Welcome to the Big 12 TCU: Four Players, 17 Students Arrested in Massive Campus Drug Bust

TCU is a small, private school that has only had a handful of students arrested for drug related offenses. That all changed this morning. Seventeen current TCU students were arrested along with four football players on coach Gary Patterson’s squad. Meaning, there are some angry parents out there. Especially the parents who were already paying… Read more »

One day of SI Swimsuit Issue Traffic Outdraws Almost Every Sportswriter in America For a Year

Yesterday Darren Rovell tweeted some eye-popping numbers about the traffic generated by Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit magazine and gallery. In particular, Rovell tweeted that SI.com would receive 45 million page views and an additional 7 million video views. After seeing Natalie Gulbis and Alex Morgan in bodypaint, that could be a low estimate. Combined that figure… Read more »

The Texas Longhorns Really Are Scared of the SEC

Remember when the SEC offered the Texas Longhorns the chance to join the conference, the Longhorns said no, and then Texas fans trotted out all sorts of reasons why it made no sense for the Longhorns to join the SEC?  All of those reasons have slowly withered over the past year and change. The real… Read more »

Is there momentum for an 8 team college football playoff?

Last week the college football universe was abuzz with news that Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany floated the idea for a four-team playoff with two semifinal games on campus. With those public comments — in conjunction with past SEC and ACC support for a four team playoff and recent Big 12 endorsement of the idea — we’re… Read more »

Four Team Playoff Is Coming: What would it have looked like in BCS era?

At long last a college football playoff is here. Earlier this week in the Chicago Tribune Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany floated the idea of a college football final four with the two semifinal games on campus. Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips said: “The Big Ten is open and curious.” Which, as quotes go, sounds like what you… Read more »

The Top Rated Sports Talk Stations In the Country

Our radio show here in Nashville, 3HL, went to the Super Bowl last week and broadcast live from radio row. A big part of the job on radio row is booking guests. But given the vast number of stations this occcurs in a mostly haphazard fashion. Public relations staff attempt to get their clients on as many… Read more »

Gisele Rips Patriot Wide Receivers On Video

In the immediate aftermath of last night’s Super Bowl a drunken Giants fan taunted Gisele. Let’s go to CBS New York with a video that will shortly be viral. “Eli rules!” exclaimed a fan after the game as Bundchen left her luxury suite at Lucas Oil Stadium. “Eli owns your husband!” “You (have) to catch… Read more »

Peyton Manning to Tennessee Hits Billboards, Television

Last week OKTC brought you the news that a Tennessee Titan fan group was mounting a campaign to bring Peyton Manning to Tennessee. Thanks to thousands of fan advertising dollars pouring in to the site, that campaign has officially begun. Witness the billboard now up on I-65 North as you head in to Indianapolis. “Hey Peyton, you’re going the… Read more »

Trent Richardson and Alabama Teammates Sign Autographs for Disassociated Booster Tom Albetar

Now that Trent Richardson, Marquis Maze, Dre Kirkpatrick, Brad Smelley, Josh Chapman, Courtney Upshaw, and Mark Barron are all professionals guess where did they decide to sell their autographs? Yep, you guessed it, at T-Town Menswear, the place of business of disassociated Alabama booster Tom Albetar. You’ll recall that back in the summer Alabama kindly notified OKTC they had… Read more »

The Dangers of watching the Super Bowl in a Sports Bar

I know most of you have been worried about me… It’s probably been keeping you up at nights wondering where I’ve been.   Well, there’s no easy way to tell you this so I’m just going to say it…. I tested positive for a writing enhancement drug.   Yep.  I peed hot.   As you all… Read more »

Super Bowl 46 Drinking Game

Come Sunday there’s a good chance Super Bowl 46 will become the most watched television event in American history. Many of you will be drinking. Often, heavily. Many of you will also be drinking heavily and Tweeting. Just ask Colts owner Jim Irsay, that’s always a great idea. With that in mind — thanks for… Read more »

Ranking the 2012 Recruiting Classes: Defense

 Today OKTC brings you a final installment, a ranking of the 2014 defensive positions for all 14 SEC schools.  And we begin with the defensive line: 1. Mississippi State – Denico Autry, Nick James and Quay Evans stand out in a freakish group of DLs who will keep MSU competitive in the SEC for years… Read more »

Ranking the 2012 Recruiting Classes: Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers

 OKTC looked at how programs did in the passing game by combining all aspects – QB play, WR prospects and blocking/pass-catching TEs. It’s important to note, though, that some schools had areas of need at WR but not QB.  1. Missouri – Quality rules over quantity here, as Dorial Green-Beckham and QB Maty Mauk stand… Read more »

Ranking the 2012 Recruiting Classes: The Offensive Lines and Running Backs

  1. Georgia – Three out-of-state prospects helped launch UGA’s offensive line class – this is a group that provides both depth and star potential. John Theus out of the Bolles School in Jacksonville (FL) is the headliner here.  2. Auburn – After an impressive OL haul last year, it seemed unlikely that Auburn would attract… Read more »

2012 Recruiting: SEC Class Rankings

Most teams have solidified the bulk of their recruiting classes, and as the final faxes roll in, we’ve taken a look at the best classes in the best conference in college football. With no more major surprises expected, here’s a look at OKTC’s final 2012 SEC recruiting rankings. How did your team stack up? **Tomorrow… Read more »

Bama Wins National Signing Day With Houndstooth Skirt Girl

 I love Alabama fans because y’all are crazy. Last year you had a fax cam girl, this year you had a fax cam houndstooth skirt girl. Starting early this morning y’all deluged my Twitter with pictures of the girl’s outfit as we rolled to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl. Granted, this wasn’t the official Alabama… Read more »

The 50 Most Annoying Super Bowl Party Guests

Every year Super Bowl parties bring together awkward groupings of people who are then forced to sit and watch a football game. Inevitably this drives me crazy. Primarily because I don’t understand why I should suddenly be forced to watch football games with people who haven’t bothered to watch a game all season. I mean,… Read more »

Georgia Cheerleader Anna Watson has Bigger Biceps Than Aaron Murray, You, Me

Anna Watson is a Georgia cheerleader. And, as you can see from this photo, she has bigger biceps than you. And Aaron Murray. And me. According to the Georgia student newspaper, she turned down a $75,000 modeling job that required her to use steroids. That’s because, evidently, her biceps aren’t big enough yet. Yikes. Somewhere Aaron… Read more »

2012 Signing Day Coverage (1:00 CT UPDATE)

Outkick the Coverage has got you covered with all the important news on National Signing Day. Check back here throughout the day for updated information on announcements, news and the inevitable surprises that always happen when the faxes start rolling in. We plan to keep you updated with: Predictions Commitment news for top prospects Position-by-position… Read more »