All That and a Bag of Mail: Am I White Enough?

It’s Friday, celebrate, the mailbag is here. Our beaver pelt trader of the week is Arian Foster, a guy I’ve loved since I got to know he and his family while writing “On Rocky Top.” This morning Foster tweeted, “I’m going to work on my blackness today.” Then he followed it up with, “My mom… Read more »

Kliff Kingsbury Leaves A&M For Texas Tech, Breaks SEC Hearts

Kliff Kingsbury is leaving Texas A&M and the SEC to become a head coach in the Big 12. All over the South women are weeping quietly into their pillows. (So are their boyfriends and husbands). The sunglass wearing, long sleeve rocking, boat-shoe wearing frat guy with the perpetual five o’clock shadow and the high-scoring offense, both on and off… Read more »

Predicting the future: odds to win the 2014 BCS

BCS bowls feel like they’re months away. Johnny Football has received his coronation into football royalty and we’re already talking about the chances of him winning a 2nd time. Names like Bielema, Stoops, Malzahn, and Jones now claim ownership for some of the SEC’s biggest reclamation projects.  Coach Petrino has found work as new head… Read more »

NCAA Exploits Black Male Athletes

I’m not a fan of the NCAA. I believe the organization is hypocritical, morally bankrupt, inconsistent, untrusthworthy, lacks true precedential value, and is the worst lawful organization in America today. Worst of all, it’s an organization whose entire purpose is predicated upon one mission — ensuring that those who have nothing complete their eligibility still having nothing. That… Read more »

OKTC’s Top Markets For the 2012 Football Season

I’m a huge fan of Google analytics because it’s incredibly addictive. I can sit here in real time and see exactly where our OKTC readers are coming from across the country. What’s more, I can see the rise of mobile and I can even see you, the person, who just typed “KLIFF KINGSBURY SHIRTLESS” all… Read more »

Meet Johnny Manziel: The New Tim Tebow

Midway through his eloquent Heisman trophy acceptance speech it hit me — Johnny Manziel is the new Tim Tebow. I don’t know why it took me so long to see it before, but my sudden realization was eye-opening. It was as if I could see into college football’s future. Just as Tebow stepped onto the… Read more »

Western Kentucky Hits Homerun, Hires Bobby Petrino

Bowling Green, Kentucky At 11:38 on Friday night Bobby Petrino’s phone buzzed. Western Kentucky athletic director Todd Stewart, on the job for just seven months, wanted to know if Petrino would be interested in talking about the Hilltopper job that Willie Taggart had just vacated. With that text WKU’s Stewart set in motion the best… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Ranking the 2012 SEC Coaching Hires

Okay, we have four new coaches hired in the SEC. Just in time for the Friday mailbag. It’s perfect timing! Y’all have deluged us with questions. So I’m not going to spend any time with an elaborate prelude, y’all know what this is, it’s the mailbag. Let’s roll live from Philadelphia for Army-Navy. A billion… Read more »

Just Hire Bobby Petrino

Bobby Petrino is the best available college coach in America and there isn’t a close second. In the wake of yesterday’s disastrous pursuit of Mike Gundy and Charlie Strong, it’s time for Tennessee to bite the moral bullet and hire Petrino.   As Tennessee throws four million dollars at Charlie Strong — four million! — Bobby Petrino remains… Read more »

Phil Fulmer Goes Back to the Future at Tennessee

The Phil Fulmer curse is real. Ever since Mike Hamilton fired Phil Fulmer, the Tennessee athletic department has come undone. With yesterday’s coaching search debacle, the question has to be asked, why not bring back Phil Fulmer, pair him with current LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis and USC assistant Tee Martin, and go back to the… Read more »

BCS Bowl Blunders and SEC Coaching Vacancies: ‘Tis the Season for the 2012 Danger Zone!

By Thomas Sanders Fear not college football fans lamenting the upcoming bowl season hiatus, because it’s the most wonderful time of the year! We have finally arrived in that sliver of the sporting cycle where irrationality truly reigns supreme. Coaching watches, BCS blunders, distant playoff hopes, even an impending Mayan apocalypse prophecy; cue the Clay… Read more »

Tennessee’s Coaching Search Is a Dumpster Fire

Let’s not pretend that Tennessee’s coaching search has been anything short of a disaster. Because it has. It’s gotten so bad a prominent Tennessee booster just texted me this, “Dave Hart couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a fist full of hundreds.” Athletic director Dave Hart wanted complete control of the UT coaching search. He… Read more »

Ron Artest and The Meaning of Life

I am the only Indiana Pacers fan that I know. On the rare occasion that I meet another die-hard NBA fan in the rural south-eastern state in which I live, an exchange like this usually occurs: Them: “So, you’re a hoops fan, too! Man, I’ve followed the *insert successful team name here* since I was… Read more »

Commentating the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

If you played the OKTC CBS Drinking Game on Saturday and did not pass out in a drunken stupor by the end of the first half, you must have an impressive alcohol tolerance. Listening to ol’ Verne and Gary call a game might not be many fans’ idea of a great time, but it’s impossible… Read more »

Arkansas, Thanks for Taking Bret Bielema Off Our Hands!

By Ryan Glasspiegel   My first reaction to the news that Bret Bielema was leaving Wisconsin for Arkansas?   Pure, unbridled joy.   My second reaction?   More of the same.   I attended over 40 games in the Bret Bielema era. I’m aware that his teams went 68-24 and made three straight Rose Bowls.… Read more »

Things I didn’t hear during the SEC championship

When you live in Vegas, getting to SEC country for all the big games isn’t feasible. This past Saturday I opted for the second best place to watch games when you can’t make it to the stadium; the sportsbook. Books all over town were packed to the rafters awash in crimson, red, and black. Everyone… Read more »

Starting 11: The most dominant year in college football history edition

The 2012 college football regular season is over. And what a season it was. Now we’re going to have awesome BCS bowl games, right? Wrong. The BCS sucks this year. Other than a Fiesta Bowl match-up between Oregon and Kansas State, we’ve got Northern Illinois vs. FSU, Florida vs. Louisville, and Wisconsin vs. Stanford. These games are… Read more »

Vandy’s James Franklin Rebuffs Multiple Offers, Set to Sign Extension With Vanderbilt

OKTC has learned that James Franklin is poised to sign a new contract extension with Vanderbilt that includes substantial campus facility upgrades, raises for his assistant coaches, and a substantial growth in commitment to the football program from the university. Last season Vanderbilt announced a new indoor football facility and an extension with Franklin. This year OKTC has been… Read more »

2012 BCS Bowls and SEC Bowl Games

If you don’t want to sit around and wait for the exclusive BCS selection special airing on ESPN in a few hours, here are the bowl match-ups for the BCS and every SEC team. BCS Title Game: Alabama vs. Notre Dame Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Stanford Orange Bowl: Northern Illinois vs. Florida State Sugar Bowl:… Read more »