Gus Malzahn updates his delicious go-to Waffle House order

You can’t blame Gus Malzahn for getting fired up for Waffle House.

Michael Chang Getty Images North America

Gus Malzahn’s got a thing.

After every win at Auburn, he and his wife, Kristi, celebrate with a meal at Waffle House. They even did it in February after the Tigers locked in an excellent recruiting class.

This was revealed last fall when the SEC Network tagged along on one of their Saturday night dates.

But on Monday at the SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala., Malzahn gave us an update on his Waffle House order.

He doesn’t just get a steak omelet. He gets the steak omelet “covered in chunks,” which — according to the Waffle House — means cheese (the “covered” part) and diced ham (“chunks”) on top. 

“And if it’s a big game, I’ll also get a waffle on the side,” Malzahn said gleefully on the SEC Network set.

Steak, ham, eggs, cheese and a big-game victory waffle. Yeeeaahhhhh, buddy.

For the record, Kristi orders two eggs, extra-crispy bacon, extra-crispy hash brows and raisin toast.

Also, while speaking at SEC Media Days today, Malzahn had a couple interesting comments. He said even the teams that used to complain about tempo in the SEC now run it (ahem, Alabama), and when asked about satellite camps — that most overblown story of the last couple offseasons — and the prospect of Jim Harbaugh coming into the South to steal players, Malzahn said the Michigan coach’s chances of doing that are “slim to none.” 

Yep, it was a good day for Malzahn in Hoover.

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