NCAA Rule Makes SEC’s 13 Team Schedule A Virtual Impossibility

OKTC has already written about why a 13 team SEC schedule is complicated as hell. What OKTC reported a month ago was there was no way to play an eight game schedule while each team played every member of its division. Last week the SEC athletic directors met to consider the complexities of a 13 team schedule… Read more »

Big East Unlikely To Lose BCS Bid

As the Big East attempts to stave off one raid after another, struggles to hold together a fractious lot of current members who are looking elsewhere, and battles to preserve its status as the sixth major football conference in America, much discussion has centered on the likelihood that a Big East devoid of Pitt and… Read more »

Starting 11: The Greatest Tailgate Cookie of All-Time

Behold, the greatest tailgate cookie in the history of tailgate cookies. I defy you to beat the orange pants cookie. It even has the T belt buckle. That’s quality. Sadly, this was the best play anyone in orange pants made on Saturday. UT fans desperately want Dooley to succeed because right now the Fulmer Curse owns… Read more »

Titans vs. Steelers Predicted Box Score: Put Money on Titans

Our guys at Prediction Machine play every game 50,000 times before they make any calls on the spread, fantasy stats, or survivor league picks. You can hear Paul Bessire, prediction Machine Founder, every 1:15 central time on our 3 Hour Lunch radio show. In the meantime the Titans are 3-1 and the Pittsburgh Steelers are… Read more »

The Quiet Storm of Conference Realignment

What if I’d told you in May of 2010 that by October of 2011 Nebraska, Colorado, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Texas A&M, Missouri, Utah and TCU — twice — would all be in new BCS conferences? You’d have thought that was a pretty big deal, right? Especially if I told you that every major conference in America — the Big Ten, the… Read more »

Vinnie Verno: Georgia Will Destroy Tennessee and more

It’s that time again. Gird your loins, ladies and gentlemen, Vinnie Verno is back making college football picks for the week. And I’m not going to lie, this is the best yet. Where else can you mix Pee-Wee Herman, a hobnail boot, a mask, and a Trent Richardson jersey? Okay, aside from every trailer park… Read more »

Barbara Dooley Hops on Radio To Defend Son…Makes Me Love Her More

My love affair with Barbara Dooley, mother of Tennessee Volunteer coach Derek Dooley, is well established. I’ve frequently brought her on our 3 Hour Lunch radio show, I lamented her recent radio ban, and I’ve argued that more Momma Dooley is a Southern treasure. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was this morning to… Read more »

Pre-Snap Reads: Florida at LSU and rest of SEC

Two Conference Games to Watch   Florida at LSU (3:30 ET/CBS) – Florida’s murderous month of October continues as they face their second SEC West opponent in as many weeks. Despite some early fireworks, the Gators were bruised and battered on Saturday night as they fell 38-10 at home to Alabama, a squad many believe… Read more »

Starting 11: Gene Stallings Talks A&M, Expansion

Saturday I had the good fortune to spend much of the day with legendary Alabama coach Gene Stallings. I took my family down to Orange Beach, Alabama — which is rapidly becoming our favorite beach destination — and we spent the weekend at Turquoise Place. Gene Stallings arrived on Saturday and that evening he commentated… Read more »

Missouri Fans Triumph In SEC Campaign

Missouri fans decided they wanted to join the SEC and they would not accept no for an answer. Over the past three weeks the Tigers have inundated the board of curators, administrators, and other athletic department officials demanding that the Tigers join the SEC. A few minutes ago those fans’ voices were heard: Missouri officially… Read more »

Rooting for College Football’s Big Bang: Death To BCS

If you hate the BCS you find yourself rooting for chaos each year. By chaos I don’t mean three undefeated teams. That’s an awful way to end a season, but it doesn’t provoke the necessary outrage. By chaos I mean four or more undefeated teams. Well, buckle your seatbelts because we’re staring down the barrel… Read more »

Hitler Analogy Fells Hank Williams, Jr.; ESPN Fires Him From Monday Night Football

Appearing live from my hometown of Nashville, Hank Williams, Jr. hopped on Fox & Friends to analyze the 2012 presidential field. Seriously, that happened. If you’re like me and thinking, “Why is Hank Williams, Jr. talking about presidential politics on television,” you are evidently a fool. This is what political coverage is like these days. Rocking… Read more »

The Mountain Boys: McKee

Slowly but surely fall is arriving to North Alabama.  The cool is seeping down into the Tennessee Valley, gently pushing away the heat that holds the state captive for so long.    I am on the Brewer campus in the late afternoon, just after practice has ended.  Some of the players linger on the field,… Read more »

Tim Tebow’s Back-Up Plans

I have it on good authority that Tim Tebow isn’t starting anymore and is now third string quarterback behind two other players, Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn. (That’s what we sports people do, you see. We exchange sports-like information with our other sporty colleagues. It’s just a thing we do. It’s not a big deal.)… Read more »

Reality: There Are No Barriers To Missouri in SEC

Trust me, Missouri fans, your fan campaign to push the Missouri Tigers in to the SEC has been a complete and total success. Now you’ve got to keep up the SEC fight for just a couple of more weeks. I told you earlier this week I’d give you an update based on what I’m hearing… Read more »

Prediction Machine on Titans-Browns: Take the Titans

My guy at the Prediction Machine, Paul Bessire, is a really fun read. He breaks down every game as if they’ve been played 50,000 games. Those of you who listen to the radio show know we have him on every Friday and he takes your questions about games, lines, fantasy, and the like. Well, to… Read more »

Vinnie Verno Week 5: Bama -4 Over Florida

This week Vinnie Verno is back making picks so you can make money. Giving y’all a head’s up in advance, Verno guarantees that Alabama will cover -4 against Florida. He promises to burn his Julio Jones jerseys if it doesn’t happen. Run for the hills Alabama fans.   Even still. remember, he did win the baby back… Read more »