September Was the Most Dominant Month In Outkick History

Hate to brag, but I’m pretty sure Outkick just pulled off the first fivesome in sports media history in September. (At least the first one that didn’t involve a regular Wednesday night for John Clayton).

Outkick went over a million monthly viewers, readers, or listeners in all five of these categories, something that I don’t think anyone else in sports media has ever done before:

1. The website

Outkick had 1.3 million unique readers on just 20 total articles from me in September. To put that audience into perspective, that’s a fuckload of average readers per column.

2. TV

Tens of millions of people watched me on Fox News and CNN last month.

Honestly, the fact that I don’t presently have a TV show where I can do or say whatever I want is proof that TV networks have no clue how to make money in the modern media marketplace.

3. The Outkick the Coverage radio show

Outkick the Coverage, my morning radio show on 250+ stations, is dominating its time slot and over a million people listened to the show this past month.

4. The Outkick the Coverage and Outkick the Show podcasts

I’ve never been a podcast guy, but maybe I’m going to have to become a podcast guy. (The only podcast series I’ve ever listened to was “Shit-Town” on our drive to the beach last year and the only reason I listened is because my wife loves podcasts).

Anyway, for a daily radio show that is already hitting a huge audience on AM/FM and satellite, we’re also now in the millions of podcast downloads too. As far as sports talk radio show audiences go, there is zero doubt we are now in the top five most listened to sports talk radio shows in the country.

5. Our Outkick the Show Periscope and Facebook Live shows

We went over a million viewers on these shows as well, including several shows with in excess of 100k viewers in a single day.

Add this all up and we are rolling like never before and it’s almost all because of you guys.

One of the fascinating things to see how much Outkick has become a national brand now. Look below at our top 25 website and podcast markets. It used to be that we were pretty much only a Southern brand.

Now look at this data.

A listener or reader is as likely to be in Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles as they are the SEC footprint.


Here’s the top 25 markets for the Outkick website in September per Google analytics.

1. Nashville

2. Atlanta

3. Houston

4. Chicago

5. Dallas

6. New York City

7. Washington, DC

8. Los Angeles

9. Birmingham

10. Austin

11. Charlotte

12. Knoxville

13. Seattle

14. Memphis

15. Orlando

16. San Francisco

17. Boston

18. Indianapolis

19. St. Louis

20. Detroit

21. Columbus, Ohio

22. Phoenix

23. Philadelphia

24. Denver

25. Kansas City

Here’s the top 25 podcast markets

1. Nashville

2. Los Angeles

3. Atlanta

4. Houston

5. San Francisco

6. Dallas

7. New York City

8. Birmingham

9. Memphis

10. Chicago

11. Washington, DC

12. Detroit

13. Phoenix

14. Denver

15. Charlotte

16. Indianapolis

17. Chattanooga

18. Orlando

19. Minneapolis

20. Kansas City

21. Philadelphia

22. Greenville, SC

23. Cincinnati

24. St. Louis

25. Austin

I don’t know where Outkick is headed, but I’m pretty sure of one thing — it ain’t to a smaller audience.

We’re doing a fun experiment tonight, our first ever live audience Outkick the Show tonight at 7:30 at Zanies in Nashville. And then we’ll have live events in St. Louis on Friday and Birmingham on Monday. So if you’re an Outkick VIP member — $99 for the year and access to these events, check the message board for details.

And, FYI, if you’re a company looking at this audience and you want to advertise your brand to our audience, you can email me at Every ad we’ve sold on the site or the shows has been as a result of companies reaching out to me directly. We don’t even employ an ad sales team, I just hook your brand up directly.

We’re pretty much sold out for the rest of 2017, but I’m deciding what our sponsors will look like in 2018 now so email me if you want to climb aboard the good ship Outkick.