The Daily Outkick: Friday, November 30, 2018

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Outkick Gambling Picks For “Title” Games 2018 (Outkick) Here are the Outkick gambling picks for SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, & ACC title games. Plus, Pac 12, AAC, and Conference USA. We’re going 8-0, baby!

Was Upset of Saints a Job Saver for Cowboys’ Jason Garrett? Sure Sounds Like It (Yahoo Sports) Four wins in 18 days. A gritty flag-planting victory against the New Orleans Saints. A softening schedule that might as well be a plush carpet rolled out to a playoff berth. And now, some love for Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett.

Jeremy Pruitt Meets with Hugh Freeze to Talk ‘Ball and Coordinator Vacancy (Volquest) The scorching hot name at the top of most hot boards is former Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze. Sources tell Volquest that Pruitt and other members of his staff met with Freeze while recruiting the Memphis area.

Racing Across Antarctica, One Freezing Day at a Time (New York Times) Louis Rudd and Colin O’Brady are in the middle of a unique race across the coldest continent, and their daily tasks range from the mundane to the death defying.

Clay Travis: Hugh Freeze Could Be a Great Fit for Tennessee and if They Don’t Grab Him Nick Saban Just Might (Outkick)

Please: Somebody Give Alabama a Game! (Wall Street Journal) Begging for competition as Nick Saban and the Tide roll toward another national title.

Fox Regional Sports Networks Auction Hits 1st-Round Snag as MLB Presses Bankers on Digital Rights Pitch (Fox Business) Disney and its investment bankers are preparing for the second round of their auction of nearly two dozen of Fox’s regional sports networks and hoping it goes better than the first.

Sam Ponder and ESPN Learned Dr. Pepper Doesn’t Appreciate Making Fun of Chest Passes (Awful Announcing) Dr. Pepper actually reached out to ESPN and was “absolutely furious about [Ponder’s] tweet”. Two sources shared that this was done “at a very high level,” and that they demanded she be removed from the contest.

The Six Pack: Alabama vs. Georgia, Oklahoma vs. Texas Among Top College Football Picks (CBS Sports) Trust the process through championship weekend.

Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes are Way Out Front in MVP Race (The Big Lead) Drew Brees has roared to the lead in the MVP race. Patrick Mahomes is still very much alive. Anyone else will need a major surge or major collapse by those two to win the award.

Clay Travis: College Football Gambling Picks for Title Week (Outkick)

Broncos to Work Out QB Nathan Peterman Early Next Week (Sporting News) The Denver Broncos are looking to find more diamonds in the rough like they did with Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian, and Brock Osweiler.

Fox News Goes Over the Top With Streaming ‘Fox Nation’ (Variety) Fox Nation is a way to carve a new revenue stream for Fox News, which will stand as the biggest financial engine of a slimmed-down 21st Century Fox once the parent company completes a sale of the bulk of its assets to Walt Disney Co. in early 2019.

Fun, Brash Baker Mayfield Is Back—and That’s Good for the NFL (The Ringer) Freed of Hue Jackson and unleashed on the field, the first overall pick is finally feeling himself at the pro level and looks like a superstar in the making

How It All Went Wrong in Packerland (Sports Illustrated) A one-of-a-kind franchise, a front office’s conservative approach, a roster caught in limbo, and the friction between the legendary quarterback and the embattled head coach. A closer examination of what has led to the Green Bay Packers’ most disappointing season of the past decade.

Clay Travis: If You Name Your Daughter ABCDE, You Have Failed as a Parent (Outkick)

Is This the Patriots’ Last Stand? (Sports Illustrated) They’re positioned to get a first-round bye for a ninth straight year, which would put them a single playoff win away from their eighth consecutive AFC Championship Game. So why does something seem … off?

Raiders Q&A: Jon Gruden’s grand plan, futures of Derek Carr and Jared Cook (Yahoo Sports) There’s still plenty to discuss as Jon Gruden tries to build this team back up after tearing it down to the studs. That process isn’t done yet, with a high turnover rate expected in this offseason.

For Amazon, Success Breeds Enemies (Axios) While it marches from industry to industry, Amazon has become a larger target with more dangerous enemies. “Any regulator that doesn’t have one eye on Amazon is not doing their job,” says Timothy Wu, author of “The Curse of Bigness.”