I hate the SEC

Man I hate the SEC.  In fact, most of the country does.   I know what you’re thinking… “What’s this all about, JT?  I thought this was an SEC website? And how can I be as tall and as good looking as you?”   That’s a lot of questions there, fella.     First off, 6’3″… Read more »

Decoding Mike Slive

HOOVER, ALA As anyone with an internet feed or access to ESPNU – or, for that matter, was among the 1.2 million “credentialed media” inside the main ballroom at The Wynfrey in Hoover, Ala., — on Wednesday, SEC Commissioner/Big-Time Football Right Reverend Michael Lawrence Slive took to the main podium in an attempt to right all… Read more »

Smelly Cam Pimp-Bama Fan Makes His Debut At SEC Media Days

As anyone who has ever been to SEC media days knows, there are a ton of crazy, ridiculous characters that show up to take in the festivities. That’s even though, you know, they aren’t actually allowed to do anything but stand outside the ropes and gawk. The largest group of fans, and this will come… Read more »

Mike Slive Creates A Paradigm Shift of His Own

Hoover, Ala Mike Slive is the most powerful man in college athletics because he’s capable of winning one argument after another. But he’s also the most powerful man in college athletics because he understands what arguments he can’t win. In today’s state of the SEC address, Slive faced a tough obstacle — on the day… Read more »

The Outkick The Coverage Manifesto

At OutkicktheCoverage, theOKTC.com, we promise to entertain you. And make you smarter. And make your penis or breasts larger. That’s our promise to you. It’s. What. We. Do. We also promise that we’re not going to be anything like the local newspaper that you don’t read. Or the big websites that you don’t read either.… Read more »