The Daily Outkick: Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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The Warriors Are Still The Comeback Kids (The Ringer) Even the game of Meyers Leonard’s life couldn’t keep the Blazers from getting swept.

Nashville Church ‘Shooter’ Wanted To Kill ‘a Minimum Of 10 White Churchgoers’ (New York Post) The trial of Emanuel Samson, who is accused of fatally shooting a woman and wounding seven others at a Nashville church in 2017, officially began on Monday.

Damian Lillard’s Impossible Burden (New York Times) The Trail Blazers guard was having a career-defining postseason before running into the Golden State buzz saw. His season ended on Monday but his confidence never wavered.

Netflix Investors Will Struggle More Than Ever To Make A Return Now (The Street) In 2019, Netflix faces its fiercest competition. At the same time, its balance sheet has never been more strained.

This Is 2020 XFL: Teams, Coaches And (Soon) Players For League Reboot (Sporting News) Here is a look at the eight XFL franchises, their head coaches and where they will play in 2020.

The Game Show Scandal That Created ‘Jeopardy!’ — And James Holzhauer (Washington Post) Holzhauer, who returned to the show Monday evening and won his 23rd straight game, is so good that critics have charged him with being a “menace” for “breaking” the show.

Disney Acquired Fox’s Stake In DraftKings Despite Bob Iger’s Comments About Not Facilitating Gambling (Awful Announcing) It turns out that Disney is actually now involved in the business of gambling, at least in terms of holding a minority interest in a gambling company.

Where Democrats And Republicans Live In Your City (538) Republicans and Democrats tend not to live side-by-side, even when they live in the same city.

Magic Johnson Takes Another Torch To The Lakers On ESPN’s ‘First Take’ (Yahoo! Sports) Johnson repeatedly accused Lakers GM Rob Pelinka of stabbing him in the back.

Facial-Recognition Startup Calls For Regulation Instead Of Bans (Wall Street Journal) SenseTime co-founder responds to criticism that the technology gives authorities excessive means to spy on the public, erode civil liberties

Anthony Davis’ Snub Inspired Zion Williamson To Sign ‘every Kid’s Autograph’ (FTW) At the very least, Williamson can thank Anthony Davis for making a lasting influence on how he carries himself off the court.

Post Office To Test Autonomous Semi Trucks For Hauling Mail Across State Lines (CNBC) The postal service has been exploring the idea for some time, recently soliciting bids to put semi-autonomous mail trucks on the road in a few years.