reached? If you believe in superstitions, you’ll say it’s karma. That’s… Read more »

Sacrificing Fridays for Saturdays

By Loren Sanders Relationships are about compromise and problem solving. My brother and I could have fought over space in the car on long road trips, but we chose to build a wall of pillows and other paraphernalia between us in the backseat. Parents occasionally have to compromise with their children in the grocery store,… Read more »