An Alabama fan remembers Coach Bill Curry, a great man

By: Jeff “SQUIRREL” Tew   On October 30, 1977 I was born in Dothan, Alabama to a family who had bled Alabama Crimson since the football teams’ inception in 1892. Growing up, all I knew was Alabama football. Wanting to further engrain my DNA in Alabama fandom, my Dad took the liberty of having Alabama coaches… Read more »

SEC Report Cards

It’s time for Vegas to issue September report cards. Alabama’s rise to prominence shouldn’t surprise any of us nor should Arkansas’ fall from grace (although anyone who saw outright losses to ULM and Rutgers before the year is lying). There are plenty of questions that need answering but there’s no better way to gauge early… Read more »

Vinnie Verno Is Back: And He’s Rolling With Arkansas

Occasionally Vinnie Verno makes a prediction that’s so laughably off that I have to call him out here. Such is the case this week. Picking Arkansas +13.5 over Texas A&M is the dumbest prediction in Vinnie’s illustrious gambling history. I mean, has he actually watched Arkansas this year? And has he seen the amount of… Read more »

What Has Cumulus Promised Jim Rome and CBS Sports Radio?

Today word officially came down that Jim Rome’s new CBS Sports Radio show will air from 12-3 eastern on the new CBS Sports Radio Network. Prior to this announcement word had also been released that Doug Gottlieb’s show will air from 3-6 eastern. Cumulus, the nation’s second largest radio company, has also signed on to provide… Read more »

Moms, Hug ’em if you Got ‘Em.

By Chris Haddock Thirty-nine years ago a woman went into labor on her 25th Birthday. Eighteen hours later on the following morning she delivered her first child. She spent the next two and a half decades raising this son. She was a Bama fan.  Her own father had abandoned her family when she was in… Read more »

Musings from a Packer fan at Monday Night’s Debacle

By Shyam Sundararaman I was at CenturyLink Field for the most memorable Monday night football finish of all time. Years from now I will be able to tell my grandkids that I was in the stadium the day that Cedric Benson scored a Packer touchdown, Golden Tate made a play, the NFL’s credibility sank to… Read more »

NFL’s Fail Safe Fails On Monday Night Football

Officiating errors happen. Especially when you take high school refs and put them under the NFL microscope. Then you magnify that focus even more by putting replacement refs in the biggest game of the week, the one watched by everyone at the same time. Even with the real refs the worst time for a bad… Read more »

Tainted Touchception

For those living under a rock, there happened to be a bit of controversy surrounding the finish to last night’s Monday Night Football game between Seattle and Green Bay.  Golden Tate’s catch/no catch/interception/touchception not only decided the outright winner of the game, it created a 9 figure shift in gambling payouts. According to sports business… Read more »

Starting 11: The SEC East is Better than the SEC West

Through one-third of the season, the SEC East, erstwhile conference division whipping boy, has surged back into the lead, surpassing the SEC West for the first time in several years, as the best division in college football. Alabama has been dominant, we know this, but what else has the SEC West done at the top… Read more »

Aubie Got Lucky During the Third Quarter of LSU Game

It has been a rough season for Auburn. Lose to Clemson, lose to Missisippi State, sneak by Louisiana-Monroe in overtime. Then LSU comes to town. Big, bad LSU was nearly a three touchdown favorite. But give Gene Chizik’s troops credit, they fought, clawing their way back to a halftime lead and continuing to lead throughout… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Tennessee Glass Eye Edition

Another loss to Florida and it’s clear Tennessee fans have lost it as well. Glass eyes with favorite teams, facial hair in the shape of the power T, and gay slur t-shirts, it’s been a strong week for Vol fans in the awkward fan challenge. Our beaver pelt trader of the week is Doodle, the mini-donkey.… Read more »

Vinnie Verno Returns With Week Four Picks

Last week Vinnie Verno was on a roll, he went 3-0. That means this week he’s insufferable. Dive in to see who Vinnie likes in LSU at Auburn, Kansas State — Oklahoma, and Kentucky at Florida. Remember, he makes picks, you make money. Vince Young could really use the help now.

U.S. News Rankings of Top Six Football Conferences

I know, I know, academics and football go together as well as Alabama fans and IQ points, but today the U.S. News released its rankings of the top colleges in America. You can see all the rankings here. You’ll recall that the Texas Longhorns famously cited academics as a reason why they didn’t fit in the SEC.… Read more »

How not to pick up women: advice from your Bull Pen Editor

As a woman who exists and occasionally has to go out in public, I get hit on. It’s a fact of life when you’re female. And because some of you are so damn awkward, here are my top 7 ways not to hit on a girl. 1. Be aware of reflective surfaces.  This mostly applies… Read more »

SEC By the Numbers

College football is always a numbers game for bettors. However, they’re not alone when it comes to keeping tabs on the stats, wins, and polls stirring debate all fall long. The SEC is still elite as far as bookmakers are concerned   Much maligned by some through the early going, as far as Vegas is… Read more »


By Craig Hayes Last Friday night, Justin Buckley, a running back for the Oceanside (N.Y.) High School Sailors broke free for a twenty-five yard touchdown to put the finishing touches on a comeback 36-21 victory over the East Meadow High Jets. After he crossed the goal line, he celebrated his score in a unique and special… Read more »

Peyton Manning Tattoo Loses to Florida Again

I should have known as soon as I saw this guy with the Peyton Manning tattoo on his calf that the Vols would find a way to lose to Florida. Should. Have. Known. This is the first awkward fan tattoo that I’ve actually witnessed in person. I was standing outside Gate 15 at Neyland Stadium… Read more »

Playing the Field- a Football Fan without a Team

By Mat Nickovich I am a college football vagabond. I drift from team to team, player to player, conference to conference because of a deep-seated unwillingness and inability to devote my fandom to a single team. Some say this failure to settle makes me a college football slut, but I disagree. One year it’s the… Read more »