Jon Gruden Confuses Lisa Salters and Michelle Obama

In a move that could have cost him the District of Columbia’s electoral votes, Jon Gruden confused one attractive black woman for another attractive black woman during Wednesday night’s Orange Bowl. You might have missed it because it came in the second half of the West Virginia – Clemson beat down. Be honest, the only reason… Read more »

You Need Holly Rowe On That Wall, You Want Holly Rowe on That Wall

Last night in the immediate wake of Michigan’s non-false start false started kick, Holly Rowe had some female competition for an interview with Brady Hoke and, well, she was not happy that another reporter got to Hoke first. You guys have such eagle eyes, you immediately blew up my Twitter feed to make sure I’d… Read more »

Caesar’s Palace Sets 2013 BCS Title Odds

I’m not a huge gambler by any stretch of the imagination, but I always love to see what Las Vegas thinks of match-ups, futures, and the like. That’s why I was excited when our guy on 3HL, Todd Fuhrman of Caesar’s Palace, came on our show today and announced that Caesar’s 2013 BCS title future… Read more »

Starting 11: A Weekend of Bowl Watching

You. Can’t. Rely. On. College. Kickers. That should be the lesson that anyone who watched games all day yesterday should take with them. College kickers are notoriously unreliable. This isn’t the NFL. In fact, there’s no comparison between NFL and college kickers. Think about it, NFL kickers are the 32 best at what they do… Read more »

Michele Bachmann Compares Herself to Tim Tebow in Iowa Political Ad

As the Iowa caucus nears, candidates in last place throw up political hail mary’s. This is the only possible explanation for Michele Bachmann’s attempt to compare herself to Tim Tebow. There are all sorts of issues raised by this political action committee ad — first among them is this question, is Tebow actually endorsing Bachmann?… Read more »

With Justin Wilcox and Peter Sirmon Departure: Derek Dooley Is Finished

Today news broke that Justin Wilcox and Peter Sirmon, the two stars of the UT coaching staff, are departing for Washington. Last year Justin Wilcox turned down the defensive coordinator job at Texas. This year he leaves for a vastly inferior job in Washington. This speaks volumes to the state of the UT program, coaches… Read more »

Alabama Football Argument Ends in Stabbing

We’ve all been there, you go out with your buddies for a wild night on the town in Huntsville, Alabama and that night ends at a strip club. Only the strip club is already closed. So you head to the local gas station at three in the morning, get in an argument over Alabama football and… Read more »

SEC Bowl Season Arrives

I’m working like heck to get better at television. Because right now I’m kind of awkward. There are several things on TV you’re supposed to do that are unnatural. For instance, stare directly in to the camera. If you pull your eyes away from the lens it looks awful. Yet this is the exact opposite… Read more »

Derek Dooley Bungles Deanthony Arnett Transfer

Tennessee’s Derek Dooley is about to lose another public relations battle over a transferring student, this time true freshman receiver DeAnthony Arnett. Arnett, a native of Saginaw, Michigan, picked the Vols over Michigan State and Michigan. He had a great first year for a freshman receiver, catching 24 passes for 242 yards. Dooley has agreed… Read more »

2011 Belonged To Twitter, So Does the Future of Sports Media

Every morning starts the same way for me, I roll over and check Twitter on my iPhone. I check Twitter before I check my email, my text messages, or even get out of bed. My wife has even threatened to start her own Twitter account to remind me to take out the trash. I read all… Read more »

SEC’s 2012 Schedule Released

Today the SEC released its 2012 football schedule. It’s been a long time coming. The important thing to keep in mind about the 2012 schedule is that it’s not a template for future seasons. That is, this year’s schedule stands alone. There are still many issues to resolve about the long-term format of a 14… Read more »

Complete 2012 SEC Football Schedule

The SEC officially announced its conference slate for 2012 today, but it did not include all 14 teams non-conference slates. So I hopped around the web and pieced them all together. Now I’m going to give you fearless over/under predictions on wins and rank the teams. But first, I want you to see Kevin Sumlin… Read more »

First Year of OKTC in the Books: Some Data For Y’all

On July 20th Outkick the Coverage went live for the first day. It was a hectic decision, made all the more hectic by the fact that was the first day of SEC Media Days. Since that day just over five months ago over 2.5 million unique vistors have come to OKTC. And many of y’all… Read more »

NFL Playoff Simulator Will Make Your Monday

Reason number 1,468,579 why playoffs are better than the BCS — because just about every game in the final weekend implicates the playoffs in some form or fashion. Welcome to the NFL’s week 17 where fully 14 of the 16 games matter to some degree or the other. For those of you who follow me… Read more »

Bengals’ Jerome Simpson With Touchdown of the Year

I hope everyone has a spectacular Christmas. But no matter how spectacular your Christmas is, it won’t match this second quarter touchdown from the Bengals’ Jerome Simpson. This is like “Christmas Story” mixed with “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Thanks to the NFL Redzone Channel I was watching this play live. When Simpson jumped I thought,… Read more »

OKTC’s Bowl Preview: Part Two

Kellen Moore won fifty games as a starter — a record that will never be equaled unless college football teams start playing 16 games a year — but did he outkick his coverage with wife Julie? I’ll leave that for you guys to decide. If you think he did Facebook wall message below and we’ll decide whether he… Read more »

SEC Coaches as Civil War Generals

My name is Clay Travis and growing up I went to Civil War sleepaway camp. As a scholarship student, no less. I wrote essays to win this scholarship. Back in the summer of 1996 when I was 17 years old I went to Gettysburg College and spent a week living in the dorms there. (Yes, this really happened).… Read more »