CBS Sports Reports Joe Paterno Died, Only He Was Still Living reported Joe Paterno had died last night on Twitter and on its own website. Here was the Tweet with a link to the article: “@CBSSports: Joe Paterno has died at the age of 85 –”  Immediately the report, which didn’t initially cite any sources at all, swept across the Twitter universe. There was just one… Read more »

Alabama Teabagger Brian Downing Arrested In New Orleans

Your long national nightmare is over. Teabagger Brian Downing, the Alabama fan who teabagged an LSU fan on the night of the BCS title game in a Bourbon Street Krystal, turned himself in to police last night. Downing, who OKTC initially reported was fired from his job at HIbbett Sports on Wednesday, traveled to New… Read more »

New Orleans Police Issue APB For Teabagger

The New Orleans police department has issued an alert seeking the arrest of the Alabama teabagger. Here is that release: “AFTER FURTHER REVIEW AND INVESTIGATION, NOPD IS NOW ASKING THE PUBLIC FOR THEIR ASSISTANCE IN INDENTIFYING THE PERSON OF INTEREST IN THIS VIDEO   Item: A-22598-12 Date/Time: January 9, 2012 @ 11:45 P.M. Location: Krystal… Read more »

Report: Auburn Message Boards Have Located Alabama Teabagger

According to multiple OKTC tips, an Auburn Rivals message board has located the Alabama teabagger. His name is Brian Downing and per multiple OKTC tips “he lives in Lee County and manages a Hibbett Sporting Goods in Columbus, GA. He graduated from Central High School in Phenix City in 1997.” OKTC has spoken with the New… Read more »

It’s Time To Legalize Online Sports Wagering

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bet on a sporting event. If you aren’t raising your hand then you’ve never entered an NCAA tournament pool where you could win money, you’ve never had a handshake bet over who will win a game with a friend of yours, you’ve never played fantasy football with potential payouts… Read more »

Green Bay Packers Fan Cries Worse Than You When Team Loses

Green Bay Packer fans are passionate. They’re also a little bit crazy. As evidenced by this video of Packer fan Casey Lewis. She’s a bit distraught over the New York Giants domination over her hometown Packers. And if you’re interested what being a star of a viral video is like, check out her Twitter feed… Read more »

Viral LSU Emails Seek to Explain Why Tigers Lost to Alabama

The LSU fan base is the most entertaining in the SEC. They’re the craziest, drunkest, loudest group of partiers in an SEC that is filled with crazy, drunk, and loud fans. But by and large they also have the best senses of humor in the SEC. Lots of SEC fan bases are incredibly sensitive and… Read more »

LSU Fan Passes Out in French Quarter Krystal, Gets Teabagged

Since OKTC initially posted this video on Sunday morning bringing it to the attention of the masses, this story has, as we told you it would, slowly picked up steam. Rather than start new posts with every bit of news, we’ve elected to update you at the bottom of the article. Update one: Krystal has… Read more »

Joe Paterno Breaks His Silence with Washington Post

For over two months Joe Paterno has kept silent about the mess surrounding Jerry Sandusky’s tenure at Penn State and the recent criminal charges. Now he’s finally spoken to the Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins. You can read that full interview here. As Sally Jenkins says in the article, Joe Paterno’s lawyers were present for the… Read more »

Meet the University of Tennessee: Alabama’s JV Squad

There was a time when Tennessee tried to beat Alabama in football. I remember those days. Throughout my youth, year after year, Alabama beat Tennessee. It didn’t matter how bad the teams Bama trotted out wearing crimson jerseys were, the Tide won. That culminated in a 9-6 loss in 1990, a defeat so crushing that it represented the last time I ever cried over a… Read more »

The Week in New Orleans For Alabama LSU

New Orleans, LA Sunday afternoon five men, fiftysomething’s clad in purple and gold, stood in a huddle just off Jackson Square Park. It was mid-afternoon and throngs of Alabama and LSU fans swarmed the French Quarter making it virtually impossible to move. All five men were doubled over in laughter, occasionally standing back up and demanding to look at one the picture… Read more »

James Franklin Defends Vanderbilt Program From Headline Attack, Gigs Derek Dooley

Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin called our 3HL radio show on Nashville’s 104.5 this afternoon to defend his program from attack. You can listen to that entire interview here. In particular Franklin was angry that the local newspaper, Nashville’s “Tennessean,” published a day old story dealing with the recruitment of four-star running back I’Tavius Mathers who has received scholarship… Read more »

Bobby Hebert Rips Les Miles for Not Inserting Jarrett Lee

Last night very few media members were present for Les Miles’s postgame press conference because Alabama was still celebrating on the field. So you can imagine how awkward it was when Bobby Hebert, the father of LSU offensive lineman T-Bob, a former Saints quarterback and current host of the most popular sports talk show in the state,… Read more »

LSU-Alabama Preview

By Zach Bingham After already previewing this match up early in the year, I felt inclined to put a twist on the rematch leading up to Monday’s National Championship game. Personally, I wanted the rematch because it grantees another SEC national champion, again solidifying why the south dominates the most powerful sport in America. Three… Read more »

Alabama Wins National Title; Eliminates Split Title Doubters

New Orleans, LA I’ll admit it, I didn’t think anyone in the country could dominate LSU like Alabama did tonight. I thought if Alabama won it would be a single digit win that was hard fought and contested throughout. I gave Alabama zero chance to march into the Superdome, the location of LSUs last two… Read more »

As College Football Playoff Nears: ESPN VP Burke Magnus Talks BCS Television Deal

Earlier this week SEC commissioner Mike Slive told multiple media outlets that he foresaw meaningful discussions about a plus one format to the BCS — effectively a four team playoff. Today ESPN’s Vice President of college sports programming, Burke Magnus echoed those comments.   “I think Mike Slive’s comments were reflective of where a lot of people are on this,” Magnus… Read more »

Outkick the Coverage’s BCS Title Drinking Game

Back in November we debuted the OKTC drinking game for the first Alabama-LSU game. At the suggestion of a reader we took the game to Twitter and kept a real-time tally of the drinking game under the hashtab #cbsdrink. The first game was popular as thousands of you played along. The second game, created for… Read more »