My Week Five 2013 Picks and Viewer Guide

It was a rough weekend.  The picks went 3-3, but we lost two pretty tough games, first we had 47.5 on the Tennessee at Florida game and the game ended up at 48.  Brutal.  Then LSU came out and dominated Auburn, but was content with a double digit margin and didn’t really open up the… Read more »

Media Debate with Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch

Richard Deitsch is Sports Illustrated’s sports media critic. Despite loving Paul Finebaum with every fiber of his being, he doesn’t like me very much. That’s life. After a few Twitter flare-ups between us, I suggested that Richard come on the Outkick podcast. He declined, requesting a neutral podcast.  So we decided to have a media… Read more »

Outkick the Coverage Draft Day Challenge Week Four

It’s time for another week of DraftDay challenges. So far Outkick the Coverage readers have won over $2,000 playing along with me at DraftDay. With weekly fantasy football you can legally wager on your team and win money along the way. One of you guys has already won big. Best part of it all? Each… Read more »

Alabama and Auburn Fans Continue to Duel for Dumbest Crown

As we continue to count down the dumbest fan bases in America, Alabama and Auburn refuse to go quietly into that good night. First, an Alabama fan hand wrote a trash talk letter to the Texas A&M foundation the week of the Bama-A&M game. That letter, which you can read more about on Facebook here,… Read more »

It’s Time for the NCAA To Die

The country has finally realized what we should have all long ago realized, the NCAA has no real power, it’s the Wizard behind the curtain in Oz, the emperor with no clothes.  Today the NCAA reduced scholarship penalties against Penn State. In so doing the NCAA cited substantial improvements in Penn State’s governance. Whatever that… Read more »

Starting 11: How Good Is LSU Edition?

Let’s be honest, it was really hard to draw very many conclusions from this weekend in college football. You had complete domination from the teams that Vegas favored on Saturday — favorites went 57-2 straight up — and many of these games were over by the end of the first quarter. So what did we… Read more »

Vegas top 10

Vegas is a town synonymous with impulsive decision making. Whether it’s excessive food or alcohol consumption, an abundance of unnecessary exposed skin (this applies to guys as well), or a 12-hour blackjack session, what happens here is rarely reality anywhere else.  However, there’s one aspect of the casino business that the entire country should buy… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Saban to Texas Edition

Okay, it’s Friday mailbag time. And y’all have sent me so many spectacular emails this week that I think we have enough for the rest of the month. So let’s go ahead and dive right in. Our beaver pelt trader of the week is whichever idiot got Rocky Top tattooed on his side. Judging from… Read more »

My Week Four 2013 Picks and Viewer Guide

We continue to fight the good fight when it comes to our weekly picks. Last week we were 3-2 with a push in the Louisville at Kentucky game. That runs the yearly tally to a robust 11-8. So we’re right at 58%. Not great, but not awful either. We’re still making you a bit of… Read more »

The top 5 reasons florida fans suck

By Aaron Tallent   I hope I’m wrong, but Saturday will likely end with Tennessee’s ninth straight loss to the Florida Gators. The Vols are just too young and Florida’s defense too strong. However, Coach Butch Jones is doing good things and I think we’ll be climbing the mountain again soon. And when we make… Read more »

Outkick the Podcast: Cooper Manning Is Our Guest

Cooper Manning, the oldest of the Manning brothers, is an enigma. What’s he like? Was he an athlete too? What does he do for a living? Is he happier than Peyton and Eli? What would have happened if his football career hadn’t come to an end, would Peyton have gone to Ole Miss instead of… Read more »

The #1 Dumbest Fan Base in America: Outkick the Coverage Commenters

Anonymous Reader Submission What would happen if the most ignorant and intolerant group of sports fans all got online to (attempt to) read the same sports blog? You’d have the comments section of Outkick the Coverage. OKTC commenters are the most illogical and hypocritical people ever. They love their local college football teams, despite the… Read more »

Bama vs A&M tailgate wrap up

By Andrea Alford This is a compilation of the best (and worst) moments in College Station, Texas for the epic Texas A&M vs Alabama game – from an Aggie’s perspective with direct insight from Bama fans. For those of you who have never made the trip to College Station before, it is a small college… Read more »

Outkick the Coverage Draft Day Challenge Week Three

I’m hearing from lots of y’all that are playing Draft Day weekly fantasy sports against me.  The first week one of Outkick’s readers won $1,500 and this past week one of our readers won $350.  It costs about the same as a movie ticket and you can actually win some pretty decent cash. All while… Read more »

The Ten Dumbest Fan Bases in America: #4 Arkansas

What would happen if every dumb person in the nation’s dumbest Southern state all rooted for the same team?  You’d have the Arkansas Razorback fan base. Razorback fan idiocy is pure, undistilled, unadulterated stupidity. If you drank it, you’d be drunk for a month in a row and would probably go blind.  You’d file Freedom… Read more »

Vol Fan Puts Step-Daughter On Craigslist Seeking Date for UT-Florida Game

This morning I tweeted out a Craig’s List ad in Gainesville which offered a free ticket to this year’s Florida-Tennessee game.  What was the catch? Well, here was the ad: My step-daughter’s date backed out (his loss, your gain) for the game.. 1 free ticket for the Tennessee-Florida football game this Saturday (cost to me,… Read more »

Starting 11: Alabama and Oregon Are the Best In the Land

I watched 16 straight hours of college football on Saturday. That seems impossible, but I got to Fox Studios at 5 am pacific and didn’t leave until 9 pacific. That was sixteen hours of television time. I then stayed up to watch the end of Wisconsin at Arizona State back in my hotel room. By… Read more »

Johnny Manziel’s Legend Grows

On Saturday Johnny Manziel was sublime, posting one of the greatest individual efforts in college football quarterbacking history. I know, I know, Alabama won, and for the bottom line crew out there, winning and losing is all that matters. Football’s a team game and Alabama’s team is better than Texas A&M’s team this year just… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Alabama-Texas A&M is Finally Here Edition

Okay, it’s mailbag time. Apologies that we’re late today, my flight was delayed this morning and I’ve been waiting for the WIFI on the plane ever since then. I’m writing now and convinced that at some point the computer is going to suddenly freeze and I’m going to lose the entire mailbag. So fingers crossed… Read more »