The Daily Outkick: Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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Boring Game Plus New Orleans Rebellion Leads To Ratings Drop (New York Times) Though New Orleans isn’t one of the country’s largest markets, it is one of the most fervent for football

Trump To Call For Bipartisanship As He Threatens To Declare Emergency (Wall Street Journal) Tuesday’s State of the Union speech comes at a time of deep partisan division

How The Patriots Built Football’s Greatest Dynasty (SI) These are the origin stories of football’s marquee dynasty—from Robert Kraft’s humble beginning to the rise of Brady and Belichick

Va. Gov. Northam Weighs Resignation As Lt. Gov. Fairfax Faces Sex Assault Allegation (Washington Post) Northam resisted calls to resign after his 1984 medical school yearbook page showing two people in blackface and KKK robe came to light.

What Super Bowl LIII Can Teach Us About The Future Of Defense (The Ringer)  Bill Belichick and Wade Phillips found success by valuing similar principles.

Jeff Bezos’ Super Bowl Fumble (Politico) His self-aggrandizing ad for The Washington Post was a $10 million display of bad judgment.

ESPN Fires Adnan Virk For Leaking To Media (Outkick) According to the New York Post ESPN fired Virk for failing to comply with an investigation into leaking information to the media.

Corn Farmers Pissed Over Bud Light Super Bowl Ad (New York Post) One Iowa corn grower posted a video of himself on Twitter pouring a can of Bud Light down a sink.

Brady Vs. Jordan: Who Is The Real GOAT? (Complex) We’ve shed light on the debate by breaking down each player’s key numbers.

Fox Hits Back At Netflix In Exec Poaching Battle; Wants $1 If Suit Ends Before Trial (Deadline) There is a good chance the legal war between Fox and Netflix over executive poaching will still go to trial in May.

Anthony Davis Trade Rumors: LaVar Ball Says He Wants Lonzo Ball To Play For Suns, Not Pelicans (CBS Sports) Ball reportedly wants to go somewhere without an established point guard

Alien Ship May Be Among Us, Harvard Astronomer Insists, Despite Grumbling And Criticism From Peers (Chicago Tribune) While he’s not saying it’s definitely aliens, he is saying he can’t think of anything other than aliens that fits the data.