The Daily Outkick: Monday, October 8, 2018

Starting 11: Notre Dame To the Playoffs Edition? (Outkick) My playoff four is Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame and Ohio State. he Oklahoma loss was very bad for the Big 12. Texas is back! Notre Dame will make the playoff if the Fighting Irish can run the table.

How Kavanaugh Will Change The Supreme Court (538) Based on what we know about measuring the ideology of justices and judges, the Supreme Court will soon take a hard and quick turn to the right. It’s a new path that is likely to last for years.

Examining the Potential Legal Fallout of the Post-Fight McGregor-Khabib Brawl at UFC 229 (SI) In a scene reminiscent of the infamous “Malice at the Palace”, the aftermath of Russian MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov defeating Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor at UFC 229 Saturday included both fighters as well as their coaches, trainers and supporters partaking in a melee in Las Vegas.

Taylor Swift, For Some Reason, Speaks out on Politics for First Time in Tennessee Senate Race (USA Today) Another celebrity inexplicably believes that the voting public cares what an entertainer thinks about politics.

Comcast’s Revenge: Never Sell Hulu (WSJ) Selling its Hulu stake to Disney would help offset the cost of acquiring Sky, but Comcast has good reasons to hold on.

OU football: Mike Stoops Out as Defensive Coordinator (Oklahoman) A day after a disastrous defensive performance in a 48-45 loss to Texas, Mike Stoops is out as defensive coordinator

The Problem With #BelieveSurvivors (The Atlantic) “If believing the woman is the beginning and the end of a search for the truth, then we have left the realm of justice for religion.”

The Cleveland Browns: Good enough to screw it up and still win ( In a league where the Super Bowl champ are 2-3 and every team except the Chiefs and Rams stink one way or another, the Browns are in the mix. They’re right there. Good enough to screw it up and still win.

Only Question Now for Gators: How Far Can Dan Mullen Take Them in Year 1? (Gridiron Now) Mullen and his staff have been preaching toughness since arriving at Florida and that toughness was on full display Saturday. Florida won the game by beating LSU at the line of scrimmage, which not many would have believed coming in.

Will the Democrats Wake Up Before 2020? (Washington Post) “A Gallup poll released in August found, for the first time, that Democrats have a more favorable view of socialism than of capitalism…57 percent of Democrats had a favorable view of socialism, but just 47 percent had a favorable view of capitalism.”




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