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Avengers: Infinity War Review

Outkick the Coverage - Avengers: Infinity War Review

Fair warning, you’re going to want to be incredibly careful with what you read in advance of seeing Infinity War, because it’s difficult to talk about the film without spoilers. So much of its success as a story hinges on certain points that won’t just harm your enjoyment, but will WRECK it if you know… Read more »

Black Panther Review

Outkick the Coverage - Black Panther Review

So much has been written about Black Panther that it’s become a movie that elicits a reaction before anyone steps into a movie theater, or chooses not to. Some don’t like that it appears to be socially conscious, while others laud the film for its messaging. Some don’t appreciate the comparisons to all-time classics in… Read more »

Thor: Ragnarok Review

Outkick the Coverage - Thor: Ragnarok Review

Full disclosure before we begin. I’m not a huge Thor fan from either the comics or the films. It’s just not a character that has ever spoken to me, in much the same way as Wonder Woman never has. If there’s a medieval feel, I’m usually not the proper audience for it. Game of Thrones… Read more »

Marvel’s The Defenders is Dark, But Fun

Outkick the Coverage - Marvel’s The Defenders is Dark, But Fun

I had to watch the first two episodes of Netflix’s The Defenders, which hit the streaming service today, twice. Why? Because I fell asleep during both initial viewings. Whoa, that’s clearly not a good sign. That’s what I thought, but by the end of the fourth episode, which was the final hour Marvel and Netflix… Read more »

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Outkick the Coverage - Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

The only requirement for a good superhero film, unless Christopher Nolan is directing it, should be for it to leave the audience feeling a sense of fun and wonder. Spider-Man is undoubtedly one of the genre’s biggest names, and yet it’s arguable there hasn’t been a truly “great” big screen depiction of our favorite web… Read more »