The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

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Jeanie Buss And The Lakers Are Better Off Without Magic Johnson (SI) Running an NBA team is a year-round responsibility, one that requires long hours, long road trips and unrelenting commitment. Magic Johnson didn’t have it.

Mueller Report Will Be Released Within A Week: U.S. Attorney General (Reuters) Barr said he would be as open as possible about redactions of sensitive information when he hands over the full document.

The Lakers Don’t Need Magic, They Need A Plan (The Ringer) Relying less on Magic is actually the first step toward fixing L.A.’s six-year-long struggles.

Lori Loughlin And Husband Fighting Charges To Avoid Prison (New York Post) Rejecting the plea deal may result in them serving even more time behind bars.

‘The Most Unlikely Story Ever.’ How Virginia Pulled Off The Improbable—Again (Wall Street Journal) The chances of the Cavaliers’ three straight comebacks from late-game deficits en route to winning the title were roughly 1 in 2,500.

The Elaborately Sneaky Ways HBO Keeps ‘Game Of Thrones’ Secrets Secret (Washington Post) “It’s like protecting your house,” showrunner David Benioff, who famously won’t reveal secrets of the show to his wife.

‘It’s Time’: Dirk Nowitzki Announces Plans To Retire After Thrilling Final Performance On Mavs’ Home Court (Dallas News) With 11 words, an emotional Dirk Nowitzki made it official Tuesday night.

Netflix Reportedly Eyeing Egyptian Theatre, In A Move That Would Help It Sidestep Theater Owners (CNBC) Netflix is making a major play to placate Hollywood celebs and producers as it continues its quest for Oscar glory.

For One Former All-Star, The Hits Stopped Coming (538) The irony is that Davis is actually hitting the ball better this season, at least according to MLB’s Statcast tracking system.

This 17-foot-long Python Is Dead. Here’s How Scientists Will Track And Kill More Giant Snakes (USA Today) Researchers are ‘feminizing’ male pythons using hormones to lure their fellow snakes.

NFL Releases Preseason Schedule. Here Are 5 Games We Can’t Wait To Watch (Yahoo! Sports) Rejoice, football-starved fans, because the NFL preseason schedule is here.

First Photo Of A Black Hole May Be Revealed. Here’s How To Follow The Announcement. (New York Times) If all has gone well scientists at last will catch a glimpse of what had seemed unseeable.

In His Saddest Take Yet, LaVar Ball Says LiAngelo Is Better Than Zion Williamson (For The Win) LaVar’s claim that his middle son, LiAngelo, is better and stronger than Zion Williamson is wildly and objectively wrong.