Starting 11: RIP Larry Munson Edition

Before we commence the Starting 11, let’s all say goodbye to Larry Munson, one of the last, great voices of Southern football. There was a day and there was an age when SEC announcers brought games to people all over the Southland who didn’t have the opportunity to watch the games live. These men were… Read more »

SEC’s Sixth Straight National Title Assured with LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas at top of BCS

Coming in to this season the SEC had won five consecutive national titles in football. That was an astounding accomplishment. The most astounding part of that accomplishment? It wasn’t just one or two teams on a roll. Florida (twice), LSU, Alabama, and Auburn have all won titles as well. Entering the 2011 season it seemed impossible for… Read more »

Derek Dooley Slams Vandy in Post-Game Locker Room Celebration

Saturday Tennessee beat Vanderbilt 27-21 in overtime. It was an emotional win for the Vols, who had previously been winless in the SEC. So emotional, evidently, that the team lifted Derek Dooley skyward while chanting his name in a post-game locker room celebration — Dooley punching the T on the ceiling is destined for Internet immortality. The last time… Read more »

Lee Corso Drops An F-Bomb at the end of College Gameday

To know Lee Corso is to love him. Especially when he’s making his picks at the end of College Gameday. In making today’s pick between SMU and Houston, Corso initially pretended to go with SMU. Then tossed aside a megaphone and said, “Ah, f—, it.” Co-hosts Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit absolutely lost it. I… Read more »

Presnap Read: Vandy and UT Battle For a Bowl

The Game to Watch Vanderbilt at Tennessee (7 ET/ESPNU) – Tennessee and Vanderbilt typically have little more than state pride on the line when they meet every November. Typically, Tennessee is a heavy favorite and  the Vols usually win when they face the ‘Dores. This year has been anything but typical, though. Vandy rides in… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: What if Tim Tebow Broke the Internet

Yep, Bronco fans are really buying #15 jerseys and putting “Jesus” on the back. After last night they’ll sell even more. Last night Tim Tebow Tebow’d the NFL. Every single person who watched him play four years in the SEC was not surprised at all when Tebow slipped outside the pocket on a Jets blitz and… Read more »

NCAA Has Authority to Give Penn State Death Penalty

With last night’s New York Times revelations of a growing Penn State cover-up, it’s now beyond a shadow of a doubt that this story is the largest American sports scandal of all-time. The Chicago White Sox throwing the World Series, the SMU paying players scandal, steroids in baseball, all of them pale in comparison to… Read more »

Vinnie Verno Bets His Phil Fulmer Autographed Helmet on Vandy-UT

It’s a sad day in the Vinnie Verno household. Not only is he forced to pick Vanderbilt -1 over Tennessee, but he’s so confident of the result that he’s wagering one of his prize possessions — the Phil Fulmer autographed mini-helmet. Say it ain’t so, Vinnie, say it ain’t so. Wipe away your tears from… Read more »

Vanderbilt Safety Involved in Armed Robbery of Student

According to WZTV, the Fox affiliate here in Nashville, Vanderbilt safety Andre Simmons was involved in the armed robbery of a fellow Vanderbilt student yesterday. According to the WZTV article: “A Vanderbilt student was held up in his dorm room yesterday and robbed of about $5,000. The Davidson County affidavit states that two men armed… Read more »

James Franklin: Derek Dooley’s Worst Nightmare

While Derek Dooley has been focused on growing nonexistent bamboo in Knoxville, James Franklin has been winning football games at Vanderbilt. In just his first season at Vandy, Franklin has notched the two biggest margins of SEC victory for the Commodores since 1971, come within a single play of beating both Arkansas and Georgia, and… Read more »

Bob Costas Exposes Jerry Sandusky in Explosive NBC Interview

Last night Bob Costas interviewed Jerry Sandusky via telephone. Airing at 9 central, the interview was must-watch television. Why? Because it’s altogether likely that Jerry Sandusky will never take the witness stand in his own defense. Not after this performance with Costas. Sandusky appeared scatterbrained, slow, and his answers lacked specificity. When you’re asked whether… Read more »

Starting 11: If LSU Splits Arkansas, Georgia, it’s in Title Game

With Oregon’s whipping of Stanford and Boise State’s shanked field goal against TCU, LSU moved into a nearly guaranteed title game appearance even if it loses to either Arkansas or Georgia. How so? Because if LSU lost one game, there would only be one undefeated team. (That’s assuming Oklahoma State wins out. Houston isn’t making the big game). Of… Read more »

Pre-Snap Read: The South’s Oldest Rivalry

Two Games to Watch Auburn at Georgia (3:30 ET/CBS) – The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry convenes again this weekend in Athens as Georgia looks to essentially lock up a trip to Atlanta with a win. The Bulldogs need to beat Auburn and Kentucky to punch their ticket. A split and a South Carolina loss to… Read more »

Kirk Herbstreit: The Face of College Football (Part Two)

Read part one of OKTC’s Kirk Herbstreit profile here. The day before LSU and Alabama take the field for the biggest regular season game in SEC history, ESPN’s College Gameday crew sits around a horseshoe shaped table inside Bryant-Denny Stadium. Desmond Howard, Chris Fowler, Urban Meyer, David Pollack, and Lee Corso sit alongside one side… Read more »

Vinnie Verno Is Back, Making Picks, Making You Money

Did Vinnie Verno really make a give y’all a boobie milk game of the year? Yes, yes he did. And posterboard logic on why Arkansas is going to cover against Tennessee? Pure genius, I tell you, pure genius. Seriously, these just keep getting better and better. Dive in now, we can all  use a good laugh after… Read more »

Kirk Herbstreit: The Face of College Football

It’s 7:30 on a Friday morning and the face of college football, 42 year old ESPN College Gameday host Kirk Herbstreit, jogs across the University of Alabama campus in a dark dri-fit shirt, blue shorts, and grey Nikes. It’s a cloudless sky, late morning dew rising and evaporating into a light fog and Herbstreit, in… Read more »

Video: Penn State Board of Trustees Fires Paterno and President Spanier

Like most of you I watched the Board of Trustees press conference this evening. It was riveting television. For about twenty minutes homer Penn State media peppered the Board of Trustees spokesperson John Surma with a barrage of insulting questions. It was insane. You halfway expected for someone to throw a shoe at Surma, who acquitted… Read more »

Where are the adults at Penn State?

Where are the adults at Penn State? Where are the leaders who are willing to take a prominent stand and say that anyone who knew about Jerry Sandusky’s acts and didn’t pass that information along to the authorities needs to be fired? Why is justice, so long deferred in Happy Valley, still taking so long?… Read more »

Elegant Solution to 9 Conference SEC Slate: 8 Neutral-Site Games

A Twitter storm erupted this morning when South Carolina president Harris Pastides said that the SEC would be moving to nine conference games in 2012. The SEC immediately shot down Pastides’ comments, stating that there had been no discussion about moving to nine conference games. But Pastides didn’t make one errant comment. He also said… Read more »

Top Plaintiff’s Attorney in Child Sexual Abuse Cases Talks Penn State, Paterno

Jeff Anderson, a plaintiff’s attorney who has represented thousands of sexual abuse plaintiffs over the past 28 years, told OKTC this afternoon that he’d already been in contact with some of the alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky. “Right now we are working on this,” Anderson said, “that much I can tell you. We’re receiving calls from family members of the… Read more »