The Five Secrets of Southern Football Womanhood

In the south, college football is a way of life. Children are raised to say “Go Dawgs!”, “Roll Tide!”, “War Eagle!” and “Go ‘Dores!” (okay, maybe not) before they can walk, and although it usually sounds like baby jibberish, parents shriek with joy when their little one utters those battle cries. Saturdays are Football Days,… Read more »

Pointing to Sky To Honor Dead Classmate Costs High School Game

This year thanks to a new rule in college football touchdowns can be called back for celebrations that occur on the field. In a Louisville,Ohio high school game this past weekend wide receiver Alex Schooley caught a touchdown pass with 1:15 left to give his team a 26-24 lead. Overcome with emotion, Schooley and a… Read more »

Black Thursday Arrives: Ladies, Dates Are Over For Fall

Well ladies, kiss your boyfriends and husbands goodbye.   Or, for those of us with no actual men but several faithful cats, brace yourselves for a drastic decline in activity on your profile.   (I’ll let you all decide which category I fall into.)   (WHY ARE YOU ALL JUST AUTOMATICALLY ASSUMING I FALL… Read more »

New Jordan Jefferson Video Emerges: Was He Really Kicker?

SEC message boards are zany, wild, and crazy places. No message board is crazier than, the LSU destination of choice for conspiracy theories, ridicule, and often great humor. OKTC gets email tips from TigerDroppings posters about ten times a week. Most of the time I read the threads, laugh a few times, and then… Read more »

Mission Impossible: Texas A&M’s 2012 SEC Schedule

Now that we know Texas A&M is officially divorced from the Big 12, the complications for the SEC actually become more substantial. The next step is fairly simple: The SEC presidents will vote to extend an offer to Texas A&M once the Aggies officially submit an application. (The application is really fun to think about. In particular,… Read more »

Big 12 Bylaws on Leaving Are Complicated, Weak

As Texas A&M’s official notice of departure from the Big 12 grows closer talk has shifted to what exactly the exit fees may be for the Aggies. And the answer to that question is a Facebook-centric — it’s complicated. That’s because the lawyers who drafted the exit provisions of the Big 12 bylaws should be… Read more »

Man Days: Madden Release Is Here

It’s August 30th.  A great day to be an American, a great day to be a man.  It’s Madden release day.  We live in a different world these days, my friends.  A world where a man can no longer go catch some food, bring it home to his family, and be pleasured by his woman. … Read more »

Barbara Dooley Is a National Treasure

In case y’all wondered, I love Barbara Dooley. Absolutely. Love. Her. That’s why her banning from the radio was tough for me to take. As a way of saying goodbye we had her on 3HL this afternoon and, as always, Momma Dooley was must listen radio. I’d encourage y’all to click the link here and listen to the entire interview.… Read more »

Arkansas Ignites Big 12, SEC Civil War?

As we wait for the final details of Texas A&M’s move to the SEC to be complete — a move that will cement Mike Slive’s legacy as one of the greatest conference commissioners of all time — Dan Beebe and the Big 12 are floating big time names as A&M’s replacement. Give the conference credit,… Read more »

Derek Dooley Bans Mom From Southern Radio; Doves Cry

Today Paul Finebaum announced that Barbara Dooley, the most popular woman in the state of Tennessee sports who isn’t named Pat Summitt, is not allowed to go on his radio show any longer. Barbara, who happens to be the wife of Georgia Hall of Fame coach Vince, once answered the door for her husband wearing nothing at… Read more »

Why ESPN Has Already Lost the Future

At its essence ESPN is a middle man. That is the network exists to bring the content of someone else to your home or business. The same is true for ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN Classic, ESPN News, ESPN infinity. This year ESPN turned 32 and for the past several years it has been the most profitable arm… Read more »

The Mountain Boys: Wilson

The story of Josh Wilson is not an easy one.  There are parts that are difficult, that don’t seem to belong in a sports feature.  There are parts that hurt to read.    If you can make it through, if you can persevere like Josh did, you’ll meet us at the fence, where the senior… Read more »

ESPN’s New Revised Twitter Policy

ESPN had an all-hand’s on deck meeting for talent recently. Part of it was to deal with the company’s continuing difficulties in social media. Indeed, ESPN continues to revise its existing social media policy for talent and reporters. OKTC received a copy of that ESPN revised policy which serves to illustrate the challenges a major media company is… Read more »

Marines Have Taken Over Jordan Jefferson’s Facebook Fan Page and It Isn’t Pretty

The above photo is from Deadspin, which alleges that this is the Marine Jefferson kicked. Yesterday afternoon the Baton Rouge police searched LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson’s apartment and removed at least 44 bags of evidence. Presumably those bags mostly contained clothes and shoes. Although if he had any intelligence whatsoever Jefferson would have already disposed… Read more »

Andrew Lowery, Marine Jordan Jefferson Allegedly Kicked, Has Criminal History, Restraining Order

OKTC has learned that the Marine at the center of an investigation into LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, Andrew Lowery, has a criminal record in the state of Florida. In particular, Lowery was arrested in Okaloosa County in 2008 for a violation of Florida Statute 812-014, a theft statute. Lowery, pictured above in his mugshot, was charged… Read more »

Tennessee’s Program Is Cursed: It’s Time For a Sports Exorcism

  Tennessee’s athletics program is cursed. That’s the only conclusion you can draw from what’s happened over the past four seasons. I can even pinpoint the exact moment when the wheels came off the program — leading eventual national champion LSU 14-13 in the SEC title game, Vol senior quarterback Erik Ainge throws an interception midway through the… Read more »

Which Is Worse: Iowa-Iowa State’s Trophy or Georgia’s New Uniforms?

Tradition is the lifeblood of college football. Some traditions are stupid — grown Georgia fans barking like dogs, for instance — but we honor them anyway. Because if people do stupid things long enough, they become inviolate “traditions” that can’t be messed with. There’s only thing worse than stupid traditions, and that’s when traditions that actually make… Read more »

The Mountain Boys: Meet the Patriots Night

A wave of thunderstorms is pushing across the Tennessee Valley.  The August heat flees like a coward, routed farther and farther with each blast of thunder rolling out of the belly of the storm.    Tonight is a special night, one that even the rain cannot spoil.  There are three events scheduled at Brewer this… Read more »

The Best SEC Football Player Tweets

Lately, I’ve been following the Twitter accounts of several SEC college football players. My thoughts after completing this endeavor: 1. My head hurts. 2. There should be a rigorous screening process for obtaining a Twitter account. 3. Actually, wait, no there shouldn’t—because then we wouldn’t have the goldmine below. Perhaps this is why Da’Rick Rogers… Read more »