Pac 12 sizzle video aces SAT vocabulary test, nails bad Faulkner

The Pac 12 released a new video that answers the question, what would a football sizzle video about the Pac 12 sound like if it also doubled as bad William Faulkner. You must watch this video to see that Colorado is described as a “progressive powerhouse” that “stands shoulder to shoulder with the Rocky Mountains.”… Read more »

Alabama’s Timeline Makes No Sense; Nick Saban Comments on Story

On Friday morning broke the story of the shady relationship between T-Town Menswear and the Alabama football program. Later that morning Alabama shot down the legitimacy of that story by saying it had sent a cease and desist letter to the store back in December. Alabama also said that it had not contacted anyone… Read more »

Julio Jones: Man of Many Suits

When I was in college, I had one suit. It was crappy, ill-fitting, and I wore it rarely. No one I knew in college had more than two suits. Post-graduation that didn’t change much. Nor did it change much after I began practicing law. I had one suit hanging on the back of the door and another… Read more »

Players Don’t Respect the NCAA; It’s Time for Change

I am a West Coast homer and hopefully will bring some much needed PAC-12 (Conference of Champions) love to the site. Born and raised in Los Angeles. Both parents went to UCLA.  Dad grew up in the Bay Area and Mom in LA. My parents have had season tickets to UCLA football games since the… Read more »

Pregnant in a Sundress: Hello Y’all

I walked into the lobby of the Wynfrey Hotel on Day 2 of SEC Football Media Days and was instantly overwhelmed.  There were radio station tables lining both sides of the main corridor. Photographers and TV crews with all sorts of expensive cameras and equipment were running around chasing players, coaches, and other Very Important… Read more »

Owner of T-Town Menswear Had Alabama Sideline Passes in 2009 and 2010

After reported on the odd relationship between T-Town Menswear and Alabama football, the university provided word to OKTC and ESPN that it had sent a cease and desist letter to the store’s owner in December of 2010 and found nothing improper in the relationship between the store and its players. But as further investigation ensues the connections between… Read more »

Alabama Releases Cease and Desist Letter to T-Town Menswear, Confirms Autographs Were Sold

This evening the University of Alabama released a cease and desist letter dated December 22, 2010 to We have replicated the letter in its entirety below for your review. The blockbuster revelation from the letter is that it confirms that Tom Albetar, the owner of T-Town Menswear was, in fact, “selling or distributing…items depicting current… Read more »

The Pac 12’s Business Model Will Change College Athletics

(Note: our sports business writer’s employee would not appreciate him writing for this site. That is understandable since he works in the industry. Hence we have disguised him with the name Mookie Blaylock — his choice.) At the Southeastern Conference spring meetings in 2009, the SEC was sitting at the top of college sports by… Read more »

Did T-Town Menswear Cause an NCAA Violation For Alabama?

You know the drill these days. You go to the bar to celebrate the launch of your website with a bunch of great people, come home planning to fall into bed and dream about what gifts Les Miles might give us all at SEC Media Days tomorrow, and instead find a collection of emails in the… Read more »

Alabama Notifies OKTC Of Cease and Desist Letter Sent to T-Town Menswear In December 2010

Hoover, AL In the wake of’s report early this morning that multiple Alabama players had their autographed jerseys and helmets used to advertise T-Town Men’s Wear, a men’s suit store in Tuscaloosa, Alabama has notified OKTC’s David Wasson that the program sent a cease and desist letter to T-Town’s Men’s Wear in December of… Read more »

Is Florida’s Will Muschamp Crazy?

Hoover, Al Perhaps the most uncomfortable feeling one man can have in the presence of another (at least in the context of a civilized conversation) is when Man A gives the distinct impression that he would just as well mutilate Man B as converse with him.   Man A at SEC Media Days on Wednesday was… Read more »

Hot Seat Diaries: The Tale of Georgia’s Mark Richt

HOOVER, Ala. – Mark Richt appeared comfortable and at ease standing at the podium Thursday morning for SEC Media Days.   Good thing he wasn’t sitting down, because the Bulldog-shaped, 500-degree grill that would meet his posterior would insta-sear normal mortals. Richt, who is about to start his 11th season as head coach and Chief… Read more »

I hate the SEC

Man I hate the SEC.  In fact, most of the country does.   I know what you’re thinking… “What’s this all about, JT?  I thought this was an SEC website? And how can I be as tall and as good looking as you?”   That’s a lot of questions there, fella.     First off, 6’3″… Read more »

Decoding Mike Slive

HOOVER, ALA As anyone with an internet feed or access to ESPNU – or, for that matter, was among the 1.2 million “credentialed media” inside the main ballroom at The Wynfrey in Hoover, Ala., — on Wednesday, SEC Commissioner/Big-Time Football Right Reverend Michael Lawrence Slive took to the main podium in an attempt to right all… Read more »

Smelly Cam Pimp-Bama Fan Makes His Debut At SEC Media Days

As anyone who has ever been to SEC media days knows, there are a ton of crazy, ridiculous characters that show up to take in the festivities. That’s even though, you know, they aren’t actually allowed to do anything but stand outside the ropes and gawk. The largest group of fans, and this will come… Read more »

Mike Slive Creates A Paradigm Shift of His Own

Hoover, Ala Mike Slive is the most powerful man in college athletics because he’s capable of winning one argument after another. But he’s also the most powerful man in college athletics because he understands what arguments he can’t win. In today’s state of the SEC address, Slive faced a tough obstacle — on the day… Read more »