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Netflix’s American Vandal Review

Outkick the Coverage - Netflix’s American Vandal Review

Honestly, I had no idea what I was in for with American Vandal, the new fictional, satirical true crime series that dropped onto Netflix this past Friday. I assumed I would enjoy portions of it and probably would have to deal with the rest of it. Granted, that’s a vague manner in which to enter… Read more »

Narcos Season 3 Review

Outkick the Coverage - Narcos Season 3 Review

A thought occurred to me a few moments after Wagner Moura’s seminal Pablo Escobar was finally murdered on a rooftop in the closing minutes of the Narcos Season 2 finale. Certainly this drama could continue to exist without him, but for two years Moura provided consistently riveting television, with very few spots that could be… Read more »

Marvel’s The Defenders is Dark, But Fun

Outkick the Coverage - Marvel’s The Defenders is Dark, But Fun

I had to watch the first two episodes of Netflix’s The Defenders, which hit the streaming service today, twice. Why? Because I fell asleep during both initial viewings. Whoa, that’s clearly not a good sign. That’s what I thought, but by the end of the fourth episode, which was the final hour Marvel and Netflix… Read more »

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later Review

Outkick the Coverage - Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later Review

If you’re reading this, it’s not outlandish to assume you’re already familiar with the Wet Hot American Summer phenomenon. Originally it was a 2001 cult classic about a Maine summer camp, and it’s always been known for the quality of its cast more than the quality of its script. This is a project that’s very… Read more »

Netflix’s Ozark Simply Isn’t Fun

Outkick the Coverage - Netflix’s Ozark Simply Isn’t Fun

All I ask from a television show is for it to hold my attention and not feel like a drag on my time. Some of the best shows, up to and including Breaking Bad and The Leftovers, have started slowly, required patience, and then ended up cultural touchstones. Seven hours into Netflix’s new original series,… Read more »