The Daily Outkick: Thursday, January 17, 2019

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ESPN Host Says Trump Serving Fast Food Was Racist (Outkick) On ESPN’s First Take, Molly Qerim decided to drop the wokest of woke takes about the Clemson football team visiting the White House and dining on fast food there.

Will Shutdown Hurt Trump in 2020? (538) approval ratings tend to rebound after shutdowns, and in any event, the decline in Trump’s numbers hasn’t been all that large.

Jalen Hurts’s Transfer to Oklahoma Was No-Brainer for All (Sports Illustrated) This had to be the easiest transfer decision in the history of transfer decisions.

Clay Travis: ESPN’s Molly Qerim is Winning the Woke Olympics (Outkick)

Oklahoma Will Grant QB Austin Kendall’s Transfer (USA Today) A few hours after adding a graduate transfer quarterback, Oklahoma lost one — and then it lost again in the court of public opinion.

‘They Own the System’: Amazon Rewrites Book Industry by Marching Into Publishing (Wall Street Journal) Amazon, which over more than two decades made itself the world’s largest book retailer, has created an unrivaled display window that can catapult titles from obscurity to must-reads.

Antonio Brown Fires Back At Bruce Arians and Emmanuel Sanders (CBS Sports) This probably won’t be the last time we write about Brown gaslighting someone on Twitter, whether it be current teammates, former teammates, old coaches, whatever.

Three Lessons In ‘Winning’ From A Fake Punt: The New Orleans Saints Story (Forbes) Leaders can learn a lot from what Payton did on Sunday, including three distinct lessons to learn from that one fake punt

Netflix Q4 Preview: Price Hike Signals Strong Year-End Quarter (Variety) Wall Street is expecting Netflix to issue more cautious guidance for the first quarter of 2019, to reflect the headwinds that the price increases will likely put on subscriber growth.

James Harrison: I Wanted To Hate Tom Brady, But He’s Ultimate Teammate (NBC Sports) “Believe me, I wanted to, like, hate this dude with a passion,” Harrison said. “I get there and I’m like, ‘Dude, he’s the ultimate teammate.’”

The N.F.L.’s Obesity Scourge (New York Times) The effects of head trauma have gotten much of the attention, but huge weight gains have also damaged N.F.L. retirees

Is Spotify’s Model Wiping Out Music’s Middle Class? (The Ringer) Fans may assume the $10 they pay for a monthly streaming subscription goes to the artists they listen to most. That’s not the case.

Tim Cook Calls On Congress To Pass Privacy Legislation (Axios) “Innovation, breakthrough ideas and great features can go hand in hand with user privacy — and they must.”

Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and the Era of the Forever QB (The Ringer) Players like Brees, Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Philip Rivers are getting better as they get older, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Postponing State of the Union Is Not Unprecedented (Washington Post) Postponing a State of the Union speech is not unprecedented. It last happened more than three decades ago because of the Challenger disaster.