Meet Teboozing: Tebowing With Alcohol

We helped introduce you to Tebowing — dropping to one knee and praying as others around you are doing something completely different — a month or so ago. Now meet the inevitable offshoot of Tebowing — Teboozing, you strike the same pose but you’re drinking alcohol while doing said pose. The guys at Teboozing reached out to OKTC asking… Read more »

How Did SEC Teams Do Compared To Vegas Preseason Expectations?

Les Miles was just voted AP Coach of the Year in the SEC. Congrats to him, I think it was completely justified. The only other coach in the SEC who could have made a case for the award was Vanderbilt’s James Franklin. At least that’s the result you reach if you use 2011 over/under’s provided… Read more »

The Final Scorecard for the SEC Title Drinking Game

It’s Monday which means that the tens of thousands of you who were playing along with us during #cbsdrink are probably recovered by now. Lots of y’a’ll are already asking and the answer is, yes, we will have a new drinking game for the rematch between LSU and Alabama. So you have a month of… Read more »

BCS Bowl Match-Ups Set: LSU and Alabama will rematch

It will be a rematch in the BCS “title” game between LSU and Alabama on January 9th. Like I said last night, I think LSU won the AP national title with the SEC championship game win. But am I looking forward to covering the “title” game for OKTC and seeing what Bourbon Street is like with… Read more »

LSU Wins Partial Share of National Championship

ATLANTA, GA Tonight LSU won the AP national championship. Barring, that is, a complete blowout by Alabama over a month from now. And trust me, after seeing this LSU team play in person against Oregon, Tennessee, Alabama, and now Georgia, there is no way any team on the planet is blowing out LSU. (Yes, that… Read more »

Dabo Swinney Systematically Destroys South Carolina and Steve Spurrier

I don’t know what part of this video is my favorite, but do yourself a favor and head to the two minute mark of Dabo Swinney’s response to a misattributed Steve Spurrier quote. Shortly after the Clemson game @Gamecocksfb tweeted this quote which was attributed to Steve Spurrier, ‘We may not be LSU or Alabama,… Read more »

Why Don’t College Coaches Have Non-Competes in Their Contracts?

It’s the beginning of December and it’s time to play college coaching dominoes once more. Down goes one coach, up pops another one, and so on and so forth across the sweep of our nation. Already we either have or had major job openings at UCLA, North Carolina, Arizona, Arizona State, Washington State, Penn State, Ole Miss… Read more »

Presnap Read: The SEC Championship Game Preview

The Game to Watch Georgia vs LSU (3 CT/CBS) – If the Rose Bowl is the “granddaddy” of all postseason exhibitions, the SEC Championship lays claim to a similar mantle as the preeminent conference title game in college football. Since its inception in 1992, the SEC’s postseason championship has created quite the annual spectacle and… Read more »

The SEC Championship CBS Drinking Game

OKTC debuted the CBS drinking game on November 5th with the LSU-Bama showdown. Hundreds of you played along on Twitter. This past Friday thousands of you clambered aboard our drunken ride for the Arkansas-LSU drinking game. You can still go check out last week’s insanity at #cbsdrink. Now it’s time for the SEC title game version and… Read more »

Vinnie Verno: Back for Championship Week

All season long Vinnie Verno has been making picks for you. And now it’s time for the real deal, the final week of the regular season in the Big 12 alongside with the conference title games. Is that LSU girl really eating a corndog like that? Good lord. Where are her parents? By the way, Boise… Read more »

Nashville’s New Downtown Stadium Is Down to Three Potential Locations

  Today the Mayor’s task force charged with reviewing potential sites released its official report on a long-delayed new downtown baseball stadium for the Nashville Sounds, Triple A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. You can read that entire report here. I’d encourage you to do so because it’s packed with interesting details about the city,… Read more »

Florida State RA Posts Sex Noise Notice

Let’s be clear, it’s the Internet, so anything can be photoshopped or pranked up, but this email tip arrives from a previously reliable tippee who swears this notice just went up in a Florida State freshman dorm. The issue? Someone is having sex too loudly during quiet hours. In particular, “During quiet hours the RA… Read more »

Big Ten Paying “Fans” $75 to Attend Inaugural Title Game

Michigan State and Wisconsin are set to play in the first ever Big Ten championship game. A Rose Bowl berth is on the line. Neither team is a perpetual conference heavyweight. So you’d think fans would be rolling in to Indianapolis, that ticket prices would be surging, that the excitement would be palpable. You’d be…wrong. StubHub… Read more »

Andy Griffith and Barney Fife Turn on Derek Dooley

When Andy Griffith and Barney Fife have turned on you, well, you don’t have a lot of support left. I’m not sure when this episode of the Andy Griffith show ran, but I bet Tennessee had more football wins back then. Yes, this is from the same guy who did “Sorry Phil Fulmer.” He’s endorsed my… Read more »

LSU Wins Share of National Title With SEC Championship Game Victory

LSU plays Georgia in the SEC championship game and already some are saying the game means nothing at all since the LSU-Alabama rematch in the BCS title game appears set regardless of the SEC title outcome. I think that opinion is completely wrong. Why? Because LSU can win a share of the national title with… Read more »

Vanderbilt Reaches Deal on Extension, Salary Increase for James Franklin

Vanderbilt has reached an agreement to extend first-year head coach James Franklin’s contract. The extension will also feature a salary increase for Franklin, whose team beat Wake Forest yesterday to become bowl eligible. Reached for comment by OKTC, Vanderbilt Vice-Chancellor David Williams acknowledged that a deal was in place: “I’ve been working with Coach Franklin’s agent since the… Read more »

Today Vol Fans Realized the Dool-Aid Was Laced With Arsenic

Some UT fans have been mad at me for not being a dyed-in-the-wool Dool-Aid drinking homer. How come, many wonder, I won’t drink the Dool-Aid? When I wrote after October’s Georgia loss that Dooley would be firmly on the hot seat by the end of the Arkansas game, message boards exploded in outrage. How could I say such a… Read more »

Kids Discuss the Iron Bowl: Happy Thanksgiving Weekend from OTKC

First thing’s first: I am no longer Pregnant in a Sundress.  At only 32 weeks gestation (8 weeks before her due date, for those not in the Baby Club yet), I had some pregnancy complications that forced an emergency c-section. So at 6:15 on October 24, my daughter Caroline was born. She spent 28 days… Read more »

Presnap Read: Arkansas at LSU; BCS Madness Brewing?

The Game to Watch Arkansas at LSU (1:30/CBS) – The No. 3 Razorbacks head to Baton Rouge to take on the top-ranked Tigers in a nationally televised game that will determine who plays in the SEC and BCS title games. One of the nation’s most prolific offenses will face a suffocating defense, and for only… Read more »

CBS’s Tim Brando, Spencer Tillman and Tony Barnhart Discuss BCS “Mulligan” For Oklahoma State, Arkansas Deaths

During halftime of our epic CBS drinking game that has me buzzing as I type this, I took a break from drinking. What did I hear? Tim Brando, Spencer Tillman, and Tony Barnhart all three discussing the impact that Oklahoma State plane crash deaths and Arkansas’s player deaths might have on the BCS standings.  Seriously. … Read more »