Virginia Tech Fans Have SEC Fever

Virginia Tech fans have caught SEC fever. I can see the early signs, the emails and Twitter messages are flooding in to OKTC, the same kind of early emails that started at Texas A&M and Missouri and slowly swept through the fanbases. Florida State’s flirtation with the Big 12 has shown Virginia Tech fans the… Read more »

The ACC’s John Swofford is the New Dan Beebe

ACC commissioner John Swofford is the new Dan Beebe.  You remember Beebe, right? Last year’s Big 12 commissioner whose perceived ineptitude in the face of seismic changes in the college landscape led to his eventual replacement by the wizened Chuck Neinas, a man so old he began his commissioner days before passing the football was… Read more »

The ACC and Big East Deathmatch Nears

Last year the Big 12 was a dead conference walking after Texas A&M and Missouri bolted for the SEC.  Then something magical happened, the Pac 12 decided it didn’t want Oklahoma. Already Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Baylor, and Texas Tech were without other conference options. Once the Pac 12 rejected Oklahoma and Oklahoma State… Read more »

College Football Needs a Commissioner

College football is the most nakedly self-interested of all the sports we love.  That’s why it’s failings are the most human, the most susceptible to special interest capture, the least logical, a banana football republic. Most sports have a common interest that unites them in pursuit of a common pot of championship gold, college football… Read more »

What if Television Executives Could Set up a 16 Team Football Super Conference?

Television is driving all of conference realignment.  Whether it’s the Longhorn Network that precipitated last year’s slate of realignment or the massive rights deal recently inked by the SEC that set rights fees soaring into the stratosphere, television is the driving force behind the seismic shifts in college athletics.  But most of these shifts are… Read more »

How Crushing Would a Florida State — Miami Departure Be to the ACC?

The ACC’s hopes to ever be a relevant football conference hangs in the balance right now while Florida State’s brain trust contemplates a divorce and remarriage with the Big 12.  Yes, the Big 12, erstwhile dead man walking for the past three seasons has the potential to deal a crippling blow to ACC football.  Why?… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Breastfeeding Moms Edition

I’ve never threatened divorce or even really thought of it, as Charles Barkley once told me via Denzel Washington — this is true — “She may leave me, but I ain’t never leaving her,” — but this week’s “Time” cover would have done it. How could a dad allow his son to appear on this… Read more »

Coach Cal Cartoon Turns Kentucky In to Middle East

Yesterday the Lexington newspaper published this cartoon, taking a shot at Kentucky coach John Calipari’s NCAA history and a recent contretemps over continuing the Indiana basketball series.  Predictably, Kentucky fans, the dumbest fan base in the country, took the jab with good humor, realized that cartoons are, you know, cartoons, and moved on about their… Read more »

Could Big East Basketball Schools Form a Catholic League?

The Big East is a complete mess.  Without a commissioner, now with football teams in California, Idaho, and Texas, the conference, once known for its gritty big-city basketball wars, has no real identity. What’s more, the inevitable conflict between football and basketball schools is untenable long term. The basketball schools don’t won’t to play a… Read more »

Top Rated Sports Talk Stations in the Nation: March 2012

A few months ago I posted the highest rated sports talk radio stations in the country for November 2011.  Lots of y’all loved getting a chance to review these numbers because there is no other real compilation of show ratings. For some reason this information isn’t as widely shared as, say, television ratings, which are… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Awkward Quarterback Picture Edition

 This Jay Cutler photo is glorious.  Absolutely, positively glorious.  Everything about it is perfect.  That’s why whoever took this photograph is our beaver pelt trader of the week.  Here are the nine things I love the most about this picture.  1. Cutler’s hair.  How is it possible for hair to naturally do this? It’s all… Read more »

Jim Delany’s Playoff Plan Makes No Sense

The four best teams should play in college football’s playoff.  Period. End of story. Anything else is needlessly complicated and likely to end in stupidity. Which brings me to Jim Delany’s new “hybrid” playoff plan. You take the three highest ranked conference champs in the top six and then if there isn’t another conference champ… Read more »

Sarah Phillips and the Big Con of Internet Sportswriting

In case you missed it, Deadspin published an amazing story yesterday — an writer named Sarah Phillips wasn’t who she claimed to be. Go read the article right now if you haven’t already and then bounce back here for some analysis. I think what’s eventually going to come out is that a guy realized that if… Read more »

What Would Four-Team Playoff Have Looked Like in BCS Era?

Now that a four team playoff is here, we can officially rejoice. While we don’t know which system will be used to select these final four playoff teams, it seems likely that the BCS standings, perhaps modified in some form of fashion, will be used to some degree. Which got me wondering, how would the… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Ryan Tannehill Outkicks His Coverage

Congrats to OKTC’s first hall of fame member, Ryan Tannehill, on his selection as the number eight overall pick. Soon Tannehill will become the 17th different quarterback to start a game for the Miami Dolphins since Dan Marino retired.  Tannehill’s wife Lauren, who we “discovered” back during the Texas game, set the Twitter world abuzz.… Read more »

College Football Playoff Arrives

A college football playoff officially arrived Thursday afternoon when the eleven conference commissioners and Notre Dame sent out a press release announcing a coming four team playoff. Quoth the release: “We will continue to meet and review the exact structure for what a new post-season could look like.  We are making substantial progress.  We will… Read more »