The Daily Outkick: Thursday, February 14, 2019

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Was The Joe Flacco Trade A Good Move For The Broncos? Internet Says: Flacc-no! (Washington Post) The Broncos are expected to shop Keenum and release him if they can’t find a trading partner.

Border-Security Funding Deal Nears A Vote (Wall Street Journal) President Trump leans toward backing bill, says he has options to get more funds for wall than lawmakers support

From A Church In Philadelphia, Sports Reference Informs The World (New York Times) Sean Forman now has multiple sites, which generated more than a billion page views last year.

Joe Biden Is Talking To Donors As He Moves Toward Making A Decision About A Presidential Run (CNBC) Biden would be joining over a dozen of other Democratic candidates.

Browns Ripping Up ESPN Deal In Wild Payback To Explosive Report (NY Post) The Browns are fighting back against ESPN through back channels — and, more importantly, their wallet.

Clay Travis on Jimmy Haslam

Senate Poised To Confirm William Barr As Attorney General (Reuters) Barr has won praise from lawmakers in both parties for his expertise and grasp of the workings of the Justice Department

James Harden’s Historic Scoring Streak: Inside The Numbers (USA Today) After scoring 42 points Wednesday night, the Harden has now scored at least 30 in 31 consecutive games.

According To Netflix, We All Have 6 Shows In Common (Forbes) Could it quite possibly be true that the shortest distance between two people is Netflix?

Free-Agent Defensive Tackle Poop Johnson Signs With Toronto Argonauts (SI) That’s right, they really do call him “Poop.”

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Says Tickets To Mars Will Eventually Cost Less Than $500,000 (NBC) SpaceX is aiming to launch its first Mars missions in the mid-2020s

Which Sport’s All-Star Game Is The Most Ridiculous? (538) The all-star game has become a kind of awkward relic