The Daily Outkick: Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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Browns Sign Kareem Hunt, Who Was Cut By Chiefs For Violence Against A Woman (Washington Post) It’s not clear when Hunt will play; he faces a potential suspension by the NFL next season under its personal conduct policy.

Lawmakers Reach Agreement In Principle To Fund Border Security, Avoid Shutdown (Wall Street Journal) Lawmakers have been negotiating agreement to fund government through September.

Why Kyler Murray Is Right To Turn His Attention To The NFL (USA Today) Heisman Trophy winner broke the tension over whether he’d turn his attention to baseball or football via social media.

Fairfax Accuser Told Friends She Was Raped By Corey Maggette (New York Times) Maggette has not played in the N.B.A. since 2013, but he played in the Big3 league last season.

Clay Travis on AAF

The Five Most Fascinating Takeaways From The American Alliance Of Football’s Debut (The Ringer) What does the upstart football league bring to the table?

Virginia, A Dignified Disaster (Politico) With widespread demands for the resignations of Gov. Northam and Lt. Gov. Fairfax, Virginia state government is facing a comprehensive meltdown.

NFL Offseason Schedule 2019: When Is The NFL Draft, Combine, Free Agency? (Sporting News) Here are the important dates you need to keep an eye on this NFL offseason.

The Alternative To Your Dying Local Paper Is Written By One Person, A Robot, And You (Recode) Patch is reemerging as local newspapers decline.

Roger Goodell Sent Letter To Louisiana Governor, Says NFL Will Review Officiating Procedures (Yahoo! Sports) Nothing Roger Goodell could ever say will make New Orleans Saints feel better.

Scientists Are Totally Rethinking Animal Cognition (The Atlantic) What science can tell us about how other creatures experience the world