The Daily Outkick: Friday, November 16, 2018

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SEC Cupcake Saturday: Lambs to the Slaughter (Outkick) The Citadel Bulldogs will take aim at the Crimson Tide and if you enjoy car crashes and train wrecks then we suggest you buy your tickets because this one is sure to feature more carnage than Friday the 13th.

Packers’ Latest Loss to Seahawks Might Usher in End of an Era (NFL) The window won’t stay open forever — Rodgers turns 35 on Dec. 2 — and the frustration in the locker room is starting to become palpable.

Houston DT Ed Oliver Throws Embarrassing Tantrum Over Not Being Able to Wear Coat (CBS Sports) At the end of the first half, ESPN’s cameras caught Oliver being restrained as he and Coach Major Applewhite shared a testy walk to the locker room.

UCF Might Not Even Be As Good As Fresno State — Let Alone Georgia Or Michigan (538) UCF’s fairytale narrative, at least for the time being, doesn’t really exist. After all, it’s not much of a story if Cinderella never gets invited to the ball and just continues scrubbing the floors.

Clay Travis: You Gotta Go With Andrew Luck and the Colts Over the Titans (Lock It In)

Major Media Critic Nick Saban Doesn’t Read What the Media Writes (Big Lead) “I don’t have the internet, I don’t have Twitter, I don’t read the newspaper,” Nick Saban said.

MLB, Fox Strike New $5.1B TV Deal (Yahoo Sports) Major League Baseball announced Thursday that it’s entered into a new multi-year, multi-platform rights deal with Fox Sports that will keep the World Series, All-Star Game, postseason games and games of the week on Fox and FS1 for the next 10 years.

MLB Partners With DAZN to Create Live Streaming Look-In Show for Baseball Fans (Sporting News) The yet-to-be-named program, co-produced by MLB and DAZN, will provide live look-ins, commentary and analysis on MLB games as they unfold around the league.

LSU, Les Miles Agree to a Buyout Settlement, Opening Door to Coaching Possibilities in 2019 (CBS Sports) LSU announced Thursday that the school and former coach Les Miles have agreed to a buyout that includes a one-time lump sum payment of $1.5 million of the $6.5 remaining in the original agreement which would have been binding until 2023. Miles was fired four games into the 2016 season following a 2-2 start.

Andrew Luck’s Second Act Could Be Even Better Than His First (The Ringer) Under first-year coach Frank Reich, the Indianapolis offense is perfectly designed to protect its quarterback and give him the opportunity to succeed. With that new system in place and his health back, Luck could be poised to make the Colts a perennial playoff contender.

Mexicans Disappointed With NFL Decision to Move Chiefs-Rams Game (Associated Press) The NFL’s decision to move the regular-season game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams due to the poor condition of the turf at Azteca Stadium has left many Mexicans disappointed, angered and wondering how it will affect the relationship with the league for the future.

Ranking the Top 2019 NFL Draft Prospects (Sports Illustrated) Who’s the top defensive lineman prospect, Ohio State’s Nick Bosa or one of Clemson’s many stars? Who’s the best QB? We polled evaluators from across the NFL to pull together our first big board for the 2019 NFL draft.

Odds to Win the 2020 Presidential Election ( OddsShark) Trump is still the individual with the best odds to win the presidency, although the next four names on the list are all Democrats.

“Laughingstock” USA: Florida Recount Woes Cause Election Chaos (Axios) Eighteen years after hanging chads and the Brooks Brothers riot, the Sunshine State is once again at the center of an election mess of its own doing.

Why the Pre-Game Show Might be the Biggest Reason to Watch Tiger vs. Phil (For The Win) Charles Barkley and Samuel L. Jackson — yes, that Samuel L. Jackson — will be part of the coverage along with golfer Pat Perez.

What Carmelo Anthony’s Fall Could Mean About the Future of Basketball Itself (Chicago Tribune) You should be wondering what happens when defensive innovation thwarts pace and space, and the league is full of players who have been taught their entire lives to only care about deep jumpers and getting to the rim.