The Daily Outkick: Friday, March 29, 2019

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Tennessee Came Back From 18 Down Just To Blow It Again (The Ringer) Ryan Cline’s final total of 27 points on 10-of-13 shooting (7-of-10 from deep) was a career high.

Jussie Smollett Case Prompts Criticism From Prosecutors And Trump Amid Questions About Dropped Charges (Washington Post) President Trump wants federal officials to look into a case he called “an absolute embarrassment.”

Virginia Escapes Another Big Upset, Holding Off Oregon (New York Times) The Cavaliers got enough on Thursday. The question is whether they will do the same on Saturday in the regional final against No. 3 seed Purdue.

Lyft Valued At $24.3 Billion In First Ride-Hailing IPO (Reuters) Uber has been told by its investment bankers that it could be valued at as much as $120 billion.

Gonzaga With Revenge Win Over Florida State (SI) Gonzaga knows that avenging its 2018 tournament loss in the Sweet 16 won’t bring the respect it wants—only winning the whole thing can do that.

Mob Boss Who Inspired Other Infamous Turncoats Dies In Witness Protection (New York Post) Alfonso “Little Al” D’Arco, who went from heist artist on the postwar Brooklyn streets to acting boss of the Luchese crime family before turning government witness in 1991, was 86.

The NCAA Tournament Has Turned Into A Dunk Contest (538) This season’s Sweet 16 teams have combined to produce 1,866 dunks this season.

Head Transplant Doctors Claim Spinal Cord Progress (USA Today) Monkeys and dogs were able to walk again after their spinal cords were “fully transected” during surgery and then put back together again.

How A-Rod Explains Modern America (Wall Street Journal) A new documentary about baseball and PEDs tells a bigger story than steroids

Renaming Of Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Criticized (L.A. Times) “Unlike other modern sports venues, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is not just a stadium — it is a war memorial.”

Keith Olbermann Apologizes For “We Should Do Our Best To Make Sure The Rest Of His Life Is A Living Hell” Tweet About Turkey Hunter (Awful Announcing) This week at ESPN is for the birds.

Why Do So Many Pets Keep Jumping Off ‘Dog Suicide Bridge’ In Scotland? (Star Advertiser) Local researchers estimate more than 300 have sailed off the bridge; tabloid reports say it’s 600.