The Daily Outkick: Friday, February 8, 2019

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A Week Ago, The Wizards Swore They Wouldn’t Break Up Their Big Three. One Step Changed That. (Washington Post) Beal, Porter Jr. and Wall were supposed to be the Wizards’ long-term core. Then an injury changed everything.

Jeff Bezos Accuses National Enquirer Of ‘Extortion And Blackmail’ (New York Times) In an online post, Mr. Bezos said intermediaries the owner of The Enquirer had approached him to stop his investigation.

Knicks Hope? Or Madison Square Garden Derangement Syndrome? (Wall Street Journal) New York deals off a young player on the hope of landing All-Star talent. We’ve seen this movie before.

Twitter Finally Shared How Big Its Daily User Base Is — And It’s A Lot Smaller Than Snapchat’s (Recode) Twitter has 126 million daily users compared to Snap’s 186 million.

Bob Stoops Signs With XFL

Why Bob Stoops Chose The XFL, His Advice To Kyler Murray, Plus Three More Takeaways From His Press Conference (Dallas Morning News) Stoops was introduced Thursday as the head coach and GM of the XFL’s new Dallas franchise.

Virginia Democrats Decline To Call On Fairfax, Herring To Resign (Politico) Warner and Kaine — along with other lawmakers from the state — reiterated their call for Gov. Northam to resign.

Turner Sports Signs Gambling Deal With Caesars Entertainment (Sports Business Daily) Turner Sports is signing a deal with Caesars that will lead to the production of gambling-related content.

Netflix Paid Nothing In Federal Or State Taxes In 2018 Despite Posting Record Profits Of $845million (Daily Mail) – And Even Got A $22 million Rebate

Buckle Up, The Eastern Conference’s Upper Echelon Is A War Zone (The Ringer) As the dust settles on the trade deadline, the East’s elite stand together as the biggest winners.

Can A ‘Moderate’ Win The 2020 Democratic Primary? (538) Democratic moderates may be too different from each other to vote as a bloc.

Former Patriots RB Antowain Smith On Tom Brady: ‘To Me, He Is The G.O.A.T.’ (Sporting News) “His worth ethic, the way that he studies film. He is that type of player — a consummate worker.”